Dusting off the Cobwebs !

Ok… so you know its a long time since you have posted when it takes you about 10 times to log in and rereading 6 different emails to find the right passwords.

I am back doing one of the things I do best. Procrastinating ! In a moment of weakness I proposed to do a presentation on pharmacologic treatments of Autism to the Annual Conference of the Ga Chapter of the Autism Society of America. The thought at the time was it will help me make sure I am up to date and in the know about all of the medicines kids with Autism Spectrum disorders may need. Currently I am experiencing the battle of wills. The will to sit around and watch tv and generally do nothing vs. the will of working now where there are limited interruptions and I should just get it done… Its amzing to me how little information there is out there on pharmacologic treatment with children and autism spectrum disorders. Now let me give the plug that says medicine is never the sole treatment for autism but only used in certain circumstances. Behavioral therapies have far and above been found to be more beneficial.

As for me . Life has been its usual hecticness. One amazing landmark has been passed. I am now Board Certified in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Despite my feeling that the exam went horribly and I was destined to be at the exam next year, apparently my examiners disagreed ! Needless to say great relief was experienced and I am now exam free until 2016. That will be the longest I have ever gone without taking an exam probably ever ! So for all those keeping track I am now Board Certified in General and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (A feat obtained through two written exams and two grueling oral exams ).

Life dealing with infertility treatments continues .. giving myself injections, having blood drawn and many ultrasounds have all become a daily part of life.. We keep hoping …

Married life is wonderful.. Hubby and I enjoy spending time together especially now that I don’t feel that incessant need to study at every free moment. We are looking forward to a spontaneous trip up to Ohio in a few weeks to visit Linda and her family as well as see Hubby’s family.

Hope all is well with everybody. The laundry and my presentation beckon…

6 thoughts on “Dusting off the Cobwebs !

  1. Wow, you’re giving a presentation at the annual conference? Wish I could be there! And, you’re right, not many pharmacological treatments at all…other than risperdal. Treatments for ADD and such have usually been ineffectual with kids on the spectrum despite having common symptoms. I wanted to get your take on this, though: http://www.neurodiversity.com/cannabis.html

    The biggest and best treatment option is still ABA or ABA and a combination of something else (like us giving melatonin for sleeping issues…which, by the way has ZERO positive scientific data behind it…just learned that in my last quarter at OSU during my biological clocks and behavior class).

    Anyway, we can’t wait to see you guys. It’s been too long. Ari is excited to see you, but mostly that he’ll get to spend the night in his brother’s room that night. There is now a twin sized bed in with Josh and Ari has been begging us. Against our better judgment, we will give that a trial run the night you guys stay. If he gets too loud he can just bunk with us. But, it may work since one the reasons he hates sleeping in his bedroom is because he’s alone. Who knows!

  2. Okay, changed the settings for being registered and logged in.

    As far as the melatonin goes, there is data that it works for some kids…but not all. It’s just like it is for adults. It works for 50% of the population, but for some reason, some don’t get any kind of effect from taking it. There is a current study going on right now just with autistic kids at OSU, but I believe it’s showing very similar results. It works for us, so we use it. It’s always worth a try when you are dealing with kid’s sleep issues. But, also, another iffy thing about it, is it’s use has not been tested long term. So, we don’t know if the use of melatonin might eventually shut your natural system down…we don’t know what levels are truly toxic in short, moderate & long term use…and we don’t know if absorption is different between adults and children (because of other hormones) regardless of weight. Melatonin is a very interesting substance. It’s kind of like autism in the event that it’s very new and there’s a lot of potential for research and a lot of job security for those out there getting into science right now.

  3. At last I finally had time to look at the autism and marijuana stuff… It sounds interesting.. Sometime i need to look at more of the info. in depth. Although as a doc it would be hard these days to prescribe it but it sure would be interesting. Why should that be much different than anything else we use.. especially since from what i have there is so little evidence for everything else.
    You are right about the lack of info about melatonin . We don’t know the long term effects of it.. and your research matches my experience.. Some people consider melatonin to be a lifesaver and for others it does absolutely nothing..

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