Time For An Update

I am addicted to Facebook right now. It’s been amazing how many people I’ve been able to connect with there. And, I can interact with them. I’ve had the best time playing Scrabulous (Facebook’s version of Scrabble) with my friend Mike in KY. I play with other people who I talk to more regularly, which is wonderful too, but it’s really given Mike and I a chance to reconnect on some level other than email. It’s also a way to connect in a social way with friends overseas. I’ve also filled out my wish list with a bunch of things I want, but will never get. You should definitely check THAT out! Hey, they don’t call it a wish list for nothing.

I am set (providing I pass all my classes) to graduate exactly 2 weeks from today. A quest of over 15 years will be complete. And, just because I’m a glutton for punishment, I am beginning grad school in January. I’m already registered. It’s hard to believe that this is really happening. Making a decision on the program, as a last minute change from law to psychology (again), was not an easy thing to do. Honestly, I would have never taken the LSAT knowing that, ultimately, it would not be used. It was without a doubt the hardest standardized test I ever took. I did it while deathly ill, too. Anyway, so I chose Counseling and Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis. Since I would like to use this with adults, this will have to be a PhD track at some point. Here we go…another quest.

Joe is starting to get job offers already. REALLY NICE JOB OFFERS! One position offered several thousands ABOVE what most offers are. Of course, it’s a rural area. But, oh, the standard of living would be so nice. It’s still too early to take anything because he has a little over a year to go. But it’s nice seeing some real $$$ figures for all of the hard work over the last 8 years. Joe has been doing Medifast for a while now and is also losing weight. In fact, he’s losing it quicker than me. However, we’ve both been on Medifast before and both gained it back. I’m hoping, and I’m sure he does too, that doesn’t happen this time around.

While Ari will be ready to mainstream into kindergarten next year, we’re opting to keep him at the same school, mostly because it is full time and it gives him one more year to work on his social skills. Josh will attend next year as a typical peer as well.

M&Ms – Moxie needs boot camp, BAD! It’s been really hard training her since her previous owner obviously trained with food and we want her to work for us and not the food. Taking her on has shown us how good Marinda is, if nothing else. We really do love Moxie a whole bunch. She just needs more work. More than I think we have time for. So, we’re trying to save the money to send her away for a couple of weeks of training where she will get it every day for many hours. She’s also been a bit challenging in the housebreaking department. She is crate trained, but we don’t want her in the crate all the time, but we haven’t been able to trust her very much out by herself a lot. We’ve used our steam cleaner more than I want to admit. She’s still a pup, though, and it will take some time, especially because she is re-homed with us. Thankfully, the girls get along famously. We hope that continues far into the future.

The lapband is going well. I’m still around that 40# loss mark due to some bad eating habits creeping back in, but I’ve not really gained any, which is good. I’m beginning this 5 day test on Monday with a group of friends that is supposed to get you back on track. I’m hoping the scale starts moving again. It doesn’t help that because of my gallbladder surgery, I’ve had to reschedule my fill now 3 times. By the time I get one, I will past a month overdue for one. No fill = no restriction = no weight loss. So, you can see why I want one soon.

My best friend is getting ready to spend a whole month in Hawaii and I SOOOOO wish I could be there for at least a week, but it just didn’t work out. If it’s successful, she’ll likely do it again, so I’m pretty certain this won’t be my only chance. Still, Hawaii – best friend who I don’t see often – beaches – mountains/volcanoes – dancing into the night – massages by day – need I say more?

I’m trying to think if anything else has happened lately. Hmmm…if I think of something, I’ll add to this.

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  1. It was nice to get the update on everything. Sounds like things are going well. I have a Facebook page somewhere, but I haven’t done anything with it. I’ll look into it again and send you the 411.

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