Night Terrors

So, maybe I’m not having your typical night terrors, but I am having some pretty disturbing dreams lately. I had a dream the night before last that I was pulling up in my van to talk with a woman and her young daughter. The little girl ran to the side of my van in the middle of the road and was hit by an elderly woman who tried to hit and run, but the mother stopped the lady from doing so. The lady got out of her car and looked incredibly tormented as the little girl lay at the side of the road, bloody and lifeless. I dialed 911 then woke up.


I’ve also had dreams of my first love, Chris Simmons. In fact, I’ve had a lot of dreams about him lately. It’s starting to piss me off. Because, besides the fact that I don’t think of him all that often, he’s pretty dismissive in my dreams…as if I’m stalking him and he’s rebelling. The dream I had last night also included other friends from that era. It was as if they all stayed the same and I was the only one to move on.

I’m about to go to bed now and I’m just wanting to get a good night’s sleep where I don’t have to think about this shit all day long.

4 thoughts on “Night Terrors

  1. I wish I had studied more dream analysis … Are you anxious about any of your upcoming changes? Neither of the dreams though really sounds like an anxiety dream related to whats coming up…

  2. A reader reluctant to post their opinions here, had the following to say…

    I’m no analyst and I’m probably way off base, but I think your first dream is reflective of some of your recent posts. There is a lot of awful stuff going on in the world right now. It leaves you angry and frustrated because there is very little you can do to stop it. In your dream you called 911, but I get the feeling that doing the right thing just wasn’t enough for you — you are still left with that sense of frustration… or maybe unfulfilled?

    I think unfulfilled is a brilliant observation…and something being talked about in therapy. Though, I think the one thing in my dream that was the most emotional and irritating was the fact that this old woman was completely oblivious to the child until AFTER she hurt her…and even then she tried to escape. I think that may be screaming mother issues. The little girl lying dead at the side of the road just seemed so senseless to me. It was something that could have been avoiding with a bit of vigilance.

    Here goes my quack analysis again :). The second dream with your first love and old friends. It seems like you are asking for recognition of all the progress you’ve made (rightly so!) since you’ve seen them and are frustrated because it isn’t there.

    I don’t really talk to any of those people anymore. The one person I do talk to is my friend Christine and she is totally supportive of anything I do. All my current friends are completely supportive…more than my own family. I think it’s completely feasible that it may be a set of self centered dreams in which I want to see those people to show off all that I’ve done…like a male peacock. Perhaps my own insecurities prevent me from contacting them for fear of appearing too vain? I don’t know. That dream seems much more difficult to understand.

    Thanks for your assessments dear reader. I thought they were awesome!

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