I Double-Dog Dare You

NO! I triple-dog dare you.

Stephan Ballasch, 35, of Wray, and Shawn Madsen, 36, of Ramah, bought two pairs of women’s thong underwear at Wal-Mart, went into the bathroom, and put them on Tuesday. They strolled out wearing only T-shirts and the undergarments and made it to their cars before Scottsbluff police caught them, police said.

You read that right. Two guys who are 35 & 36 years old, who have obviously watched Old School too many times, did this.

Police reviewed surveillance tape before arresting the duo.

Assumingly laughing their asses off.

When asked why they were in women’s thongs and T-shirts, one of the men said because one their friends “triple-dog dared” them to.

Oh yeah. They’re cool. My guess is “single,” too.

UPDATE 7/31 and bumped: Shawn left a message in the comments wanting to know if anyone had unanswered questions. This is a rare opportunity. If you have questions, bring em on.

I’ve never had anyone Google themselves to the extent of making it to my blog, before. I’ve gotten a lot of Google hits from the bunny guys too. I’m not too sure they’d be very well received, but the thong guys…hell yeah. I want to hear this story!

Crossing the Border

A lot of people crossing the border from Mexico to the United States are hoping to find work to support their families back in Mexico, or moreover, to get the entire family to the land of plenty. If you think our economy is weak, all you need to do is look at them. Most are pretty benign and simply want to go about their time here working hard for substandard wages. Then there are people like this who, despite being deported, keep making it back.

ST. GEORGE, Utah (AP) — A man who took a baby hostage stabbed the infant during a standoff with police before officers shot and wounded the man in the hip.

Hey, if you want to stab women and children, do it in your own country. We have enough to deal with without having to worry about trespassers taking any more security away from us.