Age: 48 (ouch, that must be a typo…)

Gender: Male

Location: Southern Wales (where the Irish Sea meets the Bristol Channel/Severn River) an idyllic 500 acre organic sheep farm of rollling hills and sea views. When people say how green it is, I reply, it’s mold. Idefinitely fit the definition of redneck from Jeff Foxworthy – if the directions to your house include the words turn off the paved roadway… Let’s just say through your Wellies in the boot if you decide to visit and bring your golf sticks!

Translation: Wellies are wellingtons or boots for slogging through mud. Boot is a car’s trunk and please be very careful here in using the word ‘shag’, while we used to do that to fly balls in a baseball outfield it has a whole new meaning here!

Profession: Professional Lost Boy, never will grow up and with three young kids don’t ever have to. I run the seminar business for an amazing American author living in Wales, Brandon Bays, author of The Journey and the soon to be released Freedom Is!

Zodiac Sign: Scorpion (although my bark is worse than my sting.)

Politics: Reside to the left of Ted Kennedy. One thing I like about the EU, they take care of people in need. Will be in the US a lot in ’06 with the launch of the new book and seminars. Visit to see when we might be in your town next year.

Bio: Born in Boston, escaped at 23 and never went back. Lived in S. Florida, Washington, DC area, Malibu and Nashville (try to blot it out from my memory), Eastern Holland and Wales.

I worked on the rat race treadmill as a marketing professional and entrpreneur for 25 years and finally figured out winning the race would mean I was still a rat. Life gave me a wake-up call in 1998 with a crash that most would slow the car down and stop to get a better look-see.

My angel Dorret picked me off the ground in San Diego, moved me to Holland and all I am today I owe to her, The Journey and our amazing kids. Seven years of meeting all my stuff have changed me dramatically and I am so gratful for second, third, fourth and fifth chances in life.

Life is grand and we both work for an organization that helps millions awaken to their true potential and meet their stuff head-on.

Hopefully we can disagree without becoming disagreeable.

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