March 19, 2005

Unfair Criticism

Over at Freudian Slippers, Ruth has posted a blistering criticism of an article that appeared on IsraPundit, written by one Ruth Matar. Under the title "All extremists should be taken out & shot", Ruth of Freudian Slippers, (not to be confused with Ruth Matar) has taken Matar to task for expressing her opinion on Sharon's plan to uproot and relocate Gazan and Sumerian settlers. While I feel that Ms. Matar's article has all the finesse of a sledgehammer, (to put it mildly), I also think that Ruth's reaction is way out of line for the following reasons:

As an American Jew, I am not so quick to condemn the settlers in Israel for their feelings right now. One must realize that the core of Matar's article is based on fact. Historical fact. While I think the article was a tad over the top, I am not so quick to criticize

1. Jews living in Israel amid day-to-day terror attacks, especially over the last two or three years and

2. Israelis who are Holocaust survivors, or direct descendants thereof, who still feel the pain of that event in every fiber of their being.

I have written about the Holocaust extensively here at Auterrific, although my Ashkenazi ancestors emigrated to America well before the 1930's. What I am most conscious of is that WWII ended a short fourteen years before I was born, and I am a very young 46. Holocaust survivors were central to the founding of Israel in 1948, and ever will be.

"Never Again!" is a motto that Jews, and purported friends of Jews, must never seek to dilute with the passage of time and calls for "healing".

Last, I do not feel that Ms. Matar is calling for the death of Palestinians, or their removal from the area. She seems to be reacting to Sharon's plan to remove settlers from areas that have had, historically, a Jewish presence for thousands of years. On the other hand, the Palestinians are continuing to call for the expulsion of the Jews from the entire area that they refer to as "Palestine", (even under Abbas' "moderate" leadership), which is the entire area of the region including the territory that we know of as Israel proper. I think it is rather clear whererin the real racism can be found.

Mark's brain blurted out at 11:08 AM
Consciousness (4)

You should be aware that the minute you say "Palestinians", you fall into the trap that Yesha Arabs have set for you.

If there is such a thing as "Palestinians", how come the UN partition resolution 181 of 29 Nov 1947 refers only to "Arabs", without even a hint of a reference to "Palestinians"? And, by the same token, even SC 242 makes no reference to "Palestinians".

Like Athene emerging from Zeus' head, so did the "Palestinians" burst onto the world stage after Israel dealt her enemies a sound defeat in the 1967 War. Do nations indeed emerge in that way?

Let us recognize reality: as a nation, "Palestinians" simply do not exist. They are Arabs like the Jordanian Arabs, with no distinction. Thanks to Bush, they will go into history as the first nation to have two countries. Unless, of course, we fight to avert this calamity.

Posted by: Joseph Alexander Norland at March 19, 2005 04:19 PM

I refer to them as "Palestinians" in order to make clear to which group of Arabs I am referring. The world knows them as "Palestinians", but I am painfully aware of all of the points you make, Joseph. And you are correct on all counts.

Posted by: Mark at March 19, 2005 05:17 PM

Matar's post was appalling Mark. I have had a lot of support. People are afraid to comment on such things - not me;-)

Posted by: Ruth at March 20, 2005 06:38 PM

Ruth - I don't disagree that it was appalling - I said as much. However, I do disagree that she needs to be taken out and shot. As I said, she is not advocating racial cleansing, and her article was obviously emotionally charged by what is currently a huge issue in Gaza and Sumeria. Allow yourself a few minutes to imagine what you would feel if you were under threat of eviction, and had to leave your home behind, not to mention the dead that you buried who were killed by terrorist actions, including women and children. I respect your opinion; I merely offer my two cents and a slightly different perspective. I think that is what part of blogging is all about - an exchange of ideas. I am glad that you are not afraid to comment on such things. In that regard we are cut from the same cloth. A spin through Auterrific will testify to that. I was called a racist for my viewpoint on Catholicism and especially the Pope in particular and his attitudes about birth control, priesthood pedophilia and same-sex marriage. Oh well. I said what I felt needed to be said and I respect that you did as well. I just disagree. You will see from your post about Michael Moore that we also have some thoughts in common. :o)>

Posted by: Mark at March 20, 2005 06:55 PM
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