In The Stars – July

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Things Are Not As They Seem

We end the month of June with the final pass of Saturn opposite Neptune on Monday June 25th. At this time we can be confused about our own needs and perceptions. There may be disenchantment and paranoia going on. It is very difficult to make clear decisions. The practical demands of life challenge our ideals. There is a temptation to judge oneself harshly. Some people will take this insecurity into conflict. The Commanders will be exasperated trying to keep a passel of kittens in a basket. Some people will be acting in a devious manner, but who can tell?

There will be instances when the common spark of humanity will make individuals undermine repressive social authorities. These things may not make the news, but they change the world. See the breathtaking German movie, “The Lives of Others.” Make the quiet urgings of your soul take priority over any “supposed-tos” of the external world. At the same time, acknowledge and take accountability for your true responsibilities. If you are in agony about something, quiet your mind. Your attitude can really shift your mood. Any circumstance can bring gifts if you look for them.

Mars And Venus In Earth Signs

Mars represents the direction of our will. It moves into earthy Taurus on June 24th. We can move in steady consistent ways to solidify the sudden desires and bold actions of the previous 6 weeks. Take your time and do things patiently and thoroughly. Be the careful steward of your projects. It is also a great time to feed and enjoy all the 5 senses, especially touch. On July 14, Venus moves into the earth sign Virgo and for two weeks Venus and Mars operate in humble, well- prepared, cautious ways. Slow down this July and consolidate things. It is a good time to serve yourself and others with great consideration. We hopped into a lot of exciting activity this past spring and early summer. Now is the time to reflect and discern what is really workable. Mercury is still retrograde until July 9 (see archive of May newsletter). If you have to re-do things, or change your mind about something important, don’t be frustrated. Know that the change is meant for improvement.

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