Insane, my ass!


Attorney Rudolf Mayer said he believed 73-year-old Josef Fritzl had a mental disorder, The Associated Press reported. Mayer said someone who was mentally ill *“didn’t choose” to do what police allege he did.

The hell he didn’t choose. The article goes on to include more from the attorney about how he couldn’t believe someone could do this without having a mental disorder. While that may be true, insanity is a much different diagnosis, so to speak, that insinuates that one is oblivious to what’s going on around him with regard to the crime. He clearly knew what he was doing when he sent his daughter to the hospital. That was all worked out to the minuscule details. Someone who is insane would not do that. Thus, I really hope that the lawyer realizes that and adjusts his plea accordingly.

* (quotes theirs, emphasis mine)

Dusting off the Cobwebs !

Ok… so you know its a long time since you have posted when it takes you about 10 times to log in and rereading 6 different emails to find the right passwords.

I am back doing one of the things I do best. Procrastinating ! In a moment of weakness I proposed to do a presentation on pharmacologic treatments of Autism to the Annual Conference of the Ga Chapter of the Autism Society of America. The thought at the time was it will help me make sure I am up to date and in the know about all of the medicines kids with Autism Spectrum disorders may need. Currently I am experiencing the battle of wills. The will to sit around and watch tv and generally do nothing vs. the will of working now where there are limited interruptions and I should just get it done… Its amzing to me how little information there is out there on pharmacologic treatment with children and autism spectrum disorders. Now let me give the plug that says medicine is never the sole treatment for autism but only used in certain circumstances. Behavioral therapies have far and above been found to be more beneficial.

As for me . Life has been its usual hecticness. One amazing landmark has been passed. I am now Board Certified in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Despite my feeling that the exam went horribly and I was destined to be at the exam next year, apparently my examiners disagreed ! Needless to say great relief was experienced and I am now exam free until 2016. That will be the longest I have ever gone without taking an exam probably ever ! So for all those keeping track I am now Board Certified in General and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (A feat obtained through two written exams and two grueling oral exams ).

Life dealing with infertility treatments continues .. giving myself injections, having blood drawn and many ultrasounds have all become a daily part of life.. We keep hoping …

Married life is wonderful.. Hubby and I enjoy spending time together especially now that I don’t feel that incessant need to study at every free moment. We are looking forward to a spontaneous trip up to Ohio in a few weeks to visit Linda and her family as well as see Hubby’s family.

Hope all is well with everybody. The laundry and my presentation beckon…

My Prejudice

So, I had a firepit and firewood up on Freecycle and got a very nice message from a woman who had just moved to the city from the country and missed having a fire at night when it was cold. She was the first to respond so she got it. She sent her husband and who I assume was her son or a friend to get the wood. The older guy had asked about Boerboels because he saw my bumper sticker, so we introduced him to the girls. As we were putting the girls back in the house I see the younger guy…a tall, bald headed, tattooed, slightly angry looking guy. Maybe it’s because I’m Jewish and have a heightened sense of awareness or that I am older and remember when bald wasn’t a fashion statement, but rather a “political” statement, that my mind always goes to skinhead.

But it wasn’t that I was uncomfortable with the guy…I was more uncomfortable about my feelings about the guy without even knowing his history. It was a strange experience. As much as I’d like to say that I am open to every type of person, obviously I am not. I guess you could say I kind of draw the line at white supremacy. But I knew nothing about him. I had shunned him before knowing anything.


You want it? You got it!

So, Mark asked for a new post and I think I’d have to agree that it’s been too long. Most of the time I don’t put posts here because I’m too busy, especially because I have other outlets as well. But sometimes it’s because I either haven’t seen anything worth commenting or I’ve seen something that would take too long to comment. Well, like Goldilocks, I’ve found something perfect on which to comment, which means you get a post.

I found this over at Dancing on Collette’s Grave. I’m sure she’s going to be kind of pissed that I didn’t comment on it there, but I thought it would make for good conversation here. So, please go read this before reviewing my comments on it below.

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I am a Diplomate!

All those positive thoughts to Pittsburgh helped. I just found out this evening that I passed my oral boards which officially makes me a Board Certified General Psychiatrist!!! YEAHH. Now only one more set of written and oral exams to make me board certified in Child Psychiatry.

Endings and Beginnings

The days till the end of my fellowship are coming closer and closer. Because of various schedules and the way life goes, I have had to begin the process of saying goodbye to many of my patients. Its been much harder than I anticipated.

Yesterday I saw one of my patients for the last time. A 7 year old with Asperger’s Syndrome and I was telling him how this was going tobe the last time I saw him and how he would have a new doctor. He asked if I could ever come back and visit. I had to explain how I was moving far away to Atlanta, Georgia and how I would not be able to. The look on his face when I said I would not be able to and how serious he was when he asked me this, nearly killed me… this is a kid that sometimes its really hard to tell if you are connecting with him so for him to ask me just shocked me. There was also the set of siblings I saw earlier this week who have come soooo far since I started seeing them and having them come to the realization that they are going to have to learn to be able to talk to a new Dr.. (these kids have been extremely traumatized and are now doing fabulous!)It just breaks my heart. I find myself worrying if their new doctor will take good care of them. Not to say that I am perfect but I want to make sure my patients are well cared for. Some of the parents I think are more anxious about my departure than the kids. Several patients I am going to see in joint appointments with their new doctor. Even my adult patients dont want me to leave . (My outpatient clinic director jokingly threatened me with 3-4 more years of residency). Its pretty amazing and I have been reminded by others that its a positive thing because it means you did a good job with them. Several parents have come by and said how they are going to miss me. I apologize for the rambliness of this post but my experiences over the last few days have really gotten me thinking. This leaving is much harder than I would have expected !

Anniversary and Other Things!

As Linda mentioned we just celebrated our first year anniversary… Its amazing and hard to beleive that a whole year has passed since we walked down the aisle and agreed to a lifetime together. It was one of the best decisions I have made. Life has been crazy lately!!! We celebrated our anniversary by going returning to the site of our wedding and holeing ourselves up there for a weekend… The baker who made our cake offers you the choice of a frozen topper or a fresh cake at your one year anniversary.. we chose the fresh cake so we decided the best way to get the cake and do something special was to spend the weekend in a whirlpool suite at the hotel where our wedding took place. It was soooo wonderful to get away and just spend time together! I wish we could do that every few months. We took full advantage of the whirlpool tub that was in our room!!

We came back and then 4 days later left for passover at the Inlaws. At which point we stayed there for four days. I am not sure if I am coming or going. It was wonderful to see so many members of Neil’s family and to celebrate passover with them although I am frustrated with their seder as it is done almost entirely in hebrew so I can followq the hebrew and read what they are saying and not have a clue as to what I am reading or I can read the english to myself and not follow the exact hebrew word for word.. having grown up with seders with more of a mix of both its a bit frustrating but thats ok.. Oh the other thing is that due to some very religious members of the family Seders started at 9 pm and ended at 2 or 230 am! I am becoming an expert at my mother in laws passoiver recipes…. as I did most of the baking and cooking that she used to do but can no longer because of emphysema.

We are back home now. The house is still on the market. We thought we had a potential buyer but that did not work out. I am looking frequently for houses in Atlanta but am scared off by many price tags! WHo knew houses could give you soo little and be so expensive…

And keep your fingers crossed for us as my medical issues seem to have resolved and the babymaking has begun yet again! Hubby and I are anxious for the day when we can be Mommy and Daddy Kiddoc!

I hope everybody has a great day!