Raising the HEAT for Autism update (xpost from TheHotZone)

It’s official! All the charity auctions of hot sauce collectibles and hot sauce/spicy food chilehead kits for the Raising the HEAT for Autism event are now listed on eBay. Here are the listings that are now up and available for bidding:

Mad Dog Special Edition Extract Arsenal
Hot sauce/Chilehead starter kit for Autism charity (8 available)
Serious Chilehead starter kit for Autism charity event (2 available)
“Only for Real Chileheads starter kit” for Autism charity
“The MEGA Chileheads starter kit” for Autism charity
Autographed Ron Jeremy hot sauce for Autism charity (previously posted)

Just in case you’d like a sneak preview of what’s being offered, here are some pictures of the packages themselves:

11 million Scoville worth of Mad Dog Arsenal Ltd Edition

Signed by David Ashley – all of them

Feel 5 million Scoville lucky, punk?

8 of these are available to keep your chileheads happy at home

2 of these collections are available for a low auction bid

An amazing collection of hot sauces and other goodies

More hot sauces than you could shake a stick at…maybe

Shaking the stick at the collection again

“Mega” was the first word that came to mind about this mammoth package of stuff

More sauces in the MEGA and even a cool hot sauce towel to wipe up whatcha spill

All these from the MEGA, plus a spiffy chile pepper bag to put them in!

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