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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio – Truth or Consequences

On Thursday October 11 in the late evening, we begin a 3 week process of re-visiting and reflection on private, subjective communication with ourselves and with others. The retrograde lasts until 11 pm CST on November 1. Mercury in Scorpio is capable of deep insight. It can also be calculating and brood over past emotional situations. Many of us will feel more reserved than usual and we will fashion our words and the timing of our conversations carefully. We will tend to take things personally. We are actually having an acute desire to connect with people on intimate authentic levels. We may also re-visit feelings that have built barriers of caution or pretense. Rent the movie “Sex, Lies, and Videotape.”

Scorpio never forgets, but this retrograde period is an opportunity to cleanse and forgive miss-communications from the past. We can also let go of old stories we have about our wounds that hold us hostage. Go inward and examine times that you withheld your truth to (allegedly) have some control. Remember that “make nice” lies so that you will be liked are just as manipulative as overt coercion. Scorpio loves fiercely but expects a lot in return. Spiritual no-no! We will look at what we think other people owe us and how we treat them when love is that conditional. How do we end up in the states of complaint that poison a relationship? If we have been the slave to someone else’s demands, we can identify the fears that kept us from setting good boundaries from the get-go.

Seeking this kind of insight can be tough, and purification can bring a clarity that frees up a lot of energy and brings relief. We have been in astrological cycles highlighting power and intimacy issues since a Venus-Mars conjunction in Scorpio back in November 2004. Mercury will help us to conceptualize what we have learned and to communicate from a fresh place by November.

We may also revisit past financial investments, commitments, and debts during the retrograde. Get square with the IRS if you procrastinate those things. If you can delay signing contracts, wait until November 2. If a deal that fell through in the past comes back together it is ok to go ahead with it, but initiating new deals is not as favorable. It is not a good time to buy vehicles or electronics. Use the time to clear out and organize your environments or recycle unnecessary possessions.

October 17-19 there is a harmony that favors respectful sharing and negotiating. That is the best time for a close conversation. Take note of any new ideas or connections that occur on October 23. You may want to move ahead with your project impulsively, but wait until after November 2 when more is revealed about it.

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