Naked Art Day

Every once in a while I get a glimpse of what type of parent I am and how my children are going to do out in the real world when they’re older. Occasionally, I have to wonder if some of their behavior truly comes from the result of my parenting or from a variety of other places. Then there are those special days where I look upon my children in stunned amazement and think, “Where the hell did that come from?”

My boys have 3 small Doodle Pro pads around the house. They don’t use them very often, especially Ari. He’s usually into much bigger and better things. However, a couple of days ago he must have been feeling artsy. He grabs all three, giving me one, grandma one and keeping the last for himself. He exclaims, “I have an idea” and starts taking off his clothes. Wondering what would happen next I say, “Ari, what are you doing?” He takes off his last piece of clothing, looks me straight in the face with a very serious look and says, “It’s naked art day.” We had a long talk.

5 thoughts on “Naked Art Day

  1. That is too funny! Sorry, this cracked me up! Hee hee!

    But when I first read the title, well I thought I was in for some kind of steamy revelation on your part…

  2. I say buy the kid a camera and have spontaneous naked spontaneous vacation snapshot day. Imagine how much fun you’ll have when he brings his first girlfriend (or boyfriend, if that’s his speed) and you bring out the photo album.

  3. Our kids went through a phase – thankfully brief – when they would have “naked parties”. Just before bedtime, they’d strip off their clothes, turn on some music and dance around for a couple of minutes before one of us realized what was going on and stepped in to stop the madness.

    Still, the memory of it is somewhat endearing. And they now have an indelible touchstone that makes them collectively smile whenever it’s mentioned. Encapsulated as it is, that’s not the worst thing.

    Yeah, I know, rescind my parenting license now 🙂

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