I alerted my friends on Facebook that there was a new post up on this blog written by me, making sure to tell them several times that it was very short, not long at all, and did I mention short? hoping that some folks would give it a click.

I ignore many of the “requests” and “invitations” that I get on Facebook, because I don’t really understand the point of them, but for some reason I expect that people will read my blog material just because I ask them to. It sort of worked this last time though, and when I mentioned that I had a bonus story for the first person who asked, my old college friend M stepped up and asked for it. Thanks for paying attention and giving a shit, M! Here’s your bonus story.

Pumpkin likes for me to hang out in the bathroom with him when he’s going number two. (He kind of likes me to hang out with him every minute, actually.) The other day, he was sitting on the can, and he reached over and pulled a magazine out of the holder. Then he asked:

“Is this a dirty magazine, Mama?”

Of course, you know what I thought he meant for a shocking moment. My 3-year-old son knows what’s hidden in the closet behind those barriers in the bookstore racks!! But then I figured it out. The magazine holder is actually a plastic wastebasket. So, he thought he was taking a magazine out of the trash, and that maybe he shouldn’t be.

(The magazine was Allure, and often Allure has tasteful pictures of women not wearing anything. But he didn’t know about those. I swear!)

6 thoughts on “Bonus

  1. Better watch out when he finds out how to get into the closet.

    Of course, Mom reminded me a few days ago about how when I was a baby she would get a few hours of extra sleep by putting me in the crib with Cheerios and a Playboy, so I could find the little bunnies at the end of the article. Yes, that’s right, barely one and already checking out full frontal nudity.

  2. Ah – wait until they start asking questions in the car.
    Here’s the best one: how do babies get out of your belly?
    A: Through the birth canal! (then hope for no follow up 🙂

  3. Cute story!

    (Hmm. Now I’m going to have to go find a copy of “Allure” — purely for research purposes, of course.)

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