A True Vacation

How funny that Linda popped on looking for updates just as I was about to write/post this.

I just wanted to tell everyone that I am looking forward to our annual Labor Day weekend trip to Chapel Hill, NC, and one of the reasons might surprise you.

I love to go away; it really doesn’t matter if there’s anything special about the destination. We are going to ProgDay, which is a two-day outdoor progressive music festival.  We enjoy the bands and the atmosphere. The kids are excited about going. While we are there, we will probably head to the Morehead Planetarium at UNC, like we did the past two years. We have a planetarium here, of course (none other than the National Air & Space Museum), but we never make it there, somehow.

One of the big reasons I am looking forward to this trip is that I get to sleep more. They say that a vacation with your kids is not a true vacation. I disagree. When we started taking the kids to this event two years ago (we skipped a couple years after Einstein was born), I realized that after we got the kids to sleep, we could actually go to sleep ourselves (or watch TV without guilt) because WE’RE IN CHAPEL HILL AND THERE ARE NO CHORES HERE. I was so rested.

Oh, and in answer to Linda’s question, today is Einstein’s first day of Kindergarten. That’s what’s up!

8 thoughts on “A True Vacation

  1. It sounds like you guys are going to have a great time!!! I didn’t know that you did this every year. Very cool. The boys are good at the music festival?? Hugs to the fam and travel safely, please.

    I get worn out when I’m on vacation with the kids because they require so much stimulation. If they were content playing in the sand on the beach, that may be cool. But, no, not my kids. So, I guess it depends on the kids. Ours are pretty hyper and high maintenance. I love them to death, but that’s just a fact.

  2. Well, naturally this trip was much more relaxing before we had kids. We’d stretch out on our lounge chairs and let the music lull us into that delicious half-sleep you can usually only achieve with sedatives. Can’t do that anymore. But it’s telling, is it not, that I have to travel 400 miles in order to get a good night’s sleep…

  3. That is pretty telling. Hey, maybe you need to fung shui your house. It sounds like your home is a huge source of blocked energy for both of you. Maybe take some time and unload stuff that hasn’t been used in a while, clear things out and rearrange. What do you think? I know that sounds like work. But sometimes putting what looks like a lot of work into something will yield a lot more than expected. Your home really should be somewhere you can relax. JMHO

  4. What? Do an entire post on my incredibly clutter-filled home? What a coincidence. I was thinking of doing just that 🙂

    Perhaps not until after the trip though, as the next couple of days are jam-packed. Or should I say, cluttered???

  5. You’re right…not until after the trip. But, I do think you’d feel a lot better if you take the time to make your home like the haven it needs to be. Identify the issues that bug you and go to work.

  6. It was great! The kids had a blast. Morehead was closed for maintenance, but that ended up okay, because instead we went to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. If you are ever anywhere near there, get thee to that museum. It is fantastic!! Anyway, the kids loved the show too. It rained on Sunday and they took off their shoes and shirts and played in the rain. Yay! Our laundry smelled like the inside of a kid’s duffel bag when she comes home from overnight camp. You’re welcome!

    And, I got sleep. Quantity-wise, that is. There was the small matter of the hotel bed being less than wonderful, so that I’d wake up and not quite be able to move. And one of the nights, I had this terrible dream. A dream that made me realize I was very upset about something and couldn’t ignore it. I’ll save it for a proper post. But, I did feel rested for a day or so there, and it was nice. Really, you’re absolutely right that I need to declutter. But that is a problem separate and apart from the sleep problem. The reason I don’t get sleep is because I don’t go to bed when I should. -sigh-

  7. Hmmmm…interested to hear about the dream.

    Decluttering may help your sleep and other areas that you may not think it will until it’s done. I’ve been there. Sometimes it’s a huge weight off your shoulders. Trust me, I’m right there with you. If we don’t declutter before we move, it will be a miserable move.

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