You have GOT to be kidding me?

It appears as though Mel Gibson feels qualified to produce a miniseries on the Holocaust. Wonder what dear old dad thinks of that?

Um, I think he still has to account for some unanswered questions. Rafael Medoff, director of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies thinks so too.

“For (Gibson) to be associated with this movie is cause for concern. He needs to come clean that he repudiates Holocaust denial.”

Then, ABC’s senior vice president in charge of television movies says the following,

“Shut up and wait to see the movie, and then judge.”

Shut up? Way to engage your audience, pal. He continues:

“I’m not about to rewrite history. I’m going to explore an amazing love story that we can all learn from and, hopefully, be inspired by.”

OK. It’s obvious that you’re not getting it. It is not the story that we’re upset about. Not even in the slightest. It is who you choose to have involved with the story. I’m sure that it seems really petty to the people out there who aren’t Jewish and are, more specifically, Christian. So, I’ll give it to you in a method you might be able to understand. It’s like an atheist trying to produce a story about Jesus. But not just any story. A story in which prior to the film they have publicly said, “Jesus never existed. He’s just a bunch of crap these looney Christians made up.” Would you find that offensive?

Jews Rock

Why, yes. We do. Ahem…

Recently found, having settled a claim with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, is the site They used to use the phrase Jewish Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but have agreed not to in the future as to not get the two confused (as if that’s possible). Now you will see such catch phrases as The Shul of Rock and The Challah Fame. If you have some time to spend/waste on the computer, do check it out. I found there to be at least an hours worth of entertainment. You’ll be surprised by some of the names you find there.

They even have a blog: The Yiddish Invasion

The Danger of Nuclear Ambiguity

A commenter at Meryl’s referred me to this interesting article on the danger, to Israel, of nuclear ambiguity. The author, Princeton-educated Louis René Beres, is a professor of international relations and international law at Purdue University. The following quote summarizes neatly the potential cost to Israel of remaining ambiguous about the extent of her nuclear capability and her willingness to use such weapons if attacked:

With the bomb kept silently in the basement, Israel’s imperative communications could be compromised perilously. Unable to know for certain whether Israel’s retaliatory/counterretaliatory abilities were aptly formidable, enemy states could conclude, rightly or wrongly, that a first-strike attack or post-preemption reprisal would be cost-effective. Of course, it is conceivable that continued ambiguity would be adequate for Israeli deterrence, but – then again – it might not be adequate. Were it made more plainly obvious to enemy states contemplating attack that Israel’s basement bombs met both payload and delivery system objectives, Israel’s nuclear forces would likely better serve their overriding security functions.

The linchpin in Beres’ argument, of course, is that it is assumed that Israel’s would-be attackers are rational thinkers. As he points out in his treatise, irrational attackers pose a completely different set of problems for Israel.

And more openness on Israel’s part about her nuclear capability does not give Mordechai Vanunu a pass. As one who betrayed state secrets entrusted to him, he is a traitor, and not the hero that articles like this would suggest.

U2 – Anti-Semitic Or Not?

A reader e-mailed me a link to a song on U2’s latest album, “How To Make An Atomic Bomb”, and asked if I thought that U2 was being anti-Semitic with the following lines:

Lay down
Lay down your guns
All your daughters of Zion
All your Abraham sons

I don’t know if I can make it
I’m not easy on my knees
Here’s my heart and you can break it
I need some release, release, release

I know what I think, but I thought I would put it to a survey. Remember, anti-Zionism is most definitely anti-Semitism, as far as I am concerned. If there was a more balanced reference to, say, sons and daughters of Mohammed, I wouldn’t be asking the question:

I always thought that BFA referred to the Yom Kippur War (October 1973) between Israel and the Arabs–the song was written no more than a year or so thereafter, and after all the initial release of the album had the Hebrew and Arabic translations of the lyrics (only to the song BFA).

I spent a lot of time in Israel– when friends of mine in the states would ask me “who’s right, Israel or the Palestinean Arabs?,” all I could say was “The truth lies somewhere in between.”


Joel Schneier

Controversy Brings Readership

My response to David Allbaugh’s ridiculous demands of Israel and the Jewish people seems to have gotten me in hot water on another blog. Now my comments are being deleted. That’s okay. I have long been one to speak my mind. It isn’t the first time I have rubbed someone the wrong way, and I am quite certain it won’t be the last. If those providing the forum for commentary and discussion wish to do so, it’s their sandbox and I respect their right to throw me out. However, I found Mr. Allbaugh’s opinion to be reminiscent of other comments I have heard and read over the years that have rubbed me the wrong way, so I decided to do a little investigating. Lo and behold, I have found that Mr. Allbaugh is also quite opinionated, only in his case he is not afraid to bite the hand that feeds him.

According to a comment at Little Green Footballs, the esteemed Mr. Allbaugh is allegedly employed at the Pentagon. I have always been a supporter of free speech and I commend Mr. Allbaugh for having the courage of his convictions to so openly oppose the war in Iraq. I only hope he realizes that it is the military industrial complex that puts the food on his table. But then, I guess as long as his table is full and his home is safe and secure, everyone else can go straight to hell.