Those Wacky Scientologists

I think it’s odd that this video shows up on CNN today of all days. I was just thinking this morning about what Tom Cruise would think about autism, since he doesn’t believe in mental illness and autism is classified as such, by some. I mean, you can’t really dispute the existence of autism. My thought is that he would classify it as something other than mental illness…possibly a physical illness?

Anyway, I watched the aforementioned video and just shook my head. Nothing screams CULT more than that. NOTHING! I mean, come on people. This is a faith based on science fiction. There is not much difference between how they feel about science and how Creationists feel about science. Somehow, their belief supersedes historical proof.

It boggles the mind.

UPDATE 12:35: That is actually the logo of the Church of Spiritual Technology. Here’s an interesting site about that church and its dealings with the US government. (this one is for all you conspiracy theorists)

UPDATE 19:00: Here’s another scary video. In it claims that the Holocaust was caused by the Psychiatric profession.

2 thoughts on “Those Wacky Scientologists

  1. Let’s see: compound – check! secrecy – check! stockpiling – check! hmmmmmm It does make me wonder….

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