Back to Square One

Ok.. I am too disgusted to write too much about this but as it turns out our house fell through. The inspection showed way too many defects for such an expensive house. So we have decided to put it aside and keep looking. So it looks like the end of May we will be heading down there again to keep looking .

Anniversary and Other Things!

As Linda mentioned we just celebrated our first year anniversary… Its amazing and hard to beleive that a whole year has passed since we walked down the aisle and agreed to a lifetime together. It was one of the best decisions I have made. Life has been crazy lately!!! We celebrated our anniversary by going returning to the site of our wedding and holeing ourselves up there for a weekend… The baker who made our cake offers you the choice of a frozen topper or a fresh cake at your one year anniversary.. we chose the fresh cake so we decided the best way to get the cake and do something special was to spend the weekend in a whirlpool suite at the hotel where our wedding took place. It was soooo wonderful to get away and just spend time together! I wish we could do that every few months. We took full advantage of the whirlpool tub that was in our room!!

We came back and then 4 days later left for passover at the Inlaws. At which point we stayed there for four days. I am not sure if I am coming or going. It was wonderful to see so many members of Neil’s family and to celebrate passover with them although I am frustrated with their seder as it is done almost entirely in hebrew so I can followq the hebrew and read what they are saying and not have a clue as to what I am reading or I can read the english to myself and not follow the exact hebrew word for word.. having grown up with seders with more of a mix of both its a bit frustrating but thats ok.. Oh the other thing is that due to some very religious members of the family Seders started at 9 pm and ended at 2 or 230 am! I am becoming an expert at my mother in laws passoiver recipes…. as I did most of the baking and cooking that she used to do but can no longer because of emphysema.

We are back home now. The house is still on the market. We thought we had a potential buyer but that did not work out. I am looking frequently for houses in Atlanta but am scared off by many price tags! WHo knew houses could give you soo little and be so expensive…

And keep your fingers crossed for us as my medical issues seem to have resolved and the babymaking has begun yet again! Hubby and I are anxious for the day when we can be Mommy and Daddy Kiddoc!

I hope everybody has a great day!

I Am An Awful Friend

So, KidDoc & Hubby’s first anniversary came and went and I failed to mention it here. I failed to call them. I failed to email them. I failed to send a friggin card by snail mail. They send cards to my kids when they’re sick and I forget one of the most important dates.

Dear KD & Mr. KD,

I love you guys. I hope the anniversary was fantastic. You will most certainly have many, many more happy years ahead.

Lots of Love!!!

For Sale!

Tonight hubby and I signed the contract enlisting the real estate agent to sell our current townhome. Its hard to believe all of the changes that will be happening in the next few months: moving, new job and new house. Tomorrow the sign goes up and the lockbox goes on the house and then the race to keep the house as neat as possible goes on. Despite the fact that there are only two of us, we certainly know how to make our fair share of mess.

The Evaluation

Ari was evaluated as being mild to moderately autistic, today. The difference between mild and moderate with regard to the future has everything to do with intervention. No one thought that he would be in a group home when he was older. They felt that with some help he would make rapid progress and that his outcome would be more on the mild side.

Believe it or not, we are relieved…if for no other reason than to have an actual diagnosis of ANY kind. Also, it opens up a world of funding and some superb schools that specialize in autism. We will be setting up an intensive behavioral program as soon as we make all the appropriate contacts. I know it sounds weird to be encouraged by this, but we are.

They (the team) were thrilled to be dealing with people who weren’t afraid of the word ‘autism’ and the stigma that comes along with it. They were also thrilled that we have dealt with this so soon in his life because now is the time that makes a difference. As with any other evaluation, we’ve been told that it will get worse before it gets better, particularly after we start intensive behavioral therapy. But we’re sooooo ready.

Like with all other people who have been around him, they adored him and at first thought he wasn’t autistic at all…they told us that. But, with further evaluation all of the pieces of the puzzle came together to form something we’ve known deep down inside for a long time. They mentioned that his personability is one of his strengths as was his problem solving skills, the only thing which he scored in the “normal” range for his age.

Here’s the interesting part. I am taking a class called Developmental Disabilities next quarter. The woman who co-teaches the course was an integral part of the process today. The whole team told me that they envied me because I have an inside track to getting things done in a timely manner. (who knew?) But, I also got to see from a parental view what I’ll be evaluating in a student setting when I take this class. The students were behind a one way mirror during the whole evaluation. Of course, all of my attention was focused on Ari, but I’ll be able to have a great frame of reference when I am on the opposite side of the mirror next quarter.

Something else interesting, but along the same lines, was that all of the students monitoring Ari behind the one way mirror questioned why he was being diagnosed as being autistic because he didn’t look like many of the cases they had seen. Quite simply, it has everything to do with the lack of exchange Ari has with the world around him. There is a lot of Ari giving, but little give AND take.

So, lots more work in the future. Remind me to laugh when my kid graduates from veterinary school. 🙂

Sick of Being Sick

I know I haven’t posted in a while. Things have been crazy around here. Really! Crazy!

