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When I first wrote the post about the placement of my Mirena, I had no idea how popular it would be. There are currently 167 comments, most of which are not very positive. Early on I kept thinking, “Well, I had bleeding & headache issues for a while, but now it’s fine.”

More comments were made and I began to look into the Mirena more carefully. I read about side effects such as headache, water retention, breast tenderness and acne. I thought, “Well, the headaches have gone for the most part and the other things don’t bother me, so I must be lucky.”

Even more comments came and went. This had led to me looking into it again, as of late, because I just can’t get past so many people looking for information about this and having such negative results. I found other sites that listed more side effects such as abdominal pain, upper respiratory infection, leukorrhea, nausea, insomnia, nervousness, weight increase, abnormal Pap smear, depression, vaginitis, hypertension, decreased sex drive and sinusitis. That’s when it hit me.

Over the last year that I’ve had the Mirena in I have been the highest weight I have ever been, leading me to seek out weight loss surgery (which I will have at the end of June). I’ve had mood swings and bouts where I really don’t want Joe touching me at all. I have had acne like a teenager and have had the hardest time going to sleep at night. I recently began taking anti-depressants again because I feel like I’m in a funk. I have explained it to my Internist as something that just doesn’t feel right.

My best guess is that the one thing that may be causing some, if not all, of these symptoms is something I have overlooked for quite some time, despite the fact that others put it in front of my face constantly.

On the 18th of this month I am having the Mirena removed because in the last year I have had to see doctors in the specialties of Internal Medicine, Neurology, Sleep Disorders, Dermatology & Weight Loss. Does this mean that those symptoms will magically disappear? Who knows. All I know is that it’s worth a shot.

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  1. I have had my IUD since April 2007. I haven’t felt right since I got it. I had severe stomach pains for three weeks and period stayed on for just as long. Now I’m having more problems. I’ve been trying to lose weight for over a year and I haven’t lost any weight. I’ve changed eveything about my diet too. I’ve been thinking about having the IUD is removed as soon as I can. I’m really not happy with it. To top things off I all ready have 2 medications for migraines.

  2. I just got Mirena a week and a half ago. The docter, I think had good intentions but I think I want to have it removed. She said, that I would a little spotting and thats it. I tried reading the info pamplet before thay put it in but it was given to me about three minutes before they inserted it. I didn’t know that it may cause me to not have a period. That’s not natural. Then, I have been bleeding ever since and I seems like I can almost feel the darn thing. My abdomen isn’t really in pain but I still have a nagging, uncomfortable feeling. And lastly, I read on one site that the chance of uterine perforation is greater if you are lactating which I don’t believe the pamplet says. Not cool. I really wanted to get my tubes tied but she said oh your only 26, but I have 3 kids and all I ever really wanted was 3. I guess I got turned on by the being able to change your mind factor.

  3. I have had my Mirena for 3 years now, since the birth of my twins. At first I was having the bleeding, etc. and once it stopped I have felt fine except as I have been reading about the side effects of others I wonder if maybe I could be having some issues with it. I have been depressed, gained weight, tired all the time, etc. I figured this was coming from the fact of having twins (I work at home and keep them full-time) as well as the fact that I was almost 39 when I had them so maybe that was just a part of my body changing. But for about two weeks now I started with a couple of days of light bleeding and had not had any kind of bleeding for maybe 5 or 6 months and after that stopped I have had this foul smelling discharge for about 2 weeks now. After reading what I have re: Mirena I am calling my doctor Monday to make an appointment and at least get it checked, possibly removed.

  4. I’m going on week three with it. The blleding lightened but didn’t stop. About two days ago the heavier bleeding returned. I’m tired all of the time so I guess I’m anemic again. I believe this product should not be given to women who run higher risk of becoming anemic. How can you ot become anemic if you are always bleeding.

  5. I have an appointment next week to get Mirena and have been reading up on it. I have been on the pill for over 15 years and thought it would be nice not to have a period as often (hopefully).
    Have any of you been on the pill prior to Mirena? I am wondering if Mirena has the same effects on someone whose body is already used to the hormones from the pill??
    just curious – thanks!

  6. Hi,
    just like a lot of others I found this page while searching for mirena side effects. curious to find out what’s happened after you get it removed. are you all feeling better? I have had the mirena since february 2007 and the first three months were the worst, cramping, constant spotting & bad mood swings I have ever had. Dr. said to give it 6 months I said OK. feeling much better and thought I can live with this but now for the past week or so I have an odor-even my husband noticed it- and not so sure I can live with that. so, I need to consider my options. please help.

