Happy Belated Birthday Linda and Family!

Ok… so I briefly came up from my baby induced catatonic state to realize that I missed publicly wishing Linda and the rest of her clan a Happy Birthday ! I actually was thinking that I missed her b-day by a day but looked at my calendar to realize that I missed hers by four days and that her hubby’s was yesterday. Her kids birthdays are upcoming !
Anyway the kiddoc family wishes Linda and family all a Happy Birthday !
Hope y’all are doing something fun ! We all miss you and your family and send lots of birthday hugs.

Baby Update!

As is my usual style, I am sitting at work and have had a less than stellar day in terms of patient’s showing up for appointments. I can tell its summertime as when summer time comes people stop showing up for appointments.

I guess I can’t complain too much as the less than frenetic pace is a good thing when I am 7 months along and my body really wants to sleep some of the time instead of seeing patients.

It’s hard to beleive that I am actually 7 months along. Junior continues to make his presence known. Last week I was feeling somewhat anxious as I was not feeling him move but then of course the day i was worried the next day he kept kicking twice as hard as if to say.. “I am here – alive and well!”
I Keep hearing stories of miscarriages and stillbirths that make me anxious. Friends of the family lost twins at 21 weeks just a few weeks ago.
Our nursery is slowly coming together.. we have emptied it of all furniture in anticipation of baby furniture and picked out paint colors. Now we are just waiting for it to be painted and also for the furniture to be delivered. I got goose bumps the other week when the store we ordered it from called and said it was all here except for the crib which should be at their warehouse by the end of the month. For now to keep my superstitious side at bay the furniture stays at the warehouse !
Over recent weeks my body feels like it has aged about 20 years (which from what I can tell is normal during pregnancy ). And I feel like I am becoming intimate with every bathroom everywhere I go.. Nothing like havingt to pee almost every hour to do that to you.
Anyway one of my patients decided to show so I guess I shall have to cut this short..

The Most Amazing Thing!

So I have been very quiet posting as of late..Life has just gotten in the way on several occasions.. Kiddoc’s world has been incredibly busy.. Hubby and I traveled across the world to spend a week in Greece. One of the most amazing trips he and I have ever taken together. I highly recommend it if you are ever given the opportunity to travel there.
The big news in Kiddoc and hubby’s world is the Summertime expansion of our family. We have what I have begun to call our miracle baby ! just when i thought the fertility treatments were not working at all and I was all prepped to go see another doc for a second opinion.. we found out the unexpected ! I am pregnant.. Currently actually I am 20 weeks pregnant.. and the reason for the title of my post is that when I am sitting at home resting quietly I feel baby move ! And I swear its the most amazing thing to me that the little fluttering I have been feeling over and over again the last few days is our beautiful baby boy ! I am counting the days until Hubby can feel the baby move.. it really takes the pregnancy to a whole new level now that this is happening ! I just had to share.. Everytime I feel the baby move I feel like I want to bust out into a big smile and share it with the world!

Dusting off the Cobwebs !

Ok… so you know its a long time since you have posted when it takes you about 10 times to log in and rereading 6 different emails to find the right passwords.

I am back doing one of the things I do best. Procrastinating ! In a moment of weakness I proposed to do a presentation on pharmacologic treatments of Autism to the Annual Conference of the Ga Chapter of the Autism Society of America. The thought at the time was it will help me make sure I am up to date and in the know about all of the medicines kids with Autism Spectrum disorders may need. Currently I am experiencing the battle of wills. The will to sit around and watch tv and generally do nothing vs. the will of working now where there are limited interruptions and I should just get it done… Its amzing to me how little information there is out there on pharmacologic treatment with children and autism spectrum disorders. Now let me give the plug that says medicine is never the sole treatment for autism but only used in certain circumstances. Behavioral therapies have far and above been found to be more beneficial.

As for me . Life has been its usual hecticness. One amazing landmark has been passed. I am now Board Certified in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Despite my feeling that the exam went horribly and I was destined to be at the exam next year, apparently my examiners disagreed ! Needless to say great relief was experienced and I am now exam free until 2016. That will be the longest I have ever gone without taking an exam probably ever ! So for all those keeping track I am now Board Certified in General and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (A feat obtained through two written exams and two grueling oral exams ).

Life dealing with infertility treatments continues .. giving myself injections, having blood drawn and many ultrasounds have all become a daily part of life.. We keep hoping …

Married life is wonderful.. Hubby and I enjoy spending time together especially now that I don’t feel that incessant need to study at every free moment. We are looking forward to a spontaneous trip up to Ohio in a few weeks to visit Linda and her family as well as see Hubby’s family.

Hope all is well with everybody. The laundry and my presentation beckon…

Infertility craziness

So I had some time on my hands today as many of my patients deemed it unnecessary to show up for their appointments and so I was wandering around the Internet. This whole infertility thing has me somewhat obsessed trying to obtain all the information I can. So I was wondering and what did I find. Now not only do they have maternity clothing but they have TTC clothing.

Check it out. It’s worth a chuckle.

The Infertility Plunge

So hubby and I have been trying for a 1.5 years to have a baby without any luck.. When we moved to GA, I finally went to the Doctor to start the infertility workup process. Other than having really erratic cycles and being overweight so far nothing has been found. Anyway so last week I took my first round of clomid . I have also taken the plunge and gone ahead and scheduled an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist to begin the specialist work up and then hopefully begin processes to help increase our chances.

As they say on the infertility board – send lots of Baby Dust our way !

I am an Aunt again!

My brother and his wife had a baby girl this morning. (10 pound baby girl I might add.!) and my poor sister in law is not even 5 feet tall on a tall day.
We are excited to add to the family and I look forward to meeting my first niece !
(Of course a little bittersweet for me as having a baby is a little challenging for us at the moment)
Hope everybody is having a great day. I am still recovering from some really annoying stomach issues and am generally feeling yucky.

I am a Diplomate!

All those positive thoughts to Pittsburgh helped. I just found out this evening that I passed my oral boards which officially makes me a Board Certified General Psychiatrist!!! YEAHH. Now only one more set of written and oral exams to make me board certified in Child Psychiatry.