We are in the middle of an illness from HELL. Both kids have been to the doctor at least twice in the last month. I kid you not. Ari went last week because we suspected with his cold that he had an ear infection like Joshua had gotten not long ago. He didn’t, but the doc told us if he spiked a sudden fever to bring him in because the fluid in his ears could turn into an ear infection. Well, last night he suddenly spiked a 103 degree fever. I called the doc and they wanted him in this morning. Getting through the night was challenging. His fever topped out at 103.5…the official mom freak out temp. This morning when he went in we were told that it was the Croup/Parainfluenza 2 virus and that it would take 2 – 6 weeks to resolve and that as long as he was feverish, he was contagious.

On top of this, or to the side of this, Josh has had a very similar illness…so we assume it’s the same virus. He has been getting breathing treatments every 4 hours again. But, his congestion makes him sound really horrible.

We just can’t seem to get rid of this crap. I keep getting hopeful when things die down a bit, but then something else pops up. Eventually I will be able to write something other than “We’re sick, again.”

UPDATE 2/19: Vomitting began this morning. OY!

House of Phlegm

Round 4 of communal illness began here last weekend. While it’s hard to be sick and have all the same responsibilities (school, being mom, cleaning, cooking, etc.), it’s even harder when the illness hits Josh. This time was particularly bad.

By Monday he was getting breathing treatments every 4 hours. He wasn’t any better Tuesday, but having been through this several times in the past, we know it gets worse before it gets better. But, by Tuesday afternoon, Josh was needing treatments every 2 – 3 hours for any kind of clear airway. Late afternoon he had this 2 hour period when he was completely inconsolable. During that time, there were several times when he got upset, stopped breathing and started turning purple. By the end of that 2 hours I had contacted the doctor and was making arrangements to bring him in immediately. Nearing the time I was getting him settled in his car seat, he started cooing, laughing and was generally happy. It was bizarre. Still breathing horribly…but chipper.

We get to the doctor and we go through the usual stuff. Strip him down to his diaper, weigh him and check his vitals. They check his lungs and work quickly to set up a treatment. I told them, “I just gave him a double treatment just and hour and half ago.” No matter, he’s still is serious lung distress. So, while we’re sitting there waiting for the treatment and to be seen by the doctor, I sit Josh on my knee. He starts laughing. A nurse comes in and says, “Oh my goodness…I can hear him all the way down the hall and just had to come play with him.” She picks him up and is just loving on him while he’s milking it for all it’s worth. Then another nurse came and joined in. They’re both going on and on about how adorable he is and how they can’t believe that he can hardly breathe and is in such a good mood. Honestly, I think this is becoming a way of life for him and he’s simply adjusting accordingly, but it was weird.

Then the doc comes in and he’s incredibly happy to see her. She was a bit stunned, to say the least, but not as much as after she looked in his ear. He has a whopping ear infection. We suspect that’s why he had that 2 hour period that he was inconsolable. How about that? Only 2 hours of complaining over an ear infection. In addition, even though this is probably the most ill he has been, he has been sleeping well through the whole thing; not through the night, but I have to keep it in perspective. I think I can officially consider myself a lucky mom. He is such a great sport.

I took two days off of school because I was either flattened with my own illness or dealing dealing with Josh every couple of hours. I arrived back in my classes in time to get review sections for exams I had on Friday. Thursday night I stayed up until 2am studying for both exams. Now, remember, I’m sick, the baby’s sick, Joe’s sick, and Ari is sick. It wasn’t pretty but I felt really good about the exams.

I get to my first class on Friday, the professor comes in and says, “Change of plans. There is no exam for today.” Apparently, the copier was broken when she got there and she didn’t have time to find another. I was pissed, but I got over it and we went on with class.

I get to my second class and the TA’s start passing out the tests. The female TA hands one to my classmate that is stapled. Then, she hands one to me that’s not stapled, but informs me that it’s the full test minus a staple. No problem. I begin to look through it and then I hear her coming down the stairs with the professor saying, “She has an unstapled copy. Do you want to use that?” Apparently, not enough copies were made so she takes mine. I’m sitting there twiddling my thumbs while 70 other people are taking the test already. I’m thinking to myself, I am having a bad test taking experience today. The prof comes back with more copies and asks those without copies to raise their hands. More hands were raised than they had copies so they had to make more. Bear in mind that this is a 48 minute class of which a significant part has been taken by running to make these copies. The prof comes back from that second round and essentially announces that the test will need to be given in full on Monday considering that it created an unfair advantage for some. This guy in class decides he’s going to make a scene and storms off saying, “This is ridiculous.” A girl behind me says, “Why don’t you be a little more mature about it and go sit down.” I felt really bad for the prof, who is this sweet German guy who is a wealth of information. This obviously wasn’t working out the way he had planned. He sent out an email later that day saying that a whole new test would be available and that it was attached to the email. The only exception is that one section will be replaced. I thought that was more than fair.

I have never had a day like that in my whole academic career…where I planned for and felt good about two exams that never happened.

Here’s an interesting snippet about school. I am writing Hebrew in script now. UBER COOL!!!

One last thing…is anyone else concerned about that big Hamas win amongst the Palestinians??? A LANDSLIDE VICTORY. Scary!