  7. Hi. I too have had a nightmare with the mirena. I just had it removed last week after having it for 8 mths. The first 3 months the spotting was troublesome. My face which is usually clear has been covered in acne. I gained 15 lbs in the first 3 mths, and pretty much stopped eating and couldn’t budge it. The last month before I had it removed, my pms symtoms were so bad. My breasts were throbbing like nothing I have ever experienced and I do have two children. The first week I had it implanted I said to my boyfriend, I use to feel happy, now I am so irritable its no wonder they call it birthcontrol. Nobody can stand me. I am wondering if the emotional side effects go away quickly? After a week of having this removed I am still feeling awful. Actually more unhappy this week then ever, and also very crampy. I even considered antideppressants today but thought I should see how my hormones balance out. Does anybody have experience with the time frame of side effects leaving after removal? Thanks!!

  8. Nikki, if you read the comments on the first part of this experience (click on the word Mirena up top) you’ll see that most people feel better fairly quickly after removal. Unfortunately, some people have permanent effects, or so they say. Every body is different and will react differently to what you put in it. I think these anecdotal statistics are the most important part of my research because nobody paid anybody to be in a research trial or anything. These are just regular people trying to have a regular life. That’s the most important data for me to consider. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. I had the mirena put in on feb. 7 2007 and i had a period for 5 to 6 months straight and now i can have a period one day and the next i don’t i don’t know what to do, i stay tried and ill at people all the time and i am the nicest person you could meet i have tried to get my doctor to take it out and he keeps telling me to give it a little bit longer but i don’t know if i can wait much longer i don’t even feel like playing with my kid sometimes and sometimes i just don’t even want anyone to touch me or talk to me but i know that if the doctor keeps on i will find a new one.

  10. I had the Mirena placed over 18 months ago. I have always had issues with birth control, irregular periods, heavy bleeding and a history of depression. The first few months were awful. The first 3 months I had MOOD SWINGS, cramping, heavy bleeding 2 weeks every month, and cramping after sex. Then I only had a 6 day heavy period every other month with severe cramping during that time and light cramping after sex. This went on for about 6 months. Since the 1 year mark I do not have a period but notice I have symptoms of light cramping and sometimes very light spotting around the time I expect a period and it only lasts for 1 day. Within 3 days of this “Non period” I experience a severe migraine headache which is precipitated by dizziness and fatigue and sometimes light sensitivity and depression/anxiety. The headache usually lasts one evening but the other symptoms can last as long as a week. Throughout I have also experienced bouts of very oily skin and hair or very dry skin and hair, not very often but sometimes very painful deep pimples on my chin. I like that my body has been pedictable with the symptoms but I am wondering if dreading and living through hell one week every month to keep the spontenaity is worth it. I mentioned earlier that I had other issues before hand but I almost feel like I have traded one problem for another. I am trying to weigh the pros and cons and decide what is right for me. I do not know if I am pro or against but I thought I would share my experience with you. I can say that I have not gotten pregnant and after I adjusted the strings my husband has not felt them. I have not noticed any odor or infections and the cramping after sex has stopped. I hope this helps someone.

  11. I have read sooooo many threads like this one about the horrible side effects lots of women are having from Mirena. I only found them after somehow putting together that my symptoms might be from the IUD. I have never weighed so much in my life, even though now I acutally exercise and eat VERY healthy. Also, the pimples and oily skin, dry, coarse hair, back pain, irritability, depression, severe migranes with visual distortion etc etc etc….. I could go on. I am only 27 and was starting to think I had some terrible diseases or something because all of these things were just not part of my life before. Then it dawned on me that there may be side effects from this IUD thing that I did not know about.

    Let me say this. I had it removed as soon as I possibly could after finding much of the horrifying information I found that helped me link it to all of my problems. The same day that I had it removed, the OB/GYN (a new doc, not my usual) first tried to convice me that it was not the IUD. Then told me to wait longer and not have it removed yet. (At this point I had it in already for over 1 1/2 years). Then told me the weight gain was impossible to be a side effect because nobody had EVER reported it. !?!?!?! I guess it didn’t matter that I reported it! ? To her?! HEllo??? That’s probably why that stuff never gets reported because once it’s on the market and a patient says something happened as a side effect they say no, that’s not a side effect instead of, “well, I guess that IS a side effect, NOW, since you have it” duh!

    ANyway, I also had a pap done the same day as removal. Yes I persisted and told her to get the thing out of me and that I didn’t care about what she said. (I am a student of medicine and I hate when they treat you like you don’t know anything, let alone your own body) So my pap was abnormal and now she wants me to go in for a colposcopy etc etc…. but i really don’t know if I like this woman. I might want a second opinion. I haven’t been sexually active for at least 2 years, have had no infections, and have never had an abnormal pap. I have however seen several sites claiming that the levonogestril in Mirena or the IUD itself can cause abnormal paps.

