CNN has been damn entertaining lately.

Alamo claims to be unique among Christian preachers because he was born a Jew and had a “supernatural experience” through which he became a born-again Christian.

“I am a completed Jew,” he said, though he added that he had never believed in Judaism.

Alamo’s anti-Catholic bias is evident as he speaks. He claims the White House is in league with the Vatican, which he says also controls the United Nations.

He said being a Jew gives him special insight.

“We wrote the Bible. I don’t want these stinking gentiles in Rome telling me what it says. They don’t know,” he said.

A completed Jew? Funny, I don’t feel incomplete.

Trinity United Church of Christ

I haven’t written about politics on this blog for some time now. I’ve had deeply disturbing conversations lately that have prompted me to do this, though.

I’ve looked at many different sites and many different aspects of Rev. Wright’s comments about his church. To be honest, I don’t know what the problem is with everyone. Admittedly, when I went down the list of what that church stands for, it was a bit unnerving seeing “black” pasted all over it. That was, until I put the word Jewish in for the word black and Israel in for the word Africa. Suddenly, it reminded me of almost all congregational websites I’d ever been to. Every time I go to temple I do it for God, community and Israel. So why can’t they have this too? I started to get really pissed off, thinking, “Damn…these critics want to put them on the back of the bus again.” How dare they! Oh my God, I’m so pissed about this that I can’t stand it. I keep thinking back to people like Martin Luther King and Stephen Biko, both people who encouraged black empowerment. I’m not sure why whites believe they are doing this to swing the pendulum in the opposite direction. Let them have their identity. Let them have their culture. Let them have their safe space where they can foster each others growth and the growth of their community. That is beneficial to us all!!! Listen, I don’t want anyone telling me that my congregation is racist and that I can’t foster my Jewishness. That is what I am supposed to do. That is what I am called to do. Please allow the members of this congregation and the black community world wide their calling. They deserve it!

The one and only way this post is political, is that Obama attends this church. Bravo, I say!

Oh, and whereas others are confused about why Jews would support Obama, considering what they believe are separatist values, I urge you to read this. If you can tell me that any one of those things doesn’t have value, well, I wouldn’t want to know you. Honestly, this is what practicing Jews do every day. I don’t DARE throw stones!

While I’m Waiting For The Pain To Subside

I’ll share something I just found out today. Paula Abdul is 100% Jewish. From Wikipedia:

Paula is a practicing Jew [15] and is proud of her Jewish heritage. She has said, “Not many people know, but both my parents are Jewish, I am very excited about telling you this.” Abdul is a Zionist and has said that it was her dream to visit Israel and said, “My father is a Syrian Jew whose family immigrated to Brazil. My mother is Canadian with Jewish roots. My dream is to come to Israel for a real holiday.” Abdul supports and loves Israel. Israeli Tourist Minister Isaac Herzog invited her to Israel during a Hanukkah festival, to which Abdul responded with a hug, adding, “I will come; you have helped make a dream come true.”.[2]

I had no idea. Any of you?

As for the pain, I just had my gallbladder removed on Friday. That alone wouldn’t be so bad, but I’m also constipated unlike I have ever been in my life (even AFTER using drugs to help) AND just got my period today. I am NOT a happy camper. Also, it’s a week day and I have to take and pick up the kids from school. For those who can’t keep up, this means NO PAIN PILLS until the end of the day. FUCK! I’m going to go try to take a nap now.

Hey, also, if any of you are on Facebook, let me know via email. I’m getting so into it. It’s the best of many worlds of online connection systems out there. Plus, I can play games online with my friends and share music. It’s uber cool.

Is this what we want for our children?


Admitted 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed told a U.S. military tribunal he personally beheaded Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002, the Pentagon revealed Thursday.

“I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew, Daniel Pearl, in the city of Karachi, Pakistan,” said a Pentagon transcript of Saturday’s hearing. “For those who would like to confirm, there are pictures of me on the Internet holding his head.”

Once again, I ask, how do we stop these people? How do we stop these people before they kill all of us (Jews, Christians, other Muslims who don’t conform to their standards, etc.) to have the planet to themselves? How do you stop people who consider themselves blessed to kill?

Admittedly, Daniel Pearl‘s death has affected me profoundly. To have someone suggest that it was nearly the highlight of his life to kill him is, well, abominable.

I don’t know about you, but I fear for what my children will have to do to protect themselves later in life and in their children’s life. While I’m trying to teach my child tolerance, their teaching their children hatred under the guise of being blessed. Plus, they are having MORE children. Do the math. Hatred is flourishing in our current society and continues to increase.

I’m at a loss. I’m disappointed. This week has been a huge disappointment for me with regard to humanity. Makes me think that IUD is going to be in for the full 5 years!

Don’t even get me started on what our president is and isn’t doing. I have a countdown on my Firefox menu that says 677 days left. It ain’t soon enough!