Just Plain Fucked Up

Notice that the female in the video isn’t really female. I’m really not sure what would have possessed these people to do this. It’s like a train wreck, though. You just can’t look away.

Thanks, David!

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Welcome to the Real World, Paris

You know what’s great about this post? I don’t even have to give you any links and you already know what I’m talking about.

I was seriously disappointed in the justice system the other day when I found out that Paris was released to her home for house arrest. You know what house arrest for Paris is? It’s the fucking Beverly Hills Hotel for the rest of the real world. I, for one, am truly glad that the judge ordered her back to jail and extended her stay for the duration of the full sentence. Maybe she’ll think twice next time before she does something stupid. I’m really sick of stars believing that they are above the law just because they have money to buy themselves out of almost everything.

Hot or Not Special Edition

This is a very special, and extensive, edition of Mark‘s Hot or Not. I’ve done a lot of research for this, so I hope you like it.

This edition is older women. However, instead of just posting the pictures of how they look now, I am posting “then” pictures as well. Maybe you like them now but didn’t then or maybe you liked them then but don’t now. You decide.

Without further ado, in alphabetical order…Hot or Not?

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Respect Art

I went to YouTube today, randomly. I’ve never done that before. I was looking around and saw the video I will post below. Normally I would post my opinions about such videos after the video, but I feel compelled to post them before instead.

This video combines two elements of art that I love and respect but have never been able to do myself, at least with any significant talent; painting & playing a musical instrument. I have so much respect for artists. The works that they can create almost effortlessly simply amazes me.

When I first began watching the video, I thought this woman was really kooky. Then, I just saw how wonderful she was in sharing herself with the rest of the world with abandonment of self. Most of us are too self-conscious to post ourselves in good form, let alone showing any imperfections. I really have to hand it to those who put themselves out there so vulnerably. I’m in awe.

That said, here’s the video (a link to her site is below as well)

Val’s Art Diary

Two Boobs in the Morning

Well, a billboard has a couple of Idaho moms in a tizzy today. Apparently, a Bob & Tom advertisement went a little too far. The 7-year-old daughter of one of the moms reportedly said,

Mom. That’s gross. That’s immodest.

Um, okay. I don’t really know any 7-year-olds that would use the word ‘immodest’, but perhaps things are a bit different in Idaho. Furthermore, I don’t think the billboard is near as gross as pastors getting it on with their congregants. Those are the type of things that are popping up in these tightly wound communities. No, gross just isn’t a word I would use for the ad. Does anyone remember The Dukes of Hazzard television show? Do you think Daisy was gross? Immodest, maybe. Definitely NOT gross. Definitely on prime time television too…especially in the mom’s old days.

Are you ready to see the billboard they are calling, “Public profanity?”

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