CNN has been damn entertaining lately.

Alamo claims to be unique among Christian preachers because he was born a Jew and had a “supernatural experience” through which he became a born-again Christian.

“I am a completed Jew,” he said, though he added that he had never believed in Judaism.

Alamo’s anti-Catholic bias is evident as he speaks. He claims the White House is in league with the Vatican, which he says also controls the United Nations.

He said being a Jew gives him special insight.

“We wrote the Bible. I don’t want these stinking gentiles in Rome telling me what it says. They don’t know,” he said.

A completed Jew? Funny, I don’t feel incomplete.

3 thoughts on “Ooooookay

  1. OMG! Linda, I don’t know how much you know about this, but my baby sister converted to Christianity years ago, and called herself a “completed Jew” until she realized that this totally pissed off the rest of her family (over and above our reaction to her conversion). Oh, so we are incomplete, then? we asked. Hmmm??? Also I asked her why it is, if she is a complete Jew, that she no longer observes any Jewish rituals, even the really important ones like fasting and getting your repentance on at Yom Kippur. She had some cockamamie explanation for that, something like Jesus said people didn’t have to do all of this stuff anymore. What a great excuse!

    (and to my sister: if you ever read this, it’s true but we still love you, don’t be mad! oh, right, doesn’t matter whether you are angry or not, I’m still going to burn in Heck, I forgot….)

  2. I think I remember hearing about her conversion but not the whole completed Jew thing. I actually find it amusing because Jesus was a liberal Jew. WAY liberal. Like Kennedy liberal. He adhered to rituals as well. But he questioned the power of his time and rejected them. It’s funny that Christians (not all, but the most conservative and fundamental) have become the kind of people that Jesus rebelled against. They are a paradox of their own making. Worse, they don’t even see it.

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