You want it? You got it!

So, Mark asked for a new post and I think I’d have to agree that it’s been too long. Most of the time I don’t put posts here because I’m too busy, especially because I have other outlets as well. But sometimes it’s because I either haven’t seen anything worth commenting or I’ve seen something that would take too long to comment. Well, like Goldilocks, I’ve found something perfect on which to comment, which means you get a post.

I found this over at Dancing on Collette’s Grave. I’m sure she’s going to be kind of pissed that I didn’t comment on it there, but I thought it would make for good conversation here. So, please go read this before reviewing my comments on it below.

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Just Plain Fucked Up

Notice that the female in the video isn’t really female. I’m really not sure what would have possessed these people to do this. It’s like a train wreck, though. You just can’t look away.

Thanks, David!

Hey, just as a frame of reference, here’s the original video. You know, when Michael Jackson was a cool, good looking black man. Read more

Religion Aside

Seeing the photos and videos of Tammy Faye from the Larry King show, just days before her death, is horrifying.

I have to be honest with you. If I were in that condition, I would seriously think about moving to Oregon where they have legalized euthanasia. I wouldn’t want to live like that. If I had to, I’d want as many drugs on board as possible…even if it meant not recognizing anyone that I loved.

Also, seeing her made me realize that I’d never want to have eyeliner tattooed on me (not that I could anyway…Jewish).

I’m glad she’s finally at peace.

This Bugs Me

Yesterday, I read something about Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey, that really disturbed me. Apparently, he was using an online alias between 1998 through 2006 to belittle his competition, Wild Oats. There are a few things that disturb me about this, but I think it requires some history.

I lived in Austin, Texas when there was just one Whole Foods…the first one. It was this lovely little co-op where cool people hung out and where you could get good quality, organic foods for a healthy lifestyle. It was awesome. It was one of the things that made Austin, austin-tatious (intentional misspelling). It was hard to make the transition to the new, industrial, magnanimous store that took it’s place…in a different location no less. It was the small business becoming corporate. It was a death in many ways. Eventually, since I lived a mere two blocks away, I enjoyed going to the new beast. I think I enjoyed Book People much better in atmosphere, but both were intertwined.

I hadn’t really given Whole Foods much thought after that until I began working for my friend Robin. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ll remember me talking about friends who are no longer on this earth. One of those friends was Darcie Shoemaker. Darcie specifically died as a result of being an employee for Whole Foods in Washington, DC. I’m not suggesting that the CEO could have done anything to prevent this. I’m just pointing out that as part of the greed that comes along with incorporation and expansion, is the rising of the ranks. Had the expansion never happened, Darcie would still be here on this earth, living very happily in Austin, TX likely. Again, I’m not blaming them for her death (though I believe she did tell them about her stalking experiences with the other employee who hacked her up strangled her to death), I’m just pointing out simple facts.

The people who ran this store in the beginning were not these type of people. They weren’t the type of people to get online and cut down a competitor in favor of themselves and then wait for the stock to bottom out and take them over. That’s the kind of shit that Donald Trump does. That is not the type of thing that an Austin health freak does.

I’m just so disappointed. Besides that, I really like Wild Oats. I shop there a lot…much more than I do Whole Foods because Whole Foods is just too damned expensive (see, more greed).

I know that no one is exempt from greed to some degree whether it be material or emotional. I just never would have seen this coming and am truly abhorred by the whole concept.

In My Own Back Yard

This whole thing with Jessie Davis is happening right here in Ohio about 130 miles from me.

When I first saw it on CNN, I admit that I didn’t pay that much attention. Then Joe asked if I had been following the story and told me some of the details. The details include what her two-year-old son has been saying without prompting. The most chilling of those statements is “Mommy’s in the carpet.” I can’t tell you how much my stomach sank after hearing that.


Today I have experienced something that has rarely happened to me.

I have belonged to a bulletin board for pregnancy since I was pregnant with Ari. In that 5 years I have experienced some intensely heated debates leading to the dissolution of some friendships and the strengthening of others. I have had emotional experiences that range from the profound to the mundane. Unfortunately, I had also experienced changes within the site leading to some horrific downtimes. It was for that latter reason that I developed a backup board.

