World’s Worst Mother

I know we compete–nay, fight tooth and nail–for this title, but this past Sunday afternoon in my town, I held it for a brief but shining moment.

We had just arrived at the ginormous craft fair that descends upon our fairgrounds three times a year to entice us with unusual gift-giving ideas and things we didn’t know we needed. I have fun just looking around but the hubs gets a bit grumpy if he doesn’t buy anything (which is why we stayed away from the gourmet food area, where we have developed holes in our wallets before).

We parked on the gravel ‘n’ grass and proceeded to walk toward the path that ultimately leads to the event. We had taken no more than 15 steps in that direction when I realized that my youngest son Pumpkin was sprawled on the ground. At this point, a good mother would have tsked sympathetically,  gently lifted up the fallen toddler, and checked for boo-boos.

But you must understand that my Pumpkin has a close relationship with the ground. The falling is expected with all the growing. So, upon seeing that my baby boy had gone horizontal, I immediately exclaimed, “Crap! Already??” as I went to shift him back onto his little feet.

I’m all about the nurturing, folks.

Dusting off the Cobwebs !

Ok… so you know its a long time since you have posted when it takes you about 10 times to log in and rereading 6 different emails to find the right passwords.

I am back doing one of the things I do best. Procrastinating ! In a moment of weakness I proposed to do a presentation on pharmacologic treatments of Autism to the Annual Conference of the Ga Chapter of the Autism Society of America. The thought at the time was it will help me make sure I am up to date and in the know about all of the medicines kids with Autism Spectrum disorders may need. Currently I am experiencing the battle of wills. The will to sit around and watch tv and generally do nothing vs. the will of working now where there are limited interruptions and I should just get it done… Its amzing to me how little information there is out there on pharmacologic treatment with children and autism spectrum disorders. Now let me give the plug that says medicine is never the sole treatment for autism but only used in certain circumstances. Behavioral therapies have far and above been found to be more beneficial.

As for me . Life has been its usual hecticness. One amazing landmark has been passed. I am now Board Certified in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Despite my feeling that the exam went horribly and I was destined to be at the exam next year, apparently my examiners disagreed ! Needless to say great relief was experienced and I am now exam free until 2016. That will be the longest I have ever gone without taking an exam probably ever ! So for all those keeping track I am now Board Certified in General and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (A feat obtained through two written exams and two grueling oral exams ).

Life dealing with infertility treatments continues .. giving myself injections, having blood drawn and many ultrasounds have all become a daily part of life.. We keep hoping …

Married life is wonderful.. Hubby and I enjoy spending time together especially now that I don’t feel that incessant need to study at every free moment. We are looking forward to a spontaneous trip up to Ohio in a few weeks to visit Linda and her family as well as see Hubby’s family.

Hope all is well with everybody. The laundry and my presentation beckon…


That’s how old I am today. In honor of my birthday, I am going to give you some updates about what’s going on with me.

We’re heading to Atlanta tomorrow and then on to Florida after that. We are spending “birthday week” there. We will spend 3 whole days at Disney, one of which will be Ari’s 5th birthday. It should be tons of fun.

The weekend after we get back, I’m picking up this little girl… Read more

OT: This Kitty Needs Your Help

I’ve reached my maximum level of frustration in dealing with a cat rescue person. I work with dog rescues pretty regularly, so I know there’s a certain personality trait that seems to follow us. But I have never, ever dealt with someone like this. So, I’m going on my own to try to find our beloved kitty a new home with the access I have to the Internet.

The kitty in question is a ten year old male in exceptionally good health. He has recently been vetted with absolutely no health issues at all. In fact, the vet didn’t believe me that he was 10. At that time he was also micro chipped. He was neutered a long time ago. He is not declawed, but he has NEVER been an outdoor cat, nor could he be.

He looks a lot like a flame/red point mitted ragdoll, and fits their temperament as well, but I know for certain (since he was born to our next door neighbor’s cat in Texas) that he is mixed. He’s really beautiful though with his blonde hair and blue eyes which is why he was named, Redford.

