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Shortly after a pharmacist in Texas refused to dispense the morning after pill, the decision to create an OTC version went before the FDA. They publicized that they were postponing their decision, which could be up to 90 days, on February 13. You can read more about it in, “Is it time for Plan B”.

As you can imagine, there is a good deal of controversy about this drug going OTC. Personally, I believe this drug is a miracle of sorts and should be available over the counter. This drug could help many women avoid the undesirable consequences of a “mistake,” and more notably those women who weren’t offered the choice to have sex.

Recently having participated in an abortion discussion, I noticed that many more pro-life proponents are not opposed to oral contraception than I once thought. Simply stated, birth control works by preventing the fertilization of an egg. Additionally, it helps prevent the build up of the uterine lining so that if an egg is fertilized, the egg will not implant. The mechanism of the Plan B drug is VERY similar and I hope that the people who are not opposed to oral contraception will additionally not oppose this drug.

From the article,

“Wendy Wright, senior policy director for Concerned Women for America, a conservative public policy group, notes that marketing campaigns for Plan B are targeted to young women and seem to encourage multiple sex partners.”

I would like to know how emergency contraception ENCOURAGES multiple sex partners. If anything, the drug discourages sex without contraception. My hope, and I would imagine the hope of many, is that if you’re going to make the choice to have sex, you should be protecting yourself. This drug is not a regular form of contraception. This drug is clearly for the results of an incident that is completely accidental (contraceptive malfunction such as a broken condom or misplaced diaphragm and rape). Furthermore, this drug will not be cheap over the counter. There is NO practicality in using this method frequently.

I really think this is a good thing and I hope that their decision reflects my thought.

Just for entertainment purposes, you should check out Concerned Women for America. The president, Sandy Rios, was a guest on the last episode of Bill Maher. When he was done speaking with her via satellite and the screen faded, Sir Ian McKellan said, “How can such a nice looking person be so screwed up inside?” Priceless!

Our War President

Yet another amazing cartoon from Cox & Forkum:

Some have wondered why I haven’t talked about Bush’s backing a constitutional ban on gay marriage. The main reason is that I had a chemistry exam yesterday and have been doing research on the psych study I’m designing.

How I feel, for the most part, is that this a head shaking experience. Clearly, this is a foreign policy president. However, when he finally does something domestic, it’s this crap? (shaking head as I write this) No, thank you!

No More Sex

Tonight was the final episode of a series I’ve been watching for years on HBO. Yes, Sex and the City is no more and I’m despondent.

I have to say that it was a lovely wrap up. They outdid themselves with the synchronization of all of the scenes. The direction was impressive. Beyond that, the whole premise of the show was a culmination of the maturation of each character, without creating an abrupt end. This leaves room for more sex.

There’s talk of a film, which I happen to think would gross very highly. However, I’m not sure they could manage the end as gracefully as they did this evening.

I really love the way they rounded out Samantha’s character near and at the end. Her emotional progress based from the love of another, is simply beautiful. I think it’s safe to say that she got everything she was never looking for.

Amanda bridged a little gap with regard to love as well. Her character is testament to the fact that motherhood changes you. I think the Amanda from the beginning of the show wouldn’t really respect the Amanda at the end. But, that’s the nature of change.

Charlotte has always been the princess of the show and I’m glad they finally found the right prince for her. Maybe I’m just saying that because I’m Jewish. She really shines with Harry though. She doesn’t have to put on airs with him because she is more relaxed.

I was getting really angry, a couple of shows back, with Carrie’s flippant attitude about men and her incessant need to remain in New York City forming the barrier she put between herself and commitment. I was ecstatic that the choice was to go to Paris. That alone was progress for her character. And, that was necessary to set the final scene with Big.

While I was never a huge fan of Big, I think they worked the end to absolute perfection with regard to him. He needed that slap in the face Carrie gave the night she was leaving, even though it was a verbal slap. I think that his wake up call occurred before he arrived in NYC, but his reality check was that moment.

Oh, how I will miss this show. They managed to make sex come out from the closet and be talked about more in public. They challenged people. You have to know how much I appreciate that!

Adoption vs. Abortion

This is a topic going on over at Asymmetrical Information right now. I spent the last hour combing through the 160+ comments. As you would imagine there are quite the foray of arguments. Suffice to say, you should read the article and the comments if you have the time. However, I’m going to comment on some of the arguments since it is not redundant to do so here.

“There aren’t remotely enough prospective adoptive parents to adopt a million unwanted children a year, year after year, even if every one of those children was an ideal adoption candidate (newborn, white and healthy), which many or most of them certainly would not be. The idea is just ludicrous.”

I’m glad that they thought of the logistical aspects of this, but what about the emotional effects? If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know what I mean. If a woman decides that she wants an abortion and that is the best choice for her after being educated to the alternate possibilities, then she alone will live with the consequences. NO ONE ELSE.

By this rationale, I would say that pro-lifers don’t care either way after the end of whatever happens, be it abortion, adoption or alien abduction. What I am horrified by is not seeing more adoptions come from homes of those who are pro-life. I think it’s hypocritical to make someone keep an unwanted pregnancy and not be in the adoptive parent pool.

