I just heard about a very worthy organization in San Francisco on a segment of Animal Planet. Grateful Dogs is an SF-based dog rescue organization. Obviously, they appealed to me for one very specific reason, but after looking over their site, I think they are worthy of a donation. So, any dog lovers, Deadheads (or both) out there with an extra buck or two, or, better yet, a home for one of their charges, give them a shout. They also have some nifty t-shirts for sale. After all, dogs bless America!

Update: I got an e-mail from Carolyn of Grateful Dogs. She writes,

Some of our adopted dogs are posted on Dogster which is a great website.
Sometimes we will post a dog in need also.

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maybe 6 is too much to ask for

I want to first thank those of you who came by and wished Loki a happy 5th birthday. He loved his ⅔ pound steak burger from Hardy’s and savored every bite. The folks at the clinic adored the card and sent a card in return, and the cake went over well as expected. The picture, included with the card, was drawn by one of his doctors (Click to Biggify).

Anyway, today has not gone very well. Loki has been limping for a couple of weeks now. Thus far we had been treating it with an anti-inflammatory medication, but that had stopped working so well. We took him in today to be assessed and to get films (x-rays) of his leg.

The vet had him walk around for a bit and she and the staff had pinpointed that it was his right elbow, so they took films of that. They called me shortly before lunch saying that he was ready to go home and that coming in right away would allow the doctor more time to speak with me.

In short, the films were bad. His elbow looks destroyed. The cause could be from one of many different things: congenital condition, septic arthritis, benign or malignant cancer. Currently, he is being treated for septic arthritis…what we hope it is. He has had immunosuppressant therapy for the lymphosarcoma and is on consistent steroids, so it’s the more likely possibility at this time.

They took synovial fluid from his joint to be analyzed and his films are being sent to a radiologist. If either of those things indicates that this could be cancerous, he will get yet another biopsy. Ugh.

Here’s the bad part…even if it is septic arthritis, the damage to his joint is permanent. This dog has an incredible tolerance for pain, or should I say, he fakes health really well. He is all about us and wants to make us happy, so he doesn’t show his pain. I told the doc that before, but I don’t think she believed me until today. She said that as she was sticking the needle into his joint to get the fluid, you could hear crunching and the obvious sound of the needle hitting bone and he didn’t even flinch. They all referred to him as an angel because no other dogs have responded that way. What I’m trying to get to, is that he is in some pretty serious pain right now even though he doesn’t appear to be in any.

While we’re hoping that this is septic arthritis and that he responds well to treatment, we all have a bad feeling about this one. We have a really, really bad feeling.

So, some good doggy thoughts and prayers would be appreciated at this time. We want him to get better so badly. But if he doesn’t we’re going to need some prayers for strength to ease his pain. We’re pretty sure that God is insistent about getting that guard dog sooner than we want to give him up.

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big boy is 5

Today is Loki’s 5th birthday. He is only 11 weeks old in the pic to the left.

Yay! We’re so pleased to share this birthday with him and hope that he has several more. I will be picking him up a big hamburger for him to celebrate a little bit later. Call it a feeling, but I think he’ll LOVE that. 🙂 Hey, I think he deserves it after doing so well with that first run of chemo. He is doing splendidly, by the way.

I will also be getting a cake and bringing it to the vet in appreciation for all of their support. I made them a card to bring along too. Here it is:

Click to Biggify

If it weren’t for them, he might not have even made it to this birthday.

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A Winter Day’s Miscellany

Another cold, damp morning in “sunny” California. I should be doing year-end filing and preparing new files for 2005, but every morning I walk into my office and look at my two desks and plan table piled high with all the shit generated by my business and the election and I just can’t get motivated to clean up the mess. I have better things to do, like blogging and setting up pages on Dogster (go visit Loki in Lexington and Bart in Cotati). Dogster was Linda’s find. Feel free to visit some of the sites she links to in her “Dogster” post. I have, at least, been doing something productive. After a year-and-a-half hiatus I have started to teach myself about the mysteries of digital photography again. Pretty successfully so far, but I think I need to find a lot of shortcuts.

Seriously, 2004 was the year I was going to get really organized and stay on top of things. 2005 is the year I stop kidding myself about getting organized. This is the way I am, I might as well wallow in it! Piss on it – I will be so busy this year that January of 2006 will find me in the same boat. And then, of course, I will have the November 2006 election as an excuse for 2007. (See how this goes – my life is a self-perpetuating string of excuses for lack of organization skills.)

is under the weather, go leave a comment with get well wishes. After months of being mysteriously blocked by Haloscan, I am, as of this morning, mysteriously unblocked. I guess I got my mojo workin’.

Good News Always Sleeps ‘Til Noon

Last night, in quick succession, I discovered that our dear friends Linda, Joe, and Ari received some devastating news about their best friend, Loki, and that Dean Esmay, of Dean’s World ,had to put his dog, Buttons, down on the very same day. I was personally affected by all of this bad news from blogosphere friends about what are, essentially, members of their respective families.
It strikes me that I am very fortunate in that our beagle, Bart, has been with us for well over fifteen years, and is still going strong. He is my first dog, and, next to my wife, my best friend along with his younger “sister”, Molly. When I come home from a hard day in the trenches, my best friends greet me at the door with beagle howls, and we wrestle a bit until it’s off to the kitchen for a dog cookie.
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