People will send this ass money!

I’m just appalled by this man asking for help from the general public. I know I should let the justice system do its job, but being in the field of psychology, it doesn’t take a pro to tell that something doesn’t fit. He is NOT acting like someone who lost his wife, especially to another man and especially because his behavior was stalk like. Good God, this pisses me off. Here we are a few thousand dollars in the hole with Ari’s school and this man will likely get several more thousand dollars than we need for something not nearly as important. There are so many more worthy things for which to give your money. So many! I implore you people who are even considering this to give money to the Darfur cause, curing cancer, autism research, march of dimes…ANYTHING BUT GIVING THIS MAN ONE DIME!!!

11 thoughts on “People will send this ass money!

  1. YES, I’m sure there are a lot of misguided half-wits out there who will send this guy money. But he won’t see a penny from me. I would volunteer to be on a jury to convict him of what he probably did which is murder two of his 4 wives. The guy is obviously scum and a bottom feeder and anyone sending him money or helping to defend him should have their heads examined. From all reports he got preferential treatment when his 3rd wife died, now it looks like it was homicide. Why do we give breaks to people like this???

  2. that’s unbelievable … the world sinks to new lows every day.

    On a different note is it time to go home yet! I so don’t feel like working anymore today.

  3. He hasn’t been charged with anything yet, so why does he need a defense fund? Unless he’s preparing for the inevitable…. hmmm.

  4. What he intentionally neglected to mention was that two of his children received $1 million from the insurance company after he killed his third wife. How about that! Buy a lot of insurance on your wife’s life and then kill her to get the proceed. He’s certainly got some nerve, and his attorney’s got no ethics. A match made in heaven.

  5. I think this officer has been smoking crack out of the evidence room. I read the story on CNN and was beyond outraged. The sad thing is that there was probably somebody who felt sorry and made a donation to his sleazy website. With everything else going on in the crazy world this guy is worried about a hardship. Suck a little bit more pole to get your way around this one. Eat shit and go to hell Mr. Peterson!

  6. Are you kidding? Well the good news is the site is now closed (awwww i had some wooden nickles…). is watching this story – and the pathetic Drew Peterson. A bit cold for someone who is a primary suspect … and a missing wife.

    If he needs funds – he first should be spending them on a private investigator to find his wife. Imagine if he found her alive – we’d all be sorry for calling Drew Peterson a creep. And his legal woes would greatly diminish. BUT – we are sure he knows where she is buried (allegedly).

    and if he needs money – sell the plane, motorcycle and other toys. believes Drew Peterson is related to Scott Peterson… hmmmm coincidence?

  7. Hey, Phil. So, if you’re going to put a couple of links on someone else’s blog leading them to yours, you may want to return the favor by giving them (ie. me) a shout out. You know, just a blogger courtesy.

    Thanks to everyone for the comments on this. I’m really, really glad the site is closed. I really hope there is some evidence soon to incriminate this guy.

  8. “for the cost of a few cups of your morning coffee”??

    Home-brewed, or Starbuck’s bought?

    I think everyone should just send him their empty Starbucks cups and pastry bags. What a fucktard.

  9. I have never heard the word fucktard before, but It fits perfectly. This man killed her and everyone knows it. Anyone that sends him money deserves to lose it! They would also be fucktards!

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