Religion Aside

Seeing the photos and videos of Tammy Faye from the Larry King show, just days before her death, is horrifying.

I have to be honest with you. If I were in that condition, I would seriously think about moving to Oregon where they have legalized euthanasia. I wouldn’t want to live like that. If I had to, I’d want as many drugs on board as possible…even if it meant not recognizing anyone that I loved.

Also, seeing her made me realize that I’d never want to have eyeliner tattooed on me (not that I could anyway…Jewish).

I’m glad she’s finally at peace.

5 thoughts on “Religion Aside

  1. Actually, euthanasia is illegal in Oregon. Instead, they have a Death with Dignity law where a terminally ill adult can ask his or her physician for a lethal dose of medication that the patient can take when, and if, he or she so desires. Under the law the patient must be able to self-administer the medication, which differs from euthanasia where a third party, usually a doctor or nurse, injects the patient.

  2. Totally agree on legalized euthanasia. Good enough for our pets, but not for the humans? That’s stupid. If I’m ever in that condition, I’ll just take it upon myself to decide when to exit.

  3. Oh, you’re right, Roland. Still, it’s better than nothing when you’re in a lot of pain.

    Vickie – Nice to see you here again. Yes, she had a really hard life. Though I never identified with her religious beliefs, no one deserves that kind of end for their life.

    DD – I’ve always thought that to be funny about pets vs. humans. Sure, we don’t want to put Fluffy through pain, but Grandma…yeah, give it to her! Crazy!

  4. I haven’t many of the articles but was she ill ? she looked awful when I saw pictures of her. I think it was the same pictures you saw.

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