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Please feel free to e-mail us with the understanding that any or all of the e-mail content is subject to posting, unless specified otherwise.

Please remember to be respectful of the authors and commenters. This really should not have to be said, but we find it’s often forgotten in the heat of an online dialogue. There are many authors here and we all have varied opinions. Try to view each one of us as individuals who happen to have the same geographic location.

This blog and its commenting system are currently open to all new readers. However, having had visits from particularly nasty trolls* we have banned a few people from commenting and from the site altogether.

If you have any questions, please e-mail the blog administrator.

Thank you.

* A troll is someone who purposefully attempts to cause harm to others, be they the author or any other person who posts a comment. They usually stray from the topic and their language is designed to do nothing more than insult the person they target. They will not be tolerated on this blog. Not now. Not ever!


Trolls are not necessarily just people who overtly present their insults. Their point is to derail just enough so that they can be accused of doing so, then become combatitive in nature as a “defense.” That way, they get to express their disdain or disapproval of the author in a way that seems justified.

Blog owners/authors set forth the rules that are used on their sites…even if those rules are not posted. Bloggers reserve the right at any time to enforce or even change those rules. We have spent a lot of time designing, maintaining and spilling our souls to whatever degree interests us.

Look at it this way…this is our home on the Internet. This is where we come to share ourself. This is a place where others can share themselves, even if their beliefs are contrary to ours. There is a way to do that respectfully. If at any point that exchange becomes disrespectful, we reserve the right to say that we don’t want that exchange any longer.

Again, this is our blog; our space. If we ask you to stop what you’re doing, to leave, to not email us, to post your comments publicly, or whatever, we expect that you will honor our wishes. Quite simply, if our wishes are honored, yours will be too.

3 thoughts on “Policies

  1. Actually, it’s not. If all was fair in cyberspace, they wouldn’t have areas of law dedicated to it. Like in life, you have to act civil. Criticism I can handle and have gotten a lot of it. Trolls aren’t in it for the criticism, they’re in it for the notoriety. It’s about THEM instead of the topic. That’s the distinction.

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