Eddie Kaplansky, Veteran Of The First Israeli Air Force

One last thought before I sign off for the week:

Another hero of the Israeli War Of Independence passed away on March 6, 2005. Eddie Kaplansky, of blessed memory, was a pilot in the first Israeli Air Force, as well as part of a crew on an Aliyah Bet ship that brought refugees to Israel after World War II. Mr. Kaplansky’s obituary appeared in the Montreal Gazette:

Yedidia Mordechai (Eddy) Kaplansky Formerly of Montreal, passed away suddenly in his eightieth year on Sunday, March 6, 2005 in Haifa, Israel. Beloved husband for fifty-five years to Lea (nee Gelman). Cherished father and father-in-law of Daphna and Frank Lederman (Tucson, Arizona), Daniel and Lorraine, Gilead and Roslyn. Devoted Saba of Tamara and Gabriel Kaplansky and Ilia Lederman. Dear brother and brother-in-law to Miriam and Arthur Levy and to the late Dovie Kaplansky and his wife Andree. He will also be greatly missed by Aunt Freda Kaplansky, Shimona and Gerry Waldston, Eliezer and Hanna Gelman, Dvora Gelman and his many cousins, nieces, nephews and friends worldwide. Eddy led a life full of adventure and accomplishment. He was a passionate lifelong skier. He served as a volunteer crewmember on an Aliya Bet ship bringing refugees to Israel after WWII. One of the first pilots in the Israel Air Force in the fight for independence, he wrote The First Fliers, a historical account of those events. He later served on the first executive committee of the city of Laval. Burial in Haifa, Israel. Eddy will always be remembered with love, admiration and respect.

Mr. Kaplansky was a friend and comrade-in-arms of my father in that epic struggle for Israel’s survival. His guestbook may be reviewed and signed here.

We Friends of Israel owe the Kaplanskys of the world a debt of eternal gratitude.

What if……

I can’t help but admire those who have the courage of their convictions, like Ruth:

The previous post irritated a few people – good. Their boat needs to be rocked good and hard. I have said many times that it is fundamentalism itself that is the real threat, not fundamentalist______(fill in the gap). Everytime I say this I am hooted down. Thus I know I am right.
I don’t care for group hugs, philosophical masturbation, or toadies. I don’t care if you are a tall-dog in the blogosphere – if it smells like bullshit I am not afraid to call you on it. Too many people want to have the philosophic basis for their intolerance respected so they can respect their own fears and hatreds.

G-d knows, I have the courage of mine. However, given the nature of the post that elicited such strong sentiment on her part, I can’t help but wonder, “What if…..”
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Unfair Criticism

Over at Freudian Slippers, Ruth has posted a blistering criticism of an article that appeared on IsraPundit, written by one Ruth Matar. Under the title “All extremists should be taken out & shot”, Ruth of Freudian Slippers, (not to be confused with Ruth Matar) has taken Matar to task for expressing her opinion on Sharon’s plan to uproot and relocate Gazan and Sumerian settlers. While I feel that Ms. Matar’s article has all the finesse of a sledgehammer, (to put it mildly), I also think that Ruth’s reaction is way out of line for the following reasons:
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The Man Who Captured Eichmann

Peter Z. Malkin, of blessed memory, the Israeli agent who captured Adolf Eichmann and brought him to justice in Israel, has passed away.
In his memoir he writes of telling his mother the news:

Excerpt from “Eichmann in my Hands”,
by Peter Z. Malkin with Harry Stein:

I knelt beside her bed and took her hand. “Mama,” I whispered. “Mama, it’s me Peter.”
The elderly lady in the next bed turned toward me.
“She doesn’t talk,” she spoke loudly in Yiddish.
“Mama, I want to tell you something. What I promised, I have done. I captured Eichmann.”
There was no response.
“Mama, Fruma (Malkin’s sister) was avenged. It was her brother who captured Adolf Eichmann.”
I repeated it.
“Quiet,” said the other lady, “she doesn’t hear.”
But suddenly her hand began to squeeze mine.
“Do you understand, Mama? I captured Eichmann.”
Her eyes were open now. “Yes,” she managed in a whisper, “I understand.”

Those who would still use Eichmann’s capture on, and removal from, sovereign Argentinian soil as a stick with which to beat Israel should heed the following exchange between Malkin and the “Grand Inquisitor” of European Jewry:

He (Malkin) said his interrogations of Eichmann were freakishly revealing, as when he confronted Eichmann about the death of Mr. Malkin’s nephew in Poland: “My sister’s boy, my favorite playmate, he was just your son’s age. Also blond and blue-eyed, just like your son. And you killed him.”

Mr. Malkin wrote: “Genuinely perplexed by the observation, he actually waited a moment to see if I would clarify it. ‘Yes,’ he said finally, ‘but he was Jewish, wasn’t he?’ “

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Unmasking “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”

The Times of the UK features an article about a new book entitled “The Lie That Wouldn’t Die: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Written by Hadassa Ben-Itto, a former Israeli judge, this unmasking of the vile anti-Semitic diatribe of 1905 is destined to be a must-read for every Jew concerned about the current rise in global anti-Semitism.