“I believe that every woman’s choice to have sex should always be a free choice. However, I also believe that once that choice has been made, the time for choice is over until it is time to choose whether to keep the child or to place it for adoption.

I also fail to understand why, when an unmarried woman elects to have unprotected sex, gets pregnant and keeps the child, I now have the obligation to support not only the woman but also her child(ren).”

Can anyone tell me how this differs from the choice to abort? Because, what he’s saying is that he’s OK with the behavior, but not OK with the responsibilities that come along with the consequences.

You can’t have it both ways, buddy. If you want these women to keep their babies, you have to help them out. Many of them don’t qualify to work at a better establishment than McDonalds. It’s impossible to raise a child as a single mother on $7/hour.

Another point that was discussed by another pro-lifer was “If we as a society decide that life begins at conception and that abortion is the killing of a unique human being…”

I bet if you asked this guy who society was, his answer would be close to middle class Christians. While that category may comprise a large portion of society it is not ALL of society.

Here was my definition of life, made in the comments section:
“I believe life and death is determined by breath. If a child can breathe one breath on its own, life has begun. In my state, that is also the determination whether the child gets a birth certificate. Having worked in the OB unit of my local hospital, if a child was born at 20 weeks and took one breath, there was a birth certificate, even if the child died seconds later. What is done before that time, in my opinion, is the sole responsibility of she who is carrying that child.”

Any random neurons firing about this one???

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Gotta Love that 1st Amendment

These are exciting times in MA. I knew there was a reason I was drawn there years ago. Fortunately, I never made it and instead married my husband. But, you gotta love a school that has decided to publish a sex magazine. I can’t wait to see conservatives on this issue. Hey, you want your freedom of religion, we want our sex. HA!

Just like I said

Last night Dennis Miller’s guest talked about the fact that gay marriage has been legal in New Hampshire for a number of years now and you don’t hear them whining like the folks from MA. Why? Well, because it’s been legal for a while. People have gone on with their lives and realized…ready for this…THAT IT DOESN’T FUCKING AFFECT THEM!!! Remember my recent post about being desensitized to these seemingly morally superior people who feel they need to convert everyone to the same belief system? Expect to see a lot of them come out of the woodwork in the future with this particular issue. You can ignore them and secretly bemoan what they have to say, or you can get right back in their face and tell them that the world is diverse and you’d like to keep it that way. There doesn’t have to be a well rounded or all emcompassing solution to keep your beliefs.

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Turning Back the Times

The Same Sex Marriage issue is so frustrating. From either perspective you take, you have the other group feeling like you’re opposing your views on their life. My argument, as with many others, is that the legalization of same sex marriage does not directly involve most people personally, other than the couple wanting to marry, of course. Some would disagree and believe that when the approval of homosexuals in the military was enacted, it did very much affect them.

I struggled yesterday to find an analogy from past experiences that mimic this particular event. So, when was there an equality issue that if a law passed would negatively effect others despite indirect contact, and please others who want equality for all? If I mentioned the name Rosa Parks, would you have a clue? That’s right! The civil rights movement. White conservatives across America were about to be sickened by what they thought was an invasion of their integrity. They would say that black people were disgusting and that enacting a law that gave them the same rights as whites was imposing a view upon millions who disagreed. Hmmm…sound familar? “If you legalize same sex marriages it imposes your view upon millions who disagree.” Well, there you go! I think that those people who do not want equal rights for everyone, simply want that little black girl to return to the back of the bus.

We, as a nation, have expanded and grown, not just physically, but philosophically and allow for more acceptance. The laws must reflect that if we are to move continually forward. We must NOT let our fears and insecurities of different people affect our ability to make the right decision considering their welfare. We cannot let this country move in reverse!

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The American Family

After watching The Laramie Project today, I couldn’t help but think about the President’s most recent State of the Union Address. He supports the bond of marriage between a man and woman, and condemns same sex marriages. It appears to me that this is just a hidden, acceptable form of hatred. What he is saying to the world is that anything but heterosexuality is wrong. Wrong for him is one thing. As an American leader, he is sending a message to our country that says anything but heterosexuality is bad, unacceptable, reprehensible and immoral. I, for one, want a more compassionate and accepting leader. I want a leader who is going to embrace our country’s differences; someone who is able to distinguish between good families and dysfunction families regardless of sex. I mean, offering resources for men and women to marry regardless of their capacity to function in a family dynamic is just ludicrous while leaving same sex couples out in the cold with NO resources because you’re afraid. And that’s all it is…fear. A loving person wouldn’t turn down resources to a productive family because there are two mommies or daddies. A loving, compassionate, strong person would feel secure with themselves and be able to recognize security elsewhere and reward that behavior instead of preaching condemnation. That’s the leader I want! It’s time for everyone to see that the American Family has become more diverse and its expansion includes many competent partners, parents and successful members of society. Turning away resources to them is like turning off resources for us. No one benefits by that attitude.