a child’s eyes

The sign on the door said
The child
Riding his new Big Wheel
Curiously awaiting
Some unknown praise
Rode the black asphalt drive
Hopped off of his monster
Anxiously ran to the door
And waited impatiently
The door opened with ferocity
A strong gust of air
Equivalent to the gusts
Of a motorcycle ride
Struck the child
The Genius
With his loud, burly voice
Looking scornfully at the child
“What do you want kid?”
The child stared
The man spoke again
“Come on kid, I’m busy!”
The child
Still curious and anxious
But now fearful
And somewhat excited
Just stared in amazement
Then said,
“Do you wanna see my Big Wheel?”

a cry for help

In solitude
I scream for silence

Tears of anger
Fall from my eyes

Thoughts of strangers
Invade my mind

Never alone
I search for freedom

Heart and soul
Reaching for the edge

Slowly experiencing pain
Then falling back to reality

a different day

(Written the evening of September 11, 2001
after the World Trade Center attack on the United States)

This morning I woke
And life was the same
I drifted back to sleep
Blissfully unaware

Safe. Sound. Silent.
Only to wake again
Mere moments later
In utter disbelief

Stripped of my security
I sit and witness
This great atrocity
In a catatonic stare

What has happened?

What can I do?

What have we done?

Innocence is lost
Buried under concrete
And shattered steel
With muddled cries

My heart aches
As I feel the day
Waiting for an end
Hoping for a beginning

Now long after sunset
My eyes grow tired
As I await a slumber
Assuredly with less comfort

Will great warmth
Be with me this night?
Tomorrow I will wake
And life will be different


You see all the signs
They’re making you cry
You can’t understand
I wonder why?

For someone who loves me
As much as they say
You’re like a different person
What’s the game that you play?

I’ve tried to tell you
But you can’t comprehend
You won’t face the facts
Can’t you see it will end?

You will hurt some people
They’ll all hear your voice
Seeing you make mistakes
Do they have a choice?

You see, life’s not that simple
Like you think it should be
You seem to know it all
Why come to me?


Passing quickly over the asphalt
Each crack and crevice coming to life
Coming up to meet and greet
With it’s own special message…


Good-bye to the ground I have called home
The place that has held me, supported me
But, has not given love

There is a place I reside
My mind lives there now
and is loved, comforted

Still, I will miss the soil;
Fertile ground from which I grew
Where so many other flowers reside
Waiting to bloom and transplant


Let me look
Not finding
The perfect image
So much research
Nothing concrete
A knot
A sledgehammer
An arrow
That look
Body language
And desire
To move closer
Seeing more
Beyond tangible
Maybe not
A beginning

c’est la vie

I found a hair
It wasn’t mine
A chill
Went up and down
My spine
The cut it gave
Was strangely familiar
And my breathing shortened
Because I knew
You were with her

I still stand by you
Much to your surprise
As I know
My love will be
The cause of my demise
Until then I’ll take
What you choose
To give me
Because life without you
Would be certain misery


The time to feel is upon me
I lie here naked and shivering in solitude
Your whispers left only to memory for now
And I find my mouth moist from yearning

Drifting through the avenues of my mind
I find a door with your name
Open and eagerly awaiting the feminine
And I am welcomed through the passageway

Laughter fills this shining room of yours
I dance closer toward you with delight
Seductively moving my body to your rhythm
And I allow myself to slowly melt into you

An umbrella can be seen by gazing upward
We are caressed, protected and warm
Courageous souls have opened that umbrella
And our connected breath lingers on…


As I laid peacefully
In a sound state of bliss
A dream occurred
And in it held this:

I had no feet
And could not walk
I had no lips
And could not talk
I had no ears
And could not hear
Nor eyes to see
What I hold dear
My arteries, veins
And once strong spine
Had their fluids replaced
With turpentine
The excruciating pain
I could not overcome
My inner self
Had become brutally numb

And though I endured this dream
For just a short while
This dream
I fear
Was called denial