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Linda began Auterrific on Blogspot on October 24, 2003. The site was nominated for a move to Mu.nu in March, 2004 and moved here to its home in April, 2004.
About Linda

Near the end of 2004, Linda realized she was getting a bit too busy to update the blog as much, so she decided to bring on a couple of new bloggers to help.

She met Mark at Yourish.com and they have been fast friends ever since. Mark began blogging at Auterrific on November 14, 2004. Mark has done a lot at Auterrific. The audience at his new blog actually exceeds that of this blog. It’s easy to see why.
About Mark

KidDoc began writing not long after Mark and has used her wisdom about medicine and children to give great contributions to the site. She is the most patient person Linda knows, but doesn’t mean she doesn’t have fervor.
About KidDoc

Next came Denis. While Denis has not written many posts, what he has contributed is more than worth the read. Denis has great conviction and passion for life which is expressed in every part of his being.
About Denis

Native Texan began writing on December 8, 2005. She experiences levels of busy that most people couldn’t even comprehend, yet she still finds time to share her thoughts and feelings here. She is a no nonsense woman who doesn’t wear rose colored glasses.
About Native Texan

12 Tequilas is the most recent author here at Auterrific. She began writing here May 5, 2008 and has very quickly proven how valuable she is by her incredible writing. She takes the most serious subjects and transforms them into stories you will not soon forget.
About 12 Tequilas

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