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Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What You Gonna Do?

Have you had more energy lately? Are you more game for challenges? Have you been feeling more bad-ass and saucy? What do rocket-pockets (complete with red paraphernalia) AK- 47’s and jet skis have in common? It is time for Mars in Aries. Mars is pure unbridled physical energy and the natural desire of life. It is “the force that through the green” fuse drives the flower. It is a time to indulge in some of our impulses. Move it or lose it. I relate Aries to a male toddler who has just learned to run. There is no fear or planning; they just move toward anything that catches their interest. It is vitality unfettered by programming. We are beginning a 2 ½ year cycle this month. The passage started on May 16 and lasts until June 24th.

Some people will be angry, arrogant or self- centered. Unfortunately, it can be a time of more battles and fires than usual. The best usage of this warrior planet is to be a hero or champion. The world needs protectors and advocates sometimes. Let the time bring you courage and take a risk, operating from Great Love. If you constantly cater to the needs of others, look out for #1 and discover that people are actually happier with you when you respect yourself. Monday June 11 can be a particularly productive day.

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.
– Morpheus in “The Matrix”


Terms of Endearment

Mercury, our communication function, moves into the sentimental heartfelt sign of Cancer on May 28. It retrogrades (appears to go backwards) from June 15 until July 9 and leaves Cancer on August 4. Nine weeks in one sign is a long passage for Mercury. Our minds will be more impressionable and attuned to emotion than usual. We are subject to preconceptions about security and safety that came from our families and ancestry. The sign of Cancer is associated with patriotism and traditional values so the political rhetoric may be particularly nauseating. This planetary expression is a great contrast to the Mars energy described above, so our insides may not match our outsides.

If you indulge in your neuroses you will be tempted to be a whiner. Counter this impulse with connections through kind and caring words. Make your communications generous and sweet. Nurturing may or may not be like Hallmark Card moments, but you will know in your heart when you are being authentic. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You may discover unmet emotional needs that are primitive. It is your job to parent yourself. Pretend you are Mr. Rogers. The summer movies may be extra schmaltzy. Take Kleenex and have a good cry, it cleans the soul.

As usual in a Mercury retrograde period, we are meant to operate on a more interior integrative level. Little message or appointment frustrations may send you into tears, or with the Mars/Aries transit, pouts. The time is not favorable for signing contracts, especially house buying or selling. Put off buying vehicles or electronics. On June 28 notice if you have any new ideas. Wait until July 10 to take action on them.

The second and third weeks of June, several planets are activating the astrology chart of the Twin Towers attack on September 11 2001. There may be news coming out about that event, or you may be subliminally revisiting the shock of that time. Be tender with yourself, and avoid denying your feelings with your favorite addiction.

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