OT: This Kitty Needs Your Help

I’ve reached my maximum level of frustration in dealing with a cat rescue person. I work with dog rescues pretty regularly, so I know there’s a certain personality trait that seems to follow us. But I have never, ever dealt with someone like this. So, I’m going on my own to try to find our beloved kitty a new home with the access I have to the Internet.

The kitty in question is a ten year old male in exceptionally good health. He has recently been vetted with absolutely no health issues at all. In fact, the vet didn’t believe me that he was 10. At that time he was also micro chipped. He was neutered a long time ago. He is not declawed, but he has NEVER been an outdoor cat, nor could he be.

He looks a lot like a flame/red point mitted ragdoll, and fits their temperament as well, but I know for certain (since he was born to our next door neighbor’s cat in Texas) that he is mixed. He’s really beautiful though with his blonde hair and blue eyes which is why he was named, Redford.

Redford is not terribly fond of dogs since our first Boerboel wanted to kill him. Our new Boerboel, Marinda, loves him but he’s still not sure about her…with good reason. He tolerates our kids pretty well, but doesn’t like when they screech. He doesn’t attack them, however. He just goes to his kitty condo top floor until it’s safe to come down again.

Why are we looking to re-home him after being with us for 10 years? My older son (Ari, 4-years-old) had some allergy tests done because of a recent and serious reaction he had to cashews and was found to be equally as allergic to cats. He’s not around Redford all the time which is why he hasn’t reacted so much, but Ari has grown increasingly attached to Redford and wants to spend all his time with him. Sadly, we just can’t let that happen because it means being on more meds.

This is a very sad thing to have to do. Redford is an incredibly good kitty who is laid back and cuddly. He’s not high maintenance at all. He doesn’t like treats and only likes limited types of food. He loves attention and will hang around for the petting session(s) of the day with pleasure. He likes to talk to you and, oddly, will come when his name is called when he is in any part of the house.

Since he’s so special, I really do want him to go to a good home, so I’m hoping someone I know will want him. If it is local, he will come with his fully loaded kitty condo ($100+ right there). Same thing goes for if his new home is within driving distance. If he is going long distance, I am willing to pay for shipping. This really is ZERO dollars for a great cat with 10 or more years left on him.

If you can help with this at all, I would be most grateful!

Go to the extended entry to see pics of our baby.



2 thoughts on “OT: This Kitty Needs Your Help

  1. I know this is very difficult knowing you are going to depart with such a beautiful family member. As beautiful and special as he is I doubt you will have any problem finding him a home. I wish I could take him but we have one adult male cat who does not share well. We have also just found out my husband is allergic to cats.

    I do know of a Ragdoll Rescue organization here in Georgia if you would like this information to contact to see if they have any help they can provide just drop me a note.

    Sending you best wishes to find a good home for this beautiful pet.

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