Six Things (Updated)

I was tagged by Shtuey to provide info on myself. Six random things, tag other bloggers to do the same, I’m sure you know the drill. So, as in The Alan Parson’s Project song, “let’s talk about me for a minute.” (Those of you familiar with that song are now humming it and cursing me. You’re welcome!)

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Shameless Self-Promotion

Well, I can’t just leave it all up to 12 Tequila’s, can I?

It occurred to me today that iLike on Facebook will only show the songs you’ve listened to if they have a track for it. Kind of like iTunes will only show songs they sell. So, since my new playlist extended into “the weird things they don’t have tracks for,” I thought I’d post the playlist here.

I went through the whole library and these are the songs that called to me…

*Current Faves on my iPod

It’s Christmas: What’s A Jew to Do?

Preliminary note on names: everyone quoted in this article is identified by celebrity pseudonym. If the person’s fake name is bolded on first reference, it means that the celebrity and the person represented are Jewish. Thanks Adam Sandler, Jew or Not Jew and Famous Jews.

Thanks also to our esteemed host Linda, for her technical assistance, and to the hubs, for coming up with words when I had the aphasia.

This post is dedicated to my father, Saul Z. Finn, zichrono l’vracha [of blessed memory], on his yahrzeit (the anniversary of his passing). I wish he were here to weigh in. I would have called him Steven Spielberg. Hi, Dad!

(Mom, stop crying.)

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To Tide You Over

I’m still working on the Big Holiday Post of Doom–not to hype it up too much, I’m just attempting to make a bunch of pieces fit together coherently and am on Draft #2. In the meantime, it’s The Week Between Christmas And New Year’s, when traffic is light! and no one does any work! and life is good! So I thought I’d just go on ahead and depress everyone.

For something to do on Christmas Eve Day, I took the kids to our neighborhood kiddie gym where they were having one of their free-for-all “open gym” sessions. Parents were sitting on benches watching their kids run around. About 25 feet away from me, a woman sat reading a newspaper. And then, all of a sudden, she was crying. She was probably making some effort to hide this, or to stop it, but there was no doubt about it. I felt terrible for her, because I have been there.

I envisioned all sorts of possibilities. She could just be having a bad day. She could be having a surge of hormones (just regular cycle stuff, or she’s pregnant, or she’s postpartum, or she’s menopausal). Maybe she just suffered a terrible loss (the loss of a parent perhaps, or, again, a pregnancy) and is barely holding it together for her son (who looked to be about four). The more important thing to determine was whether I should pretend I did not see her tears, or go over to her and ask her if she’s okay. I have had situations in which I could not stop tears even in public, but was all the while hoping no one would notice (in fact, just this morning I was reading this on the train; it is enough to move anyone to tears). I have also had situations in which a person did show me some sympathy, and it helped–at least to pull me temporarily out of the func so I could funktion. Which way to go for this complete stranger?

During my hesitation, the woman’s son came over. There is really nothing better when you are sad than interacting with your child, I thought; not only are children generally great cheerer-uppers, they create a necessary distraction because you can’t help but parent them and push your personal worries to the side. She talked to him and he left again. I was still unsure. She found the tissue box they always keep on the counter–that’s progress, I thought. The son came back, and asked her to come help him with something, which she did. The immediate crisis was placed on hold.

Not long after that, we had to depart for a date with Daddy. But I continued to send out my sympathy vibe to the nameless woman who doubtless has her own story to tell. Perhaps I could have given her a bit of needed strength, had I not frozen. What would you have done?

World’s Worst Mother

I know we compete–nay, fight tooth and nail–for this title, but this past Sunday afternoon in my town, I held it for a brief but shining moment.

We had just arrived at the ginormous craft fair that descends upon our fairgrounds three times a year to entice us with unusual gift-giving ideas and things we didn’t know we needed. I have fun just looking around but the hubs gets a bit grumpy if he doesn’t buy anything (which is why we stayed away from the gourmet food area, where we have developed holes in our wallets before).

We parked on the gravel ‘n’ grass and proceeded to walk toward the path that ultimately leads to the event. We had taken no more than 15 steps in that direction when I realized that my youngest son Pumpkin was sprawled on the ground. At this point, a good mother would have tsked sympathetically,  gently lifted up the fallen toddler, and checked for boo-boos.

But you must understand that my Pumpkin has a close relationship with the ground. The falling is expected with all the growing. So, upon seeing that my baby boy had gone horizontal, I immediately exclaimed, “Crap! Already??” as I went to shift him back onto his little feet.

I’m all about the nurturing, folks.


So, I’ve been thinking a lot about this movie. I think it’s so powerful and I can see the increase of people wanting to make a difference. But when I thought about it, I could see those moving toward the other side as well. The people who are involved in THE SHIFT used to be a minority of people called “Tree Huggers.” It seems to me that what happened is that those who had even a grain of that feeling in them (including myself) are moving toward THE SHIFT, but those who didn’t are moving away. It reminds me of Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which simply states, “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It was tangible in the most recent election. We just need to make sure that the momentum of THE SHIFT adheres to Newton’s First Law of Motion while not allowing any external forces the capacity to destroy. I think we have a better shot now more than ever.