don’t let me forget

Let me linger
in your embrace, my love

Let me fall, float and fly
with every breath
with the warmth of YOUR breath
against my neck

Let me shout, soar and sing
for all the world to hear
for all our friends to cheer
the depth of our hearts

Let me be changed, charmed and calmed
by your soothing fashion
by your unbridled passion
far into the future

Let me always love you
and remember this, my sweet


In a dream that I had
You appeared in white
Like an angels wings
Preparing for flight

You looked toward me
And my heart started racing
The brightness of your illumination
Lit the path that I was facing

The warmth of your touch surrounded me
And I knew that I was finally home
You spoke to me in your gentle voice
Of how beautifully I had grown

I awakened from this special dream
With a tear streaming down my face
I felt no more sadness or loneliness
Because with you I’d always have a place

dual communication

If you must know,
it is difficult
looking into your eyes
I see beauty
I sense love
I feel understanding
My fear?
Well, you know,
maybe you
don’t want to give them
to me
Quite possibly,
if you did
(you know, give them to me)
I would reject them
Maybe I feel,
um, ugly
and misunderstood
I don’t know
How do you feel?

I begin to cry
as I wipe the steam
from the mirror


Patiently I sit
Sometimes enthralled
Or frustrated

The ramifications
Of this long process
Become ultimately apparent
As I listen

I am the learner
The observer

Often I hear
Young, energetic voices
Laughing aloud
Distressing me

I wonder why
They chose that road

Although my feet
Have also touched
That concrete emptiness

Earned life experience
Seems awkwardly intrusive
To their minds

My mind a sieve
Knowledge penetrating
Abandoned by them

Regrettably, I go on
Saddened and disturbed
By this rare dis-ease
Desiring to stop
The cruel violation

Maybe they could hear
If they were not blind

far and away

The less you desire me
The more I want him
The more you take her
The less I desire you

More or less
Not the disconnect
The lack of connection

The more I agonize over you
The more you drift from me
The farther you get from you
The closer I get to me


My mind
filled with thoughts of you
wonders where your heart is
searches with every last neuron
for purpose


For love, of course
Real Love
Not words, found between the sheets
that disappear like morning dew

Real Love
The Affection, Emotion
and soft Sweetness found deep within;
like the warmth of a puppies eyes

I feel that warmth with you
But, is it from your heart
Or from the Heat
that is found under your sheets?

heaven’s voices

I can hear
The little drops of laughter
They flawlessly cascade
To this gentle earth
And all at once
Peacefully call out
With their harmonic tendencies
Like a finely tuned orchestra
They gather their whispers
To make themselves known
From the world above
For all they have
Is lyrical beauty
While in their lime-light
In the surrounding melodies
And mystical entrapment
Of the laughter’s caress
If you listen
Listen very carefully
You will hear Heaven’s voices
Speaking my name
Within yours


His beautiful lips open
As he starts to speak
He is never tongue-tied
Like I
He makes my legs
Ever so weak

He says,
“Tell me that you love me,
even if you’re lying”
He gazes at me passionately
He sends my heart flying

My physical body
Barely still on earth
Is shivering and shaking
With excitement
The ultimate sensual birth

Alluringly I stare
His eyes
Still glancing my way
I say, “I love you”
And watch him blush
From not expecting the catchy phrase

Then came a change
His face
Now expressing content
I could feel his excitement
I could sense
His every accomplishment

He had conquered me
By his bravery to inquire
He found his way
Inside of me
He set my soul on fire

I sit here in pleasantry
Now wanting him to believe
That every thought I had
Were of him that day
Even though I had to leave