First Children

I’m going to go right to Jenna Bush sticking her tongue out, first. I simply feel that at 22 years of age and in the public spotlight, she should observe a more conservative attitude. She should realize that her stunt wouldn’t be viewed as whimsical, but rather disrespectful of the work her father is trying to do in his campaign.

Her mother was quoted as saying,

“Everyone does things they’re sorry they did,” she told The Early Show. “I think I had a little girl who stuck her tongue out at the press last week.”

Perhaps this was Laura’s way of publicly scolding dear Jenna, but it’s less than impressive. These girls should have gotten the “RESPECT” speech a long time ago.

Ever since that incident occurred, I’ve been thinking about the Bush family. This is not the first time a social faux pas has been made, though I give them credit for getting better. They certainly have improved the severity of their pranks from ones such as the time they used fake ID’s to buy margaritas at Chuy’s.

The phrase family values keeps running through my head, though. I can’t help but think that the family who was elected to currently occupy the white house has had more issues with their family than any other presidential family. From Noelle Bush being busted for Xanax prescriptions, to Neil Bush’s Asian prostitutes, you’d be hard pressed to find an average American family with more troubles.

As I was reading about the First Twins and other various Bush family members, I ran across a recent L.A. Times (registration required) story which discusses the fact that presidency is hard on the kids. They are never really able to live their lives with the peace most of us are allowed. They are constantly in the limelight and under public scrutiny. I’m sure it’s difficult. But sometimes you have to suck it up for the good of your parents, who give you a loving home and good educations because they love you and they deserve respect.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating by saying that these girls have pushed their limits for any family, let alone the First Family. I’ll even go one step further to say that it sounds like some fundamental parenting might be missing here. I would think that if they had learned basic manners of being out in public, they wouldn’t have done some of these things. There are appropriate places with which to express every part of your personality. Even some of the youngest children know that. My parents taught each of us in the family from a very young age that at restaurants, museums and the theater, among other things, you are to behave appropriately. Parks, playgrounds or your home is the place where sticking out your tongue is appropriate; NOT the campaign trail.

Seeing as though I am not a Bush fan to begin with, this doesn’t really affect my choice. But, if America should choose him to continue leadership, I have to say that I have serious doubts about him taking care of American families when he can’t easily take care of his own.

headline thoughts

Gay Dad case goes before high court
Yeah, the court is definitely high.

Deer Crashes Through Iowa Party HQ Window
This would have been much funnier had it been an ass.

LA prosecutor: Courtney Love tested positive for cocaine
Coming under the category of, NO SHIT!

Author Encourages People To Eat Like Jesus
Um…you do mean kosher…don’t you? He was a rabbi, after all.


This certainly seems to be a buzz word lately. The Blackout of 2003 was preventable. The attack on 9-11 was preventable. I understand this concept, but can we please focus on the present and future instead of hashing out the past.

I realize that many people want accountability. It’s important for people to be responsible. However, responsibility NOW is a bit moot with regard to these scenarios. What is important is that we do our best to ensure these things don’t happen again. Isn’t it possible that focusing our attention on the past affects our ability to prevent catastrophe in the future?

Democrats vs. Republicans – A Blogging Debate Team?

If you read this blog pretty regularly, you know that I don’t limit my friends or support bloggers who are only democrats and who hold only my views. In fact, I relish feedback from the right because it helps me refine my views.

The people I appreciate most do not fit into a box that can be labeled democrat or republican. They are the people who have a solid opinion about an issue and can articulate that opinion based on their experiences, facts and personal thought process. One person who fits that description is Captain Ed from Captain’s Quarters, who is most definitely republican.

Where am I going with this?

Alright! Captain Ed received an email from a reader which included an unintelligible dig at President Bush and the Captain’s support of him. In response to that email, he has suggested a debate among intelligent bloggers from both the left and right.

The debaters wouldn’t focus on the candidates, but rather the issues that the candidates are facing (economy, jobs, same-sex marriage, abortion, war on terror, Iraq, etc.). The idea is to bring the issues back to center seeing as though there is already enough personality mud slinging to skew these issues.

I think a debate among bloggers is a brilliant idea and I am thinking about participating. I tend to be a bit conservative in some of my political views. Not so much that I could ever be considered a neocon…no, no, no. I’m definitely liberal. But, I’m conservative enough to keep it interesting at times.

I’m putting this out there because I know some of you are very intelligent bloggers and I would love to see you take part in this. If you’re interested, check in with the original post at Captain’s Quarters and respond via comments or email the Captain himself.

If enough people are interested, and I decide to take part in this, my posts will occur here as well as on the Captain’s Quarters.

Our War President

Yet another amazing cartoon from Cox & Forkum:

Some have wondered why I haven’t talked about Bush’s backing a constitutional ban on gay marriage. The main reason is that I had a chemistry exam yesterday and have been doing research on the psych study I’m designing.

How I feel, for the most part, is that this a head shaking experience. Clearly, this is a foreign policy president. However, when he finally does something domestic, it’s this crap? (shaking head as I write this) No, thank you!

The American Family

After watching The Laramie Project today, I couldn’t help but think about the President’s most recent State of the Union Address. He supports the bond of marriage between a man and woman, and condemns same sex marriages. It appears to me that this is just a hidden, acceptable form of hatred. What he is saying to the world is that anything but heterosexuality is wrong. Wrong for him is one thing. As an American leader, he is sending a message to our country that says anything but heterosexuality is bad, unacceptable, reprehensible and immoral. I, for one, want a more compassionate and accepting leader. I want a leader who is going to embrace our country’s differences; someone who is able to distinguish between good families and dysfunction families regardless of sex. I mean, offering resources for men and women to marry regardless of their capacity to function in a family dynamic is just ludicrous while leaving same sex couples out in the cold with NO resources because you’re afraid. And that’s all it is…fear. A loving person wouldn’t turn down resources to a productive family because there are two mommies or daddies. A loving, compassionate, strong person would feel secure with themselves and be able to recognize security elsewhere and reward that behavior instead of preaching condemnation. That’s the leader I want! It’s time for everyone to see that the American Family has become more diverse and its expansion includes many competent partners, parents and successful members of society. Turning away resources to them is like turning off resources for us. No one benefits by that attitude.