Another No-Israel-Bashing Zone

Gail at Crossing The Rubicon 2 tells anti-semitic commenters on her blog just exactly where to get off. I am continually amazed at the chutzpah exhibited by people when it comes to the issue of Jews being assertive. If you are pro-Tibet, you are an enlightened member of the community in tune with your inner peace. If you are pro-women’s rights, you are an enlightened member of the community in touch with your inner female side. If you are pro-gay rights, you are an enlightened member of the world, free of homophobia. If you are pro-Israel, you are a Zionazi bastard that delights in the subjugation and murder of Palestinians. Here’s a news flash:

I am pro-Tibet, pro-women’s rights, pro-gay rights, AND MOST DECIDEDLY PRO-ISRAEL! I do not delight in the subjugation and murder of anyone, including Plaestinians. And being pro-anything does not preclude that I am anti-whatever you might want to think I am against. I don’t know if Linda has ever done this, but, if not, I am taking Meryl and Gail’s lead and declaring Auterrific a no-Israel-bashing zone. The best defense is a good offense.

Israel’s Best Hope For Peace?

I would like to present the following as an update to my previous post, “A Glimmer of Common Sense”:

The New York Times, via the SF Chronicle, reports that:

Sharon gives military Gaza go-ahead
Israeli leader warns of action without limits

In the story by Greg Myre, we learn that the Palestinian Liberation Organization has issued a “rare statement against militant violence”:

(The PLO executive committee is) demanding “halting all military acts that harm our national interests and provide excuses to Israel, which wishes to obstruct Palestinian stability.”

This is tantamount to telling terrorists that it would be okay to kill Israelis except that it might harm our chances of getting what we want, (which, by the way, is the complete and total destruction of Israel and the Jews).

Meanwhile, Abbas has yet to make a statement condemning the killing of Israelis by Palestinian terrorists. The ghost of Arafat lives on.

A Glimmer of Common Sense

From Crossing The Rubicon 2 we learn that Israel has finally informed international leaders that Israel has suspended ties with Mahmmoud Abbastard until he makes a real effort to rein in Palestinian terrorists:

He (Sharon spokesman Assaf Shariv) also said that Israel informed officials from the United States, European Union, Britain and the Palestinians.


Erekat said that the criticism of Abbas was unfair as he has not yet been sworn in as the Palestinian Authority chairman.

I guess we have to wait until Abbastard is officially the head terrorist, and more Israelis die needlessly, before we can demand that he actually do something to promote peace. Like stop killing Israelis.

One Of Those Days, Or Just Another Day In The West Bank?

Via, we see that it is “One of those days…”. What days, you ask?
Another day in the West Bank. The Jewish Center for Public Affairs’ “Daily Alert” treats us to more news about the so-called moderate successor to Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas, than we care to hear.

For example:

Abbas Pledges to Walk Arafat’s Path, But Goes Extra Mile

Rocking the Vote in Gaza, West Bank

Palestinian Leader’s Militant Turn Troubles U.S.

For Abbas, Palestinian Election is Just First Step

Abbas Renews Pledge to Protect Wanted Terrorists

And that’s just some of the stories about Abbas, never mind Palestinian gunmen and terrorists.

We also have two stories back-to-back:

Arafat’s Heir

Arafat’s Baggage

I guess it depends on what side of the “apartheid wall” you’re standing on.

Update on Sri Lanka/Israel/Vatican Story

In an effort to help exonerate the Vatican from blame for the mistranslation of a story from L’Osservatore, Meryl has published this second update wherein she reprints part of an e-mail she received from Carlo De Lucia of L’Osservatore regarding the Catholic World News botching of the story. However, she notes that CWN has a sidebar that still has the old, erroneous headline. Someone at CWN has severe HUA Syndrome. As Meryl notes, relations between the Jews and the Vatican have been strained enough over the years. CWN isn’t helping.

Update – 4:35 PST – I just checked CWN and the related story sidebar finally says “L’Osservatore raps Sri Lanka for declining disaster relief”. It’s about damn time.

Correction From Catholic World News

Via reader Patrick Sweeney comes this link to a correction by Catholic World News on the story by the Vatican’s L’Osservatore regarding Sri Lanka’s refusal of Israeli aid for the victims of the tsunami. What remains to be explained is exactly how the hell Catholic World News managed to botch this story in the first place.

Meryl weighs in on the mystery of the “mistranslation”.

As for everyone concerned about my remark about the Pope, I am perplexed as to why this influential leader has said exactly ZERO about Sri Lanka’s attitude. However, I did promise to recant my remark about “Il Papa” in the face of a retraction by the Vatican. As it now appears that it is, in fact, CWN that botched the story, I sincerely apologize for stating that the Pope was an asshole with regard to the situation at hand. For the less swift, yes, this was a conditional apology. There are many things for which the Pope has a lot of explaining to do. In addition, I continue to maintain that accusations of my alleged bias towards Catholics are merely unsubstantiated rumour and allegation, especially in light of the fact that not one of you knows me personally. Now, please, get off the cross – we need the wood.