Paradise Lost

A glance at Mental Multivitamin today reminded me of a case I haven’t revisited in a while.

I’ve always been an HBO hound and found their documentaries to be incredibly powerful. But one stands out, and I was obsessed with it for a while. The documentary film is called Paradise Lost: The Child Murders of Robin Hood Hills.

Essentially, Paradise Lost is the story of 3 teens accused of brutally killing 3 boys. The murders were horrendous, including sexual mutilation. The three suspects had been known to listen to heavy metal music, wear dark clothing and probe dark aspects of the occult. This foreshadowed the trial and perhaps led to the prosecution of the three teens, despite the fact that there was no physical evidence linking them to the murders. The execution of the trial is a travesty of justice, and the film is well worth the time if you are not squeamish.

A sequel was released several years later called, Paradise Lost 2: Revelations. If you find the first film interesting, the second answers a lot of questions, while creating some in the process.

Damien Echols faces his last chance this year in a federal hearing.

Scouting in America

In the last 2 days, I’ve received an article about the scouts and I’ve found an article about the scouts. I believe both warrant mentioning.

In the first, some parents in the Waco area decided to ban girl-scout cookies this year because the organization had given a “woman of distinction award” to an executive of Planned Parenthood. One troop completely disbanded, and the other has only 2 members remaining.

In the second, the boy-scouts in the San Diego, CA area find themselves in a legal battle for using state property for organization meetings and outings, thus making the state responsible for the violation of the separation of church and state.

Without arguing about the semantics of either one of these cases, the scouts clearly have exclusive membership, to which they are entitled as a private organization. This membership includes the belief of God, and the exclusion of homosexuals.

When the scouts step outside of their own mandated restrictions, they find themselves in a lot of hot water. Simply put, you can’t have it both ways. Some state laws are in place to prevent discrimination. If you are a discriminatory organization, you shouldn’t expect the benefits that come along with other organizations that do not discriminate. Private is private…you get private funding. Conversely, if you are a discriminatory organization, you shouldn’t honor those who hold beliefs which are strictly against your organization’s exclusions.

What makes me very, very sad is that I cannot endorse these organizations for my own children, even though both I and my husband grew up being a part of the scouts. I don’t want my son to discriminate based on race, religion or sexual orientation, so he cannot be party to an organization that cannot accept social diversity.

UPDATE: Scouting in Canada

Having nothing to do with God or homosexuality, Canadian scouts allegedly have more money than they claim from the government. Now see…that’s what I’m talking about. Can’t WE just go back to good old fashioned American capitalism and leave the other crap behind.

In Other News…

Shortly after a pharmacist in Texas refused to dispense the morning after pill, the decision to create an OTC version went before the FDA. They publicized that they were postponing their decision, which could be up to 90 days, on February 13. You can read more about it in, “Is it time for Plan B”.

As you can imagine, there is a good deal of controversy about this drug going OTC. Personally, I believe this drug is a miracle of sorts and should be available over the counter. This drug could help many women avoid the undesirable consequences of a “mistake,” and more notably those women who weren’t offered the choice to have sex.

Recently having participated in an abortion discussion, I noticed that many more pro-life proponents are not opposed to oral contraception than I once thought. Simply stated, birth control works by preventing the fertilization of an egg. Additionally, it helps prevent the build up of the uterine lining so that if an egg is fertilized, the egg will not implant. The mechanism of the Plan B drug is VERY similar and I hope that the people who are not opposed to oral contraception will additionally not oppose this drug.

From the article,

“Wendy Wright, senior policy director for Concerned Women for America, a conservative public policy group, notes that marketing campaigns for Plan B are targeted to young women and seem to encourage multiple sex partners.”

I would like to know how emergency contraception ENCOURAGES multiple sex partners. If anything, the drug discourages sex without contraception. My hope, and I would imagine the hope of many, is that if you’re going to make the choice to have sex, you should be protecting yourself. This drug is not a regular form of contraception. This drug is clearly for the results of an incident that is completely accidental (contraceptive malfunction such as a broken condom or misplaced diaphragm and rape). Furthermore, this drug will not be cheap over the counter. There is NO practicality in using this method frequently.

I really think this is a good thing and I hope that their decision reflects my thought.

Just for entertainment purposes, you should check out Concerned Women for America. The president, Sandy Rios, was a guest on the last episode of Bill Maher. When he was done speaking with her via satellite and the screen faded, Sir Ian McKellan said, “How can such a nice looking person be so screwed up inside?” Priceless!

Our War President

Yet another amazing cartoon from Cox & Forkum:

Some have wondered why I haven’t talked about Bush’s backing a constitutional ban on gay marriage. The main reason is that I had a chemistry exam yesterday and have been doing research on the psych study I’m designing.

How I feel, for the most part, is that this a head shaking experience. Clearly, this is a foreign policy president. However, when he finally does something domestic, it’s this crap? (shaking head as I write this) No, thank you!

Gotta Love that 1st Amendment

These are exciting times in MA. I knew there was a reason I was drawn there years ago. Fortunately, I never made it and instead married my husband. But, you gotta love a school that has decided to publish a sex magazine. I can’t wait to see conservatives on this issue. Hey, you want your freedom of religion, we want our sex. HA!