CoolPopTees Sucks!

My son asked for a very unique t-shirt for Hanukkah. When the package arrived, I was very excited to see what it looked like. I had also (thankfully, in this case) ordered a one for myself because it was just that cool. This is how they arrived…

Notice how the one on the top is so much more faded than the one on the bottom?  You can see the black part of the t-shirt bleeding through a lot.  Well, I took exception to that and decided to contact the company.  I wrote:

I received my order and the design on one of the t-shirts (the large) was very faded, especially when compared to the other. See attached pic. I need to see if I can return this and get another.


Here’s their response:

Hi Linda

Thanks for your order. Sorry that you are disappointed in the quality of your shirt. There is a $7.00 “restocking” fee associated with all returns or exchanges. If it was a mistake on our end, such as the wrong size was sent then the replacement would have been free of charge of course. So you have two options for exchange/return, you can return the shirt to:

Super Sports Tees
15 Collier St
Barrie, ON
L4M 1G6

We will issue your refund (less the restocking fees) as soon as we receive the products from you. Alternatively, if you would like to just keep the shirt as a gift or something, I can send you a replacement shirt for $14.95 and that way you save the restocking fee, postage fee and return hassle. Please let me know what you’d like to do!

NOTE: The name of the company is different in their email.  I ordered from CoolPopTees.  In this email, they are listed as Super Sports Tees.  Also noteworthy is that the email from which these exchanges took place referred to  When I looked up I went to their contact info and used their telephone number to get a location and that number was a listing for  All of the companies are located in Ontario, Canada, so I’m fairly certain they’re all related.

I don’t have the money to replace that t-shirt and I have zero sympathy for companies that don’t take enough pride in their merchandise to do the right thing.  I did, however, feel compelled to tell you all that you should really take into consideration whether you would purchase something from these companies with the knowledge that they may send you substandard products and ask YOU to pay for their mistake.


I alerted my friends on Facebook that there was a new post up on this blog written by me, making sure to tell them several times that it was very short, not long at all, and did I mention short? hoping that some folks would give it a click.

I ignore many of the “requests” and “invitations” that I get on Facebook, because I don’t really understand the point of them, but for some reason I expect that people will read my blog material just because I ask them to. It sort of worked this last time though, and when I mentioned that I had a bonus story for the first person who asked, my old college friend M stepped up and asked for it. Thanks for paying attention and giving a shit, M! Here’s your bonus story.

Pumpkin likes for me to hang out in the bathroom with him when he’s going number two. (He kind of likes me to hang out with him every minute, actually.) The other day, he was sitting on the can, and he reached over and pulled a magazine out of the holder. Then he asked:

“Is this a dirty magazine, Mama?”

Of course, you know what I thought he meant for a shocking moment. My 3-year-old son knows what’s hidden in the closet behind those barriers in the bookstore racks!! But then I figured it out. The magazine holder is actually a plastic wastebasket. So, he thought he was taking a magazine out of the trash, and that maybe he shouldn’t be.

(The magazine was Allure, and often Allure has tasteful pictures of women not wearing anything. But he didn’t know about those. I swear!)

Missed World’s Worst Mother By *That* Much

I was making dinner. Sweet & Spicy Turkey Cutlets with a side of Roasted Asparagus; fairly easy and yum. I’m more than happy to share recipes! Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah….

The kids were left to their own devices, because the hubs must have forgotten that when I was awarded World’s Worst Mother in the past, the WWM Authority removed my ability to see around corners. As many of you know, when you are cooking, you are usually already multitasking, with two timers going as you chop the next ingredient, or as you frantically search for the spice you were sure you had and actually do have but keep missing it somehow as you repeatedly pick up the Turkish Oregano thinking that you’re looking for a green top when you are really looking for a red top, and … oh, sorry, right, the kids.

I was trying, without much success, to referee the boys’ disagreements in the living room from the kitchen, generally by yelling “Okay, WHAT’S GOING ON?!!” every time 3-year-old Pumpkin started crying again.

But then big brother Einstein appeared in the kitchen doorway, looking a bit concerned, and said, “I think Pumpkin needs an ice pack!” Oh, lord, I thought, I am never cooking while the kids are still awake ever again! My neglect has resulted in a terrible injury!

Before I had time for full panic survival mode to kick in, however, I heard a voice pipe up from the living room, calmly declaring:

“Ice packs are vewwy cold!”

Not even slightly hurt. Also, prepped and ready for Chem 101.

Six Things (Updated)

I was tagged by Shtuey to provide info on myself. Six random things, tag other bloggers to do the same, I’m sure you know the drill. So, as in The Alan Parson’s Project song, “let’s talk about me for a minute.” (Those of you familiar with that song are now humming it and cursing me. You’re welcome!)

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Shameless Self-Promotion

Well, I can’t just leave it all up to 12 Tequila’s, can I?

It occurred to me today that iLike on Facebook will only show the songs you’ve listened to if they have a track for it. Kind of like iTunes will only show songs they sell. So, since my new playlist extended into “the weird things they don’t have tracks for,” I thought I’d post the playlist here.

I went through the whole library and these are the songs that called to me…

*Current Faves on my iPod

It’s Christmas: What’s A Jew to Do?

Preliminary note on names: everyone quoted in this article is identified by celebrity pseudonym. If the person’s fake name is bolded on first reference, it means that the celebrity and the person represented are Jewish. Thanks Adam Sandler, Jew or Not Jew and Famous Jews.

Thanks also to our esteemed host Linda, for her technical assistance, and to the hubs, for coming up with words when I had the aphasia.

This post is dedicated to my father, Saul Z. Finn, zichrono l’vracha [of blessed memory], on his yahrzeit (the anniversary of his passing). I wish he were here to weigh in. I would have called him Steven Spielberg. Hi, Dad!

(Mom, stop crying.)

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