The Breaking Point

I have to tell you, I’m becoming very stressed out about some of the interactions I’m having with people recently. I’m no stranger to debate, but it has become very uncomfortable for me lately. I find myself being a bit bothered by the viewpoints of some people for whom I care a great deal. By no means is it their fault. I’m simply growing tired of things that use more energy than I have, taking that energy from the things I love. I’m bothered by a lot of things that used to give me pleasure, like blogging here and The Boerboel Blog.

I put a post up on the Boerboel Blog that I’m closing it down. I had a contest for Halloween and ever since it ended there has been controversy, hearsay, and a lot of time and energy being a mediator for something that used to be so much fun. I swore that I would not make another post until the issue was resolved. It resolved the day I put that notice up. Nearly 5 months of resolving issues! I can’t afford that kind of time.

I’ve been spending more time with my kids doing puzzles, coloring, playing games and I’m finding I like that so much better. I wish that were my only job…MOM. I also wish I could devote a bit more time to The Hot Zone with Joe, but I’m so worn down by everything. I take care of the kids (transportation alone is 2 hours/day), the dogs, the house, my grad school almost single-handedly.

I try to keep up with everyone and I like having personal interactions with them, but anyone online who is talking about the taboo topics just turns my stomach to knots. I can handle my own and I do, but I’m not diggin’ it, if that makes any sense? Furthermore, I’m looking to have more things in life that I’m diggin’, because there aren’t many right now.

No, I’m not depressed. I have just finally reached my limit. I guess it’s boundary drawing time.

I’m sure you’re wondering about this…yes, I have thought of closing this place down as well. I don’t know if I will do that yet, but I am starting to cut some things loose. I have to for my own sanity.

6 thoughts on “The Breaking Point

  1. Makes much sense… you have to do what’s best for you and your family. Its one of the reaons I don’t blog on here any more.. by the end of the day my energy has been used up . Sorry things on the other blog have been sooo stressful.. how annoying !

  2. How does a dog blog get so controversial? Hugs Linda. Notice I didn’t link my site. I’m sure you don’t need the added pressure of my controversial POV. I’ve just reached my breaking point with a lot of crap too. I may fold my blog automatically…when I become homeless.

    Of course, I won’t have to worry about paying taxes anymore so i guess every cloud has a silver lining…

    Always look on the bright side of life!

  3. Remember what everyone likes to tell me: it’s YOUR blog. I always think of Sally Jesse Raphael when the Women of the KKK were on as guests and it became apparent that the KKK had also infiltrated the audience and were starting to make things nasty; she got up and yelled “This is MY SHOW!” and proceeded to put the focus back where she wanted it.

    Also, if people want to fight and you’ve got better things to do than mediate, tell ’em to take it outside.

  4. Kiddoc – yeah, I’ve just come to some serious revelations lately.

    I think this place used to be great as a personal and social outlet. It allowed me to meet some people I would have likely never met. But ever since Facebook and finding people with whom I’ve lost contact, personal interactions have been more important. Plus, I don’t have a solid readership here anymore. Blogging is not just about writing, it’s about visiting others’ blogs, commenting and making a presence so that they read yours. I simply don’t have the time to do that anymore.

    Mark – you’d be surprised how controversial dog breed sites can get. It was a huge mess and I’m glad it’s over.

    I think I feel exactly how I felt after I had that cyber stalker back when I had my Blogspot blog. In response to that I had to monitor my visitors. I invited people from bulletin boards I was on to visit my site and logged their IP addresses so they could be eliminated from the investigation. Little did I know that would ultimately end a friendship. A friend took something I said on my blog as something that was meant for her when it wasn’t. In response to that there was a post made anonymously (no one had any way of knowing I was monitoring my visitors because of the stalker). I made the mistake of confusing the poster’s IP address for my friend’s IP address. However, both IP addresses came from the same bulletin board. So, if it wasn’t her, it was one of her friends (The People). The anonymous posting got very insulting towards me and my friend never stepped in to defend me. In short, if she were a friend, she would have done so, but instead it was obvious she felt the same as her friends. It was a huge blow to have someone I thought was a friend actually be far from it. That was a huge mess. I thought about throwing in the towel after that with regard to blogging but then a friend gave me the opportunity to blog here. It was a fresh start. I think I either need that fresh start again or just let it go at this point. I’m leaning towards letting go especially if these moments tend to be cyclical.

    12T – even the act of telling someone to take it outside is annoying to me at this point. This is a simple act of taking things off my plate because life is too cluttered for me lately.

  5. LMAO Interesting to know that I had reached this breaking point back in 2009. I remember the frustration I felt at this point. And, it’s crazy to think I felt this frustrated with what was soon about to happen in my life. Wow! This post may have to go in the book. If it hadn’t been for a t-shirt company screwing with me, I may have never looked at this again.

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