Age: 46 (47 January 2)

Gender: Male

Locatrion: Sonoma, California

Profession: Building Contractor

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, Boar

Bio: Building contractor specializing in custom interior millwork and cabinet installations. I live just north of San Francisco with my wife and two beagles.

I have been involved in local politics to the extent of running for office in the last election. In September of 2005, after 28 years of loyal support of the Democratic Party, I decided to register to vote under the category “Decline To State”, and I describe my political stance as “Centrist”. Critical thinking will not allow me to discount the viewpoint of others based solely upon their political affiliation, and all political parties, some more than others, encourage ignorance and blind faith among their members .

I am an unabashed supporter of Israel and an avowed Zionist. This does not mean I am, by default, “anti” anything else, so let’s not go there.

I am a Deadhead from way back, and was fortunate enough to see the band in their heyday at venues such as Winterland.

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