The Most Amazing Thing!

So I have been very quiet posting as of late..Life has just gotten in the way on several occasions.. Kiddoc’s world has been incredibly busy.. Hubby and I traveled across the world to spend a week in Greece. One of the most amazing trips he and I have ever taken together. I highly recommend it if you are ever given the opportunity to travel there.
The big news in Kiddoc and hubby’s world is the Summertime expansion of our family. We have what I have begun to call our miracle baby ! just when i thought the fertility treatments were not working at all and I was all prepped to go see another doc for a second opinion.. we found out the unexpected ! I am pregnant.. Currently actually I am 20 weeks pregnant.. and the reason for the title of my post is that when I am sitting at home resting quietly I feel baby move ! And I swear its the most amazing thing to me that the little fluttering I have been feeling over and over again the last few days is our beautiful baby boy ! I am counting the days until Hubby can feel the baby move.. it really takes the pregnancy to a whole new level now that this is happening ! I just had to share.. Everytime I feel the baby move I feel like I want to bust out into a big smile and share it with the world!

5 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Thing!

  1. Greece is amazing. Where were you?

    We moved here from Scotland and we like it. Check out our blog all about living in Greece.

  2. Congratulations! You are right. It is an amazing feeling, and I am sooo glad you are experiencing it!

  3. Yay! I’m so happy you’re finally getting those feelings. It’s the coolest thing. Wait until he has hiccups. LOL That’s hysterical!

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