What It Is (updated)

I hope this story does not disappoint; it is more explanatory than exciting. 

“12tequilas” does not refer to some sort of drinking record I held in college (sorry to disappoint you). The story begins in 1985 when a friend of mine, who is responsible for a large part of my musical exposure, played me Side 1 of Marillion‘s Misplaced Childhood album, which was new then. Fast forward to 1987, I’m in Israel (spring semester, senior year, high school), in another friend’s dorm room, looking through his tapes, and I come upon a copy of MC. Remembering how much I enjoyed the initial listen, I asked to borrow the tape, and my life was forever changed.

I listened in the headphones the next day while on a bus ride to I-forget-where. I was somewhat homesick on this particular morning, but I got lost in the music and forgot all about everything else. Have you ever had that happen? I’ve listened to this zillions of times subsequent but it’s never as good as the time when you “get” it.  Anyway, when I returned to the States I promptly bought my very own copy of MC as well as Clutching at Straws, which had been released that year. Then I went back and bought the first two records, and on until the present (album 15 is due this fall). I’ve remained a loyal fan, even though there was a significant change in personnnel not long after the events I described. I also follow the solo career of the lost singer, Fish, who will be playing the 9:30 Club on June 22.

Remember when we were setting up our first e-mail accounts, and how we really wanted to come up with clever and original usernames that aptly described us while being relatively easy to remember and not sounding stupid? So of course I had to be really cool and come up with a Marillion-related name for me. I decided to base my name on the following lyric, from the song “Lady Nina”:

You pick out your credit cards/And check into the night/A dozen tequilas/And you’re feelin’ all right

Compuserve wouldn’t let me use “dozentequilas”–too many letters. So I thought, let’s make this even more cryptic and write it as “12tequilas.” Nope! Those fools decreed I couldn’t start my username with numerals. I did the best I could, shortening to “doztequila.” In fact, my Yahoo! login is still “doztequila,” but I’ve always hated that. No one understood that “doz” stood for “dozen”; I think people thought the tequila was making me doze, or something. Imagine my joy when the technology became more flexible and I could be 12tequilas as I had originally envisioned.

Now all my secrets have been revealed to the Internet.

By the way, the Marillion fans don’t get the reference either. I should have been a bit more obvious, but at least it’s  original. Marillion’s most well known song “Kayleigh” has been the impetus for many M-fan’s daughter’s names. So transparent!

Tune in next time when I will tell you all about my health issues! You’ll be on the edge of your seats.

UPDATED: I’ve been asked to post Marillion videos; Mark, your wish is my command. Hard to pick, but I’ll give you something old and something new.

First is Lady Nina, since we were talking about it and all. This is the ’80s when they still had all their hair. The frontman is the one I’m going to see next month. Keep in mind that this is a B-side, and it is more toward the pop end than most of their stuff.


Next, here’s Neverland, a live performance from 2004. This song killed live, is why I picked it; hopefully the magic will translate on the small screen.


7 thoughts on “What It Is (updated)

  1. Can you hear my “d’oh!” through the screen? I’m a Marillion fan too, and Kayleigh is one of my absolute favorite songs. I actually had an autographed copy (all band members) of Misplaced Childhood back in 1990. Unfortunately, it didn’t survive many college moves 🙁

  2. And Lady Nina was in fact the flip side of the Kayleigh single. (But can also be found, of course, on “B’Sides Themselves” and on the bonus disc of the Misplaced Childhood remaster, etc. etc.

    So you swim to the disco, out of your depth jaded gigolo
    Your lucky charms are tarnished so you leave alone
    But there’s one place left to go before the taxi home
    After all you’ve made your marks

    That song will go through your head for the rest of the day! You’re welcome!

  3. Now all my secrets have been revealed to the Internet.

    Oh come on. No sordid tales of wild nights?

    You should post some Marillion vids. Never heard of ’em…

  4. Mark, you’ve only just met me or you’d know I was being sarcastic. Of course I have as-yet-unrevealed tales of debauchery. I was just thinking you’d read this and say, “oh, is that all?”

    See updated post for videos!

  5. I have never ever heard of this band so thanks for giving links so I can check them out! I feel so uncool for my musical ignorance! If it makes you feel any better, I once got a resume from a guy applying for a position open in my team who’s personal email was “eatsyursoul”

  6. Meredith, by all means check them out but do NOT think you are uncool for not knowing. I only meant to point out that my choice of username was so abstruse that Marillions fans (who, believe me, are quite fanatical) didn’t get the reference. But generally speaking people DON’T know who they are. Before the Internet, the only way I knew that other fans existed was that every so often, when I went out with a Marillion T-shirt on, someone would recognize it and start talking to me out of the blue. Marillion is known in the UK, but even there you’ll find people who didn’t realize they were still around. In the U.S., forget it.

  7. I’ve heard of them, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard them.

    I could write about so many bands, but I remember getting into Saint Etienne in the early 90s. I was especially fascinated by the lyrics to “Like a Motorway” and “Pale Movie.”

    In the bed where they make love
    She’s in a film on the sheets
    He shows dreams like a movie
    She’s the softness of cinema seats

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