Ah…that’s what I’m talkin about

I got a little frustrated last night when I realized that my theme was doing weird things and that I had to change. What I ended up realizing is that all I needed to do was deactivate a plugin that served zero purpose. That allowed me to move back to this theme, which is so easily manipulated. Because of that, I added something fun. Margaritas anyone?

4 thoughts on “Ah…that’s what I’m talkin about

  1. Can I just tell you how good those look !!!! I would love one of those right nowww.. only a few more months (assuming I can pump and dump !)

  2. Kiddoc–they actually make a test now that allows you to check whether there’s alcohol in your milk! So you might just be able to time your margarita indulgence with that!

    There is a restaurant we used to go to that served frozen margaritas swirled with frozen sangria. I could use one RIGHT NOW, that’s for sure.

  3. 12 tequiallas..thanks.. I will have to look into it… Google search it as it gets closer.. Ohh.. even better margaritas with sangria swirled in.. Don Pablo’s in KY used to make margarita’s like that..

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