That’s how old I am today. In honor of my birthday, I am going to give you some updates about what’s going on with me.

We’re heading to Atlanta tomorrow and then on to Florida after that. We are spending “birthday week” there. We will spend 3 whole days at Disney, one of which will be Ari’s 5th birthday. It should be tons of fun.

The weekend after we get back, I’m picking up this little girl…

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She’s a 5 month old piebald Boerboel puppy. Her name is Moxie and she is all ours. Yes, another Boerboel addition. We’re thrilled. More details to come about her once we have her.

My LapBand – I have lost 26 pounds. It’s very hard for me to remind myself that this is a marathon and not a sprint. I recently had a setback with my knee…the one I had surgery on back in March. I had been working out at the gym 4 – 6 days per week and felt great after the surgery. Then, all of a sudden my left knee began hurting again. I do mean HURTING. Hurting like I had never had the surgery. So, I made an appointment with my orthopedist and went there in a wreck. I was in tears telling him that I was emotional because I was in so much pain and that I felt he wouldn’t be able to do anything for me, especially because I was leaving for Florida on Saturday. He told me to calm down and said he could help me. He aspirated 45 ccs of fluid from my knee and injected 4 ccs of cortisone. He actually irritated my knee which bled a little bit so it hurt worse last night, but I woke up this morning feeling GREAT! I’m very encouraged about the trip now. And I’m ready to get back to the gym.

Due to an error in judgment, I have one more quarter to get my bachelor’s degree. I have been accepted to grad school and have deferred admission until winter 2008. My graduate program is in counseling and advanced applied behavior analysis. This will give me the tools to get certification as a behavior analyst. I’m really looking forward to this. I’m just really tired of undergraduate work and need to get the hell out.

I’ve gotten a chance to see some long distance friends lately and I just wished they lived closer. Don’t get me wrong, I have found it much easier to make friends here in Columbus than when I lived in Lexington, but I have some really strong connections that just aren’t local. So, that makes me sad in one way but happy when I get a chance to be around them.

That’s all I can think of for right now. I’m falling asleep here at the computer. I’m sure more will come to me tomorrow, but these are some big basics right now.

6 thoughts on “39

  1. She is pretty irresistible, isn’t she? I can’t wait. We will likely have future issues with one establishing alpha female, but at least we know it’s coming. That could be a year or two down the line, though. We’ve had two big dogs before, but not 2 huge dogs. We’re at our limit as far as dogs are concerned now.

  2. Joyeux fete! You wear your years well, filling them with such joy and achievement that it’s difficult to not be inspired from reading this entry.

    Travel safe, take lots of pictures, and blog about it when you get back. Then we can reflect on your 40th that it’s been yet another incredibly blessed year.

    (BTW…new blog link above. Work’s going well, hence the deepening geek-blog connection. Such fun!)

  3. I wish I had read this a few days ago. I would have encouraged you to stop by the bookstore on your way through Atlanta. It would have been nice to meet you.

    Congratulations with your lapband success.

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