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Lucia: “This is how we do things on Planet Maturia. We have much to teach you.”
Movie – The Opposite of Sex

Have you been feeling more conscientious lately? Do you want to get organized and pull your act together? Are you starting new practices to take care of your body? You are right on time!

Saturn entered the sign of Virgo on Sunday September 2. It will stay there for 2 ½ years. On September 11, an eclipse of the Sun in Virgo will emphasize this function for the next 6 months. Virgo favors attention to the ordinary functional details of daily life. Saturn is the no-nonsense planet of lessons, restrictions and maturity. It is time to be productive in a pragmatic, grounded, humble way.

Virgo uses the mind to plan, refine and perfect. We are seeking a sense of stability from having order in our tasks, environments and bodies. If you want something done right, (especially in the sack!), call in a Virgo. They hang in there until the job is done well. It is time to roll up your sleeves, grease your elbows and do the grunt work to accomplish something important. Late this fall and all through 2008, two other planets will move into earth signs. We will come down from the hoopla and speculations that have been going on since 2003. We will take our inspirations and dreams into projects. In metaphysics, the ethereal transcendental energies are stepped down into the Earth plane through the Saturn principle. This is “after ecstasy, the laundry” time. If you are conscious and attentive, there is satisfaction in work. Watch a busy industrious two year old child at play. In the meantime, we need a sound functional body to exert the energy to serve ourselves and others.

Renee Zellweger’s character, Ruby in the movie Cold Mountain exemplifies Saturn in Virgo in action. Somebody had to hoe crops, manage the money, and prepare the dead for burial. She was simple, highly intelligent, and did whatever was required to live.

Virgo’s capacity for thorough work can turn sour. If you have been toiling at something that is not offering your best gifts, Saturn will burden you until you examine your quality of life. If you are slaving to maintain your possessions, and are too exhausted to enjoy them, Saturn will force a re-evaluation of your goals. If you are doing things like this for your children, think about the example you are giving them. Are you showing them what is really important in life?

We always have choices. You can use your sense of excellence to concentrate or to obsess and worry over details. You can be disciplined about your health or you can be a hypochondriac. Stay tuned in to yourself. If your focus brings you satisfaction and peace you are doing well. If you move into the unskillful side of Virgo, here are two movies to make you laugh at yourself:

In Bandit, Billy Bob Thornton plays a white collar criminal (Terry) who bungles his way into a prison escape with tough guy Bruce Willis (Joe) and becomes a polite bank robber. Terry is a twitchy guy who carries a Merk manual around and talks about his phobias. Joe wants to flee to his uncle’s hotel south of Acapulco. Terry says, “Mexico! I have sanitation issues, Joe!” Terry is a pain, but it is explicit planning that makes the bank robberies a success. In The Opposite of Sex (if you are easily offended, skip this dark comedy), Lisa Kudrow plays the nagging sarcastic sister, Lucia, She is prissy and bossy, and she is a voice of reason in a chaotic situation and is sincerely trying to protect the brother she loves. Lyle Lovett plays the laconic sheriff who falls in love with her. You can see him scheming to unwind her into her heart and feminine beauty.

The ultimate function of Virgo is service. Remember that when you feel like you are raking pebbles in a Buddhist monastery. Creating order makes a place for grace to blossom.

“Right discipline consists, not in internal compulsion, but in habits of mind which lead spontaneously to desirable rather than undesirable activities.” – Bertrand Russell

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