Ms. Ben-Itto’s oeuvre is the culmination of a fourteen-year-long Herculaen task of researching the beginnings, and subsequent historical use for the slaughter of Jews worldwide, of the 100-year-old compendium of lies that runs counter to actual Jewish teaching but is still published, and, worse, read and taken as gospel by untold numbers of people around the world to this day. When Ms. Ben-Itto speaks of some initial gatherings with academics to enblighten them of the actual content, she reveals herself to be a kindred spirit:

“When I told my guests what they said and what I had found out about their history, they were appalled. I then thought that if so many influential Jews were living in ignorance, it was time for me to unmask the Protocols for what they were. The Jewish people have a history of not standing up when they are being attacked — and we have seen the results of that. I believe in standing up at the first sign of danger.”

Ben-Itto’s book will be published in the UK next week.

Hattip: Gail at Crossing The Rubicon 2.

So Long, Pete.

Amnesty International founder Pete Benenson died February 25. In memory of Pete’s demise, Let’s have a look at some interesting stories at the AI website. First off, let’s see what happens when we put the word “Israel” into the AI website:

1Patterns of house demolition and destruction of land in Israel and the Occupied
Territories – Amnesty International

2 Israel/Occupied Territories: Further information on medical letter writing action: Mordechai Vanunu – Amnesty International

3 Israel and the Occupied Territories: An ongoing human rights crisis – Amnesty International

Let’s see, Israel is destroying property, write a letter to help the traitor Vannunu obtain a “get out of jail free” card, Israel is responsible for the ongoing human rights crisis in the Mideast. Blah, blah, fuckity blah, blah, not one mention of Israel helping to relieve the suffering of those who don’t care to have her help.
Let’s see what happens when we insert the words “Palestinian Terrorism” in the search bar (surely that will have a condemnation of last Friday’s terror attack at the top of the list – surely it will, won’t it?) R-O-N-G, Wrong! The number one story on Palestinian terrorism, according to Pete’s vision of how the world works, is:


That’s right, no matter what the topic of discussion at Amnesty International, it’s always Israel’s fault. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Pete.

Curiously Stupid Responses To Friday’s Terrorist Attack

The Jerusalem Post reports on the terrorist attack on Friday, quoting the usual sources who are spouting some incredibly stupid rhetoric:

Our government, via Condoleeza Rice, came out swinging in defense of innocent life:

Rice said that these types of terrorist attacks are a waste of innocent life and are not conducive for the Palestinians in realizing their goal of an independent state. Rice acknowledged Palestinian condemnation of the attack, but emphasized the need for immediate and concrete action, reiterating the US government expectation that only action, and not words will suffice.

Well I’m sure the Palestinians got that message loud and clear. I guess we’ll be seeing peace today for the first time in years.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko had this to say:

“It is now of crucial importance not to allow the opponents of the peaceful settlement to stamp out the beginnings of hope for the better future for the Palestinians and Israelis.”

It is now of crucial importance? What, like it wasn’t before? Like it hasn’t been important for the last fifty or one hundred years? And hope for a better future for Palestinians and Israelis??!! I’m hoping for a better future for Israelis. Forget about the Palestinians, they obviously couldn’t care less about a better future.

Then there’s this gem from the European Union:

The European Union on Saturday urged Palestinian authorities to cooperate unconditionally with Israel to restore security following the attack.

As if Israel needs the help of the Palestinians, which will never be forthcoming.

What Javier Solana (the EU’s foreign policy chief) said:

“I call on the Palestinian Authority to condemn this attack and terrorism without any reservations, to take all the necessary measures to prevent these acts from reproducing and to neutralize the individuals and groups who do not halt terrorist operations.”

“I urge the Palestinian Authority to arrest and judge those responsible for this attack and to unconditionally cooperate with Israel to assure security,” he said.

What the Palestinians heard:

Blah, blah, neutralize, blah blah, blah, Israel.

And of course, Abbastard’s “office” weighed in (what’s wrong with Abbastard himself making a statement? Is his mouth broken?)

A press release from Mahmmoud Abbas’ office said that the attack was aimed at destroying the peace process.

Oh, ya think!!? Besides stating the obvious it would be good if the Palestinians actually took some concrete steps to fight terrorism for a change. Yeah, sure, and pigs will fly, hopefully to the West Bank.

Israel Halts House Demolitions

From the New York Times comes word that Israel has decided to suspend the practice of demolishing the homes of terrorists (note to Greg Myre: you misspelled terrorist.
It’s not spelled M-I-L-I-T-A-N-T).

Thursday’s decision is in keeping with a series of good-will gestures recently announced by the two sides. But the Israeli military said the army’s chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Moshe Yaalon, had ordered a military committee to review the house demolition policy four months ago.

At the committee’s recommendation, Israel will “stop exercising the legal right to demolish terrorists’ houses as a means of deterrence,” the military said in a statement.

I can’t help but remark that we have yet to see the Palestinian Authority review its policy of sending suicide bombers to slaughter innocent Israelis in order to determine whether such a policy is in its peoples’ best interest.

In addition, there is this important point:

By employing a range of tough tactics and by building a security barrier inside parts of the West Bank, Israel’s security forces have greatly reduced the number of Palestinian suicide bombings and other attacks since they peaked in 2002.

With Palestinians carrying out fewer attacks, Israel has been tearing down fewer homes in recent months.

Yes, fewer Palestinian terrorist attacks because of the security barrier and IDF protection, not because the Palestinians have chosen to honor the cease-fire as a goodwill gesture towards seeing a lasting peace. Does the rest of the world get it, now? I didn’t think so.