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I haven’t written about politics on this blog for some time now. I’ve had deeply disturbing conversations lately that have prompted me to do this, though.

I’ve looked at many different sites and many different aspects of Rev. Wright’s comments about his church. To be honest, I don’t know what the problem is with everyone. Admittedly, when I went down the list of what that church stands for, it was a bit unnerving seeing “black” pasted all over it. That was, until I put the word Jewish in for the word black and Israel in for the word Africa. Suddenly, it reminded me of almost all congregational websites I’d ever been to. Every time I go to temple I do it for God, community and Israel. So why can’t they have this too? I started to get really pissed off, thinking, “Damn…these critics want to put them on the back of the bus again.” How dare they! Oh my God, I’m so pissed about this that I can’t stand it. I keep thinking back to people like Martin Luther King and Stephen Biko, both people who encouraged black empowerment. I’m not sure why whites believe they are doing this to swing the pendulum in the opposite direction. Let them have their identity. Let them have their culture. Let them have their safe space where they can foster each others growth and the growth of their community. That is beneficial to us all!!! Listen, I don’t want anyone telling me that my congregation is racist and that I can’t foster my Jewishness. That is what I am supposed to do. That is what I am called to do. Please allow the members of this congregation and the black community world wide their calling. They deserve it!

The one and only way this post is political, is that Obama attends this church. Bravo, I say!

Oh, and whereas others are confused about why Jews would support Obama, considering what they believe are separatist values, I urge you to read this. If you can tell me that any one of those things doesn’t have value, well, I wouldn’t want to know you. Honestly, this is what practicing Jews do every day. I don’t DARE throw stones!

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  1. Linda – The issue is not with black empowerment. the issue is with Wright’s hate speech and Obama’s defense of same. i don’t know of any Jewish temples where rabbis preach violence and hatred of America, or claim that America deserved the WTC attacks. If they are out there, I wouldn’t want to know them.

  2. And my post was not a personal attack on any Jews who do support Obama.

    More power to you for having the courage of your convictions, but, as I asked on my post, and have yet to receive an answer, where did I state that Obama is anti-Semitic?

    I simply do not believe that Obama is anything more than the rest – a self-serving POS who will lie to get what he’s after.

  3. Well, first, Mark, this post was not directed at you personally at all. Your post and the comments that ensued were a small fraction of what came through my field of vision for the week.

    As far as the anti-Semitic thing, I DID say I was confused, did I not? The post was anti-something. My guess was Wright, which I addressed right after the question. And, I didn’t answer it after the fact because it was moot. It had gone somewhere else, probably because I took it there.

    Now, getting back to MY post. I’m going to go out on a limb here. I don’t think America was “asking for it” with regard to the World Trade Center bombing, but rarely in life is anything ever one sided. For a fact, America DID wipe out a bunch of native Americans over greed. And, we did enslave black men, women and children…again, for greed. Telling this man and the culture from which he comes NOT to be angry about that, is like asking us not to be angry, upset, sad, like something is owed to us, etc. for the Holocaust. If you’ve never heard a rabbi preach hate, you have not been to one trying to convert. Trust me, the Jewish faith is NOT fucking exempt.

    If you believe they are all POSs, then I don’t think you should vote, Mark. But I also believe that people who don’t vote, have given up their right to bitch about what they get. JMO

    Just out of curiosity, do you have the transcripts of what Wright said?

    One more thing, let’s say a fundamentalist rabbi blew up German government building over the loss of his family in the Holocaust. I’m not asking you if you would or would not side with him. But would you be compassionate? Would you understand the motivation for doing so?

    Let’s remember, then, that Rev. Wright has not, nor is he ever likely to do anything of the sort. It’s not him against the US. It’s him FOR his culture, community and originating country. I’m just pointing out the overwhelming similarity to the tenets of Judaism.

  4. “Trust me, the Jewish faith is NOT fucking exempt.”

    No it’s not and I denounced Kahane a long time ago.

    Just as I would denounce anyone who says we deserved 9/11 and “Goddamn America” and someone who would defend that crap.

    As to Wright bitching about slavery, as I said elsewhere, I had nothing to do with it, nor did any of my ancestors. having compassion for victims of an act is one thing, using it as an excuse to rail against whitey is another.

    Again I ask, did you read Chetwyn’s piece to which I linked?

    Last, I pay taxes. If I decide for the first time in 31 years not to vote for a presidential candidate, I will bitch all I want, thank you very much. I still intend to vote for state and local issues and candidates. That’s a tired method by many to try to silence the voice of dissatisfaction with the crap we are handed as candidates for POTUS.

    I’m not looking for a personal argument with you, Linda. We’ve been friends too long for that. As I said, I applaud you having the courage of your convictions. I would ask no less of you where I’m concerned.

    I didn’t just step out of the voting booth for the first time last year.

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