Six (Elaborated) Things

I thought I’d jump in and do this since 12 Tequilas tagged me and all. Plus, I haven’t posted here in a while. I did the 25 things on Facebook and all of those were quite succinct. These are a little more insightful. Without further ado, Six (Elaborated) Things.

1. I’m a bit obsessed about contacting people from my past. There are lots of cool people with whom I simply lost contact or with whom I’d love to know what happened in life. There are also those who have simply touched my life in some way to the extent that I need to tell them about it because it has been so meaningful. Some are more receptive than others. Some have gone out of their way to ignore me instead of communicating their thoughts about communicating again. Those usually include people I’ve dated. I’ve been reminded that not everyone’s significant others are as cool as mine and someone with whom I have complete communication. Even if jealous spouses are the reason, I am truly bugged by those who cannot write to tell me that they have no interest in communication with me, regardless of the reason. I’ve turned people down on Facebook and MySpace, but never without reason and never without informing that person of the reason. I’d like to think that we have all matured over the years. The truth is, not all of us mature and for that I’m truly sad. On a more positive note, I have recently been reconnected with a childhood friend on Facebook who I consider to be the greatest find there. Right now, everyone is paling in comparison to her particularly because our lives since seeing each other have had phenomenal parallels.

2. I like having such an interesting past with moving all over, living in Europe, going to bazillion universities, being married to a doctor, articles published in magazines, etc. but feel it has intimidated some people away from me. As Joe says, “Those aren’t the type of people you want as friends.” While I agree with that to some extent, I really wish some people would try because I don’t feel like life is about being better than the Jones’s. To me it doesn’t matter what materialistic things you have or don’t have, it’s who you are. Chances are, quick witted, smart, authentic, humorous and honest people will forge their way into my life and I not only want those people, I need them. For those of who have already done that, thank you!

3. No sense of pride comes close to what I have for my older son, Ari, with autism. I constantly find myself in situations with him where he just gets it. The other day we were snuggling before bed and a commercial for a jeweler comes on. Nowhere in the commercial does it mention Valentine’s Day, but it is advertising heart shaped diamond pendants. (For those of you who don’t know, it’s VERY difficult for kids with autism to think in abstracts…or to infer) He looks at me and says, “Wow. Those would be really nice for Valentine’s Day.” Thus, he not only knew what Valentine’s Day meant, but he knew those would be a really nice gift for someone. I was beaming and that’s just one small example in a sea of many.

4. While staying in Columbus was my first choice and something I never thought would be possible, a part of me is sad about not going to each and every place that Joe interviewed. All places had pros and cons and two were places we had never lived. I am particularly sad about the Pacific Northwest where it would have given me ample opportunity to share a hobby with my boys I have scarcely been able to enjoy myself since moving to the Midwest: hiking. Yes, I know we’ll have money to travel to these places and I’ll still be able to share these things with the boys, but I don’t believe there’s going to be anything to compare looking out of the window of your house and seeing mountains you’d like to explore right in your front yard.

5. I’m blind as a bat. Well, maybe not that bad, but close. I desperately want laser surgery and it’s on my list of wants once Joe gets out of residency. During my last eye exam, I talked about it with my optometrist and he thinks I am the perfect candidate. He thinks I’ll be tickled when I can wake and actually see the alarm clock. Yes folks, I have to put on my glasses to see the alarm clock in the morning. You’d be horrified to know how close it is. The irony, I think I look fantastic wearing glasses. I’d actually miss them a little.

6. I think I’ve made a lot of good choices in life to end up where I am today. But quite possibly the best choice was to go through intensive therapy (like 2x/week) in my mid 20s for 3 years. I had just gotten out of a long term relationship that I thought would end in marriage and realized that I didn’t have a self, which is why I couldn’t see all of his faults. The therapy changed the course of my life for the better and for that I am extremely grateful. I hope when I am licensed I can do that for other people. I would feel like I was paying it forward.

One thought on “Six (Elaborated) Things

  1. You don’t intimidate me. I don’t think you’re all that special. HA! TOTALLY KIDDING! Of course I think you rock.

    I’m pretty freaking blind too. But I’m near-sighted so I can see things close up no problem. My sister is twice as blind as I am, and is in fact legally blind without glasses/contacts.

    I too was in therapy at that time in my life and the relationship thing was at the forefront. I didn’t go twice a week but maybe if I had I’d have seen the light much sooner.

    I’m still in touch with three people I dated in the past. One of them actually has become quite chummy with Paul. Another was in our wedding party. Everyone thinks it’s odd. Whatever.

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