The backup board, hosted by me and the server I use was originally meant to be a place where we could all go when the other, main, board was down. What happened instead is that it became a safer place to attend for some because it was private and because it was uncensored. Thusly, those who had experienced censorship issues on the main site and hadn’t posted for a while signed up and we began hearing from them again. Then, because those people were sharing their lives again, those of us who had been more prolific writers began posting more about ourselves at the backup board. Suddenly, it was just a nice private place for us all to be and share our stories and lives without the fear of big brother and the rest of the Internet who could search and easily find us there. It became the more visited place.

I don’t go to the main site very often, but visited today to see a message from one of the administrators. It was a message about people on the Internet obtaining IM information from members and harassing them. Well, I decided to post a message about the backup board at that time saying that many of us posted there and it was very safe. Not more than an hour later, that message was gone and my account was suspended. I still existed there but could not log in and post anything on any board.

This angers me so much. I think that using censorship in that manner is nothing more than a statement of power. Obviously, they don’t want to lose their sponsors. That’s how they make money. However, there is this thing called the first amendment. I don’t like my written words disappearing…never to return. Shortly after I had made that post I wanted to respond on the autism board and couldn’t. I have valuable expertise in that arena and they are only hurting their other members by disallowing me to share my experiences and opinions there. Hey…their choice. Right?

I guess that’s why I feel so strongly about not editing anyone’s comments here. I don’t want to have that much power over other people. I think that censoring people removes the ability for them to present their true nature. I certainly don’t like anyone taking away my words. I can defend my own words without someone else taking that power away for themselves.

This just sickens me on a fundamental level.

Jesus Christ!

I promised the Lord I would stay with this man through good times and bad. That’s what Eva Mauldin said about her husband…the one who microwaved their very own baby.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t Christians advocate NOT microwaving babies? Didn’t HE break a vow by doing that? What the hell is this world coming to?

UPDATE: It gets better. She actually blames Satan for Joshua putting little Ana in the microwave. This family should NOT get this baby back. My guess is that they will not be willing to go through all the therapy needed to actually allow that to happen, since they are relying so heavily upon Jesus. UGH!

The Ministers of Tomorrow

Lately, the lives and behavior of Christian clergy read like a cautionary tale. Now this reprehensible behavior is hitting people before they give their lives to God.

In the news today is the story of a young man who moved from Arkansas to Houston, Texas to obtain a position in the ministry. He moved there with his wife, mother and two-month-old daughter. They were staying at a hotel until they got settled.

Apparently the life of a future minister is so rough that while this man was alone with his daughter, he felt the need to microwave her.

Yes, he microwaved his own baby daughter.

The girl is in critical, but stable condition. She has third degree burns and is undergoing CAT scans to see if the microwave caused any internal injuries.

My heart just aches over this.

Night Terrors

So, maybe I’m not having your typical night terrors, but I am having some pretty disturbing dreams lately. I had a dream the night before last that I was pulling up in my van to talk with a woman and her young daughter. The little girl ran to the side of my van in the middle of the road and was hit by an elderly woman who tried to hit and run, but the mother stopped the lady from doing so. The lady got out of her car and looked incredibly tormented as the little girl lay at the side of the road, bloody and lifeless. I dialed 911 then woke up.


I’ve also had dreams of my first love, Chris Simmons. In fact, I’ve had a lot of dreams about him lately. It’s starting to piss me off. Because, besides the fact that I don’t think of him all that often, he’s pretty dismissive in my dreams…as if I’m stalking him and he’s rebelling. The dream I had last night also included other friends from that era. It was as if they all stayed the same and I was the only one to move on.

I’m about to go to bed now and I’m just wanting to get a good night’s sleep where I don’t have to think about this shit all day long.

Those Wacky Scientologists

I think it’s odd that this video shows up on CNN today of all days. I was just thinking this morning about what Tom Cruise would think about autism, since he doesn’t believe in mental illness and autism is classified as such, by some. I mean, you can’t really dispute the existence of autism. My thought is that he would classify it as something other than mental illness…possibly a physical illness?

Anyway, I watched the aforementioned video and just shook my head. Nothing screams CULT more than that. NOTHING! I mean, come on people. This is a faith based on science fiction. There is not much difference between how they feel about science and how Creationists feel about science. Somehow, their belief supersedes historical proof.

It boggles the mind.

UPDATE 12:35: That is actually the logo of the Church of Spiritual Technology. Here’s an interesting site about that church and its dealings with the US government. (this one is for all you conspiracy theorists)

UPDATE 19:00: Here’s another scary video. In it claims that the Holocaust was caused by the Psychiatric profession.