The End of A Quest

Today I graduate from college with a bachelor of arts in psychology. I have been working at this for over 15 years. I have, on occasion, been berated for my decisions by friends and family. I have endured through full-time jobs and full-time parenting. I have paid for it entirely on my own. I began the journey alone and will be ending it alone as well. No one, that I know of, will be at the auditorium. Several people are watching the live feed, though. But I think it’s fitting that I’m doing the big walk all by myself. This was never about anyone else. This is all about me.

There is a new quest as well. I will begin working on a master of science in counseling and advanced applied behavior analysis in January.

Yes, as one door closes another opens. Now if I can just find the door to the money house.

6 thoughts on “The End of A Quest

  1. I am soooo proud of you! And so excited! I already have the alarm set to peek in on you ;).

    And when you find that door to your money house, will you please invite me over for a visit?

  2. Congrats sweetie – you have earned it – I wish you all the best, luck, and prosperity – as well as much deserved success.

    My love to you all – happy Hanukkah



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