Redford is not terribly fond of dogs since our first Boerboel wanted to kill him. Our new Boerboel, Marinda, loves him but he’s still not sure about her…with good reason. He tolerates our kids pretty well, but doesn’t like when they screech. He doesn’t attack them, however. He just goes to his kitty condo top floor until it’s safe to come down again.

Why are we looking to re-home him after being with us for 10 years? My older son (Ari, 4-years-old) had some allergy tests done because of a recent and serious reaction he had to cashews and was found to be equally as allergic to cats. He’s not around Redford all the time which is why he hasn’t reacted so much, but Ari has grown increasingly attached to Redford and wants to spend all his time with him. Sadly, we just can’t let that happen because it means being on more meds.

This is a very sad thing to have to do. Redford is an incredibly good kitty who is laid back and cuddly. He’s not high maintenance at all. He doesn’t like treats and only likes limited types of food. He loves attention and will hang around for the petting session(s) of the day with pleasure. He likes to talk to you and, oddly, will come when his name is called when he is in any part of the house.

Since he’s so special, I really do want him to go to a good home, so I’m hoping someone I know will want him. If it is local, he will come with his fully loaded kitty condo ($100+ right there). Same thing goes for if his new home is within driving distance. If he is going long distance, I am willing to pay for shipping. This really is ZERO dollars for a great cat with 10 or more years left on him.

If you can help with this at all, I would be most grateful!

Go to the extended entry to see pics of our baby. Read more

Before I Had Kids

I think that couples who have chosen not to have children feel that those of us who have kids put them down. I experience this with several people, not least of which is my own sister and her husband. I wouldn’t say that we put them down, but I do know there is a preponderance of the term, “You have no idea…”

Couples without children get tired of hearing that phrase. They think we’re taking legitimacy away from their lives as being less than meaningful and time consuming. I wouldn’t say that their lives are less meaningful at all. In fact, I’d venture to say that some may be more meaningful in their own way. What I will say is that I cannot fathom the lives of those without kids being MORE time consuming than those with kids. Let me explain that in more detail.

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Infertility craziness

So I had some time on my hands today as many of my patients deemed it unnecessary to show up for their appointments and so I was wandering around the Internet. This whole infertility thing has me somewhat obsessed trying to obtain all the information I can. So I was wondering and what did I find. Now not only do they have maternity clothing but they have TTC clothing.

Check it out. It’s worth a chuckle.

I am an Aunt again!

My brother and his wife had a baby girl this morning. (10 pound baby girl I might add.!) and my poor sister in law is not even 5 feet tall on a tall day.
We are excited to add to the family and I look forward to meeting my first niece !
(Of course a little bittersweet for me as having a baby is a little challenging for us at the moment)
Hope everybody is having a great day. I am still recovering from some really annoying stomach issues and am generally feeling yucky.

A Divine Intervention of Sorts

Yesterday I get a phone call saying somebody wanted to see the house so I grudgingly cleaned it. (The moving truck comes on thurs so things are definitely in a state of disarray and its a pain to keep it clean for a showing). So I leave, they see it, and then I get a call they want to see it again last night. Again I clean and straighten and make myself scarce. An hour later we get the golden phone call… an offer was made! With much offering and counteroffering the contract was signed this morning and pending inspection our house in KY will close in 2-3 weeks.
If you respond to this, it may take me a while to respond as after tonight there will be no computer access until August 7th.

Kiddoc’s Dream House

We have done it. Many signaturesand pounds of paper later, hubby and I have signed on the dotted line and our new home owners. Its the first house we have purchased together and truly our “dream” house. It has everything we were looking for and much space for us to grow into. ( Now if we just had the kids to fill up the space !)
Its actually a house built by a couple who were married for fifty years and this was the house I think they were going to spend the rest of their lives in except that the call of family lured them to Florida. The love and atttention in the house is impressive. The husband talked about some of the security measures that are in the house not because the neighborhood is bad or because he’s afraid of the neighbors but because he was overly worried about something happening to his wife when he used to travel for work.
We move August 4th in the meantime Hubby and I dream and stress about where everything should go and pray that our house in KY sells soon so we are not carrying two mortgages. In the meantime I have two more days of work. Its hard to beleive its almost all over and its off to the real world.