That’s how old I am today. In honor of my birthday, I am going to give you some updates about what’s going on with me.

We’re heading to Atlanta tomorrow and then on to Florida after that. We are spending “birthday week” there. We will spend 3 whole days at Disney, one of which will be Ari’s 5th birthday. It should be tons of fun.

The weekend after we get back, I’m picking up this little girl… Read more

Bloggers and the Law

I found this little gem through The Presurfer. It details, and I do mean DETAILS, the way in which the law works for and against bloggers. Number 4 is particularly interesting as we have a wee bit of trouble with it on The Hot Zone Online. Here’s the first sentence of the section…

There’s nothing more infuriating than seeing the article you worked on for hours and hours appear in full on another site without any credit given.

Yeah, I’ll say. This is especially true when you know the other blogger saw it on your blog and just decided nilly willy to post about about, curiously an hour or so later. You just know the excuse will be, “I wrote it before I saw it there.” That is, until you look at your statcounter and KNOW they were lying. Fuckers! Yep…one of the biggest irritations being a blogger.

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Weird Week & Potential Hiatus

If the trip to Hollywood to be in a movie wasn’t bizarre enough, our new puppy is scheduled on a flight from Brussels to Columbus, arriving Tuesday evening. In addition to this, over the time I was in Hollywood, I was contacted by someone to be on the board of a very prestigious organization. Though I declined, it blew me away for a short period of time.

There was a point over the last couple of days that surrealism was at its highest in my life, ever. During that period of time I began to realize how much I haven’t been doing. Near the top of the list, posting on this blog. Slightly higher than that is visiting people listed on this blog. I began to wonder about my near future: training a puppy, getting Ari into his new school, Joshie walking, studying for the LSAT, attending ZestFest, Weight Watchers, taking the LSAT and getting into law school (not to mention attending law school)…the list seems to be getting longer and longer each day. In short, I’m wondering whether it would be prudent to even keep this blog here. If I do, I might put it on a temporary hiatus with a definite period of time and revisit the decision at that time.

I know…you’re all going to tell me not to do it. But, I don’t think it’s fair. In order to make this site thrive, I really need to be visiting and commenting on the sites I have on my blogroll and I just don’t have it in me right now.

Yes, I could leave it to the other writers, but they seem to be getting busier too and I don’t want to overburden them by asking them to visit the sites I have listed, comment on them AND write regular posts.

I don’t know…I’m still thinking it over, but very inclined to just stop. I’ve had a really good run here and would be ending on a lower note than I’d like. But, my real life is mimicking art to the extent of being overextended.

Gone For A While

First, I’m a bit disappointed that our fundraiser isn’t going better. Perhaps it was the late preparation. Perhaps the few people who don’t like us are putting out Karma vibes. Perhaps I was just expecting more from the nearly 500 email addresses to which the announcement went. Either way, I’m bummed.

Second, with Ari’s arm broken and mom’s arm broken I feel like the house maid. I mean, not only is mom NOT able to help, she also requires extra help. Help for which I lack capacity, to be honest. And, when I express that, she approaches me like a bad daughter and mother…as if I should take after her door mat tendencies and put myself last in my life. Yeah, selfish me wanting to have a hot shower every 3 days.

Third, I am at least 2 weeks behind at school. I’m guessing the professor support will begin to wane as I ask for more, so I’m busting my ass until 2:30 am trying to catch up then getting up early to take care of everyone and everything around here.

So, I’m going to stop writing here for a little bit. I’m guessing I’ll be back after the quarter ends.

Oh, I have been having a bit of fun over at the Boerboel Blog. In my few spare moments per day I’ve been enjoying the glory of that site seeing more hits in its first couple of weeks than I have here in 2 years. Plus, I get to brag about the birth of our new puppy there.

I’ll be around. I do think of you all. I know that bloggers are usually the type to snub the “absence makes the heart grow fonder” anecdote, but I do still hang around even if I don’t comment or post.


We no longer have Axel. He did not work out. Once he got over his shyness, the biting began. Then came the growling at Ari. Then came the peeing whenever company would come over. All this in addition to the fact that no matter what techniques we have used to housebreak in the past, when used with him, he just wasn’t getting it. We gave it a month. He was getting worse, not better. So, he now has a home on 30 acres of land where he can poop and pee wherever he wants and he has other dogs with which he can get out his angst. And he doesn’t have a screaming toddler on his tail all the time.

I think we have found that this might be as much of a case of training our son as it is training a dog. Also, since Axel left, Ari has been much calmer…more like the child we want around the house rather than this whirling dervish.

We are scheduled to get a Boerboel puppy around summer time of this year. She will be a lot younger and easier to train and will grow up with Ari instead of being on the way to adult, like Axel. However, we’re going to play it by ear at this time and see how Ari is reacting. We might hold off for a later litter of pups if it means being able to get Ari to a place where he can handle being around animals more easily and calmly.

Since I’m on the topic of Ari, I’ll say that we are moving forward with having him officially assessed for autism at the suggestion of his school. If he does get a diagnosis, it opens up a lot of doors for us in terms of additional programs and treatments that are funded (which is a big deal to us right now). On a brighter note, he’s progressing with every day that passes, so we’re thrilled.

I’d Like To Present

Our newest family member…

This is Axel. Axel is approximately 9 months old and is a brown & rust colored Doberman from Doberman Rescue. He currently weighs 66 pounds and will likely reach the 90 lb. mark by the time he is fully grown. If you saw him in person you would think he was mixed with a little bloodhound as he has A LOT of skin. Axel currently has a case of demodex mange, but it is much better than it was when he was first fostered. When that is finally gone, his coat will be absolutely amazing. He LOVES kids & tolerates the toddler better than we could have ever hoped. He is an absolute sweetheart and a bit shy right now. However, we know that’s because he’s just a bit scared about his circumstances and will evolve into the frolicking puppy we know he has the capability to be. He begins obedience school on November 30, but he’s already doing well with some commands. He seems to love his new house, yard and people and we love him right back.

In case you’re wondering…yes, we still miss Loki quite a bit and always will. Each dog brings their own personality to the table, but when you lose one it doesn’t mean you can’t give another the love you have. We hope to have a nice long time with Axel.

We’re not sure how many people we’ve told about this, but we will be getting a Boerboel bitch in the spring. Someone has offered to gift us one and we really can’t refuse with the great experience we have had with the breed. Also, we’re dog people, which means we have dogs. Period. We went from 2 dogs to zero dogs in one year and now it looks like the reverse will happen. We’re ecstatic about that and look forward to the new personalities around the house, filling each day with new adventures. Stay tuned for pictures and tales of those adventures.

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I Was Doing Fine

until we received this in the mail the day before yesterday.

No card came with it and the box label was kind of ambiguous until we saw a name. It was from one of the veterinarians who cared for Loki. Then the flood began again. I can accept that he was special to me and my family and that we feel this horrible loss and always will. What makes this monumentally emotional is how horrible a loss it is for others. I’m completely touched…blown away…by how much this wonderful soul affected those around him. I mean, come on, how many vets do you know of that send remembrance stones?


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