    I have had it out for a week now, still don’t feel myself yet but it was reassuring to get a period for the first time in over a year!

    Long story, bottom line is I hope nobody ever goes through what I did with this thing. Don’t get one. NO Joke. And listen to your body.

  12. I too have had the Mirena IUD for almost 5 years, with weight gain and horrible mood swings. Since I’m 40 and my doctor never mentioned these possible side-effects, I figured that just life as an old hag.
    Indeed, my doctor said the hormone was in such a miniscule amount and only released locally, so I would definitely have no problems even though I was hesitant about a hormonal method since I was breastfeeding. I must say, I most disturbed by the doctors roles in all this. The way women’s symptoms are being discounted for a relatively new drug is inexcusable, and the attitudes that they are revealing about women’s emotions and experiences are positively Victorian (You’re just a hysterical aged nincompoop, little lady). I’ve got a couple questions for these “scientists” of the human body: HOw does a hormone work powerfully enough to wipe out menstruation for 5 years while never doing anything else. And how the hell does a hormone get administered to the uterus for 5 years without ever going anywhere else. Answer: it doesn’t, and Mirena’s own website admits it is in the bloodstream 15 minutes after insertion. Toodles

  13. Uppity, Hormonally-Imbalanced Women Unite!

    I’m getting more pissed-off the more I think about it (probably another effect of the levonorgestrel in Mirena.) When Bayer says that the levonorgestrel is only released locally in the uterus, that is A LIE, TOLD IN ORDER TO MAKE A PROFIT at the expense of our mental health. If Bayer wants to play these funny games (and our doctors are unable or unwilling to report our side effects accurately), I suggest a funny game of our own: CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. There is one underway already, and I am seriously considering joining it. They aren’t going to know what to do with the Frankenstein monsteresses they have created.

  14. I am so happy to read all these comments and for that reason I want to share my experience on Mirena…
    I had Mirena inserted beginning of September 2008. 3 weeks later I started a very strict diet ( I am 125 but wanted to lose some fat) and I was not able to loose a single pound over 6 weeks ( i was doing the atkins diet which works on overwieght people)..
    After one week , I had to stop exercising because I was exhausted unable to get out of my bed and to take care of my kids…
    I had to stop working for a week and to see a doctor to have some medical exams…Since evrything was normal they told me that it was because of my diet and I had to eat more (which I didn’t)..
    With some vitamins, was a little better…But I started to have some awful abdominal cramps and I started to be bloated…
    My hair became greasy and I also started to have some rash on my face..Finally I read on another forum that some wormen were experiencing some similar symptoms….I decided to get it removed 2 weeks ago..I finally kept it 2 months and half…One week later, I started to be another person: able to resume working out, feeling positive…However, I still have greasy hair and not able to loose any weight…I still feel bloated and like havin water retention.
    Can someone tell me if she still experiences some symptoms 2 weeks after?

  15. I had the mirena put in one month ago. Before mirena I had very long periods and depression around the time of my period as well as acne. In the last month I have had none of these things and only spotting. Although my breasts do hurt a lot. It seems like it effects everyone differently. In my case it seems to have balance my hormones out and other than the breast pain I am very happy with it.

  16. I had my mirena inserted almost five years ago and was thinking about going in for a new one. After reading all of these comments, I’m having it pulled out. I am an avid runner and weighed 120 pound after my first child. After my second child, I was down to 118 pounds and had the mirena inserted two months after delivery. I still work out all the time and literally eat fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken. This has been my diet for all this time and I weigh 144pounds. This has been very insiteful reading all of these comments because this weight gain of 22 pounds has been gradual and I never thiought that it was a result of the Mirena. My breasts feel enormous and I have gone from a 34a to a 36b. In addition, I have absolutely no libido and thought it was the result of my synthroid for my thyroid condition. I’m on a high dose of synthroid and know the weight gain is not a result of this medication. I was so insecure about the belly fat a few years back that I went in for a tummy tuck and lipo. One would think that after this invasive sugery, existing on fish and chicken, working out all the time, that I would have lost weight. Not the case. I have a call into my doctor today to have it taken out. If there was a way I could reach in and ake it out myself, I would. I’m making an appointment for my husband to get fixed like I did with my siamese cat.

  17. Hello Everyone! I hope it is okay to post this here. I normally post about the Mirena on the curezone forum:


    Several of us have decided to band together and try and get people informed about the potential side effects that are caused by using the Mirena. We have several “irons on the coals”, but we are starting with a petition to the FDA. It’s not meant to be inflammatory, rather, to raise awareness. Please take a look at it, sign it if you agree, and please pass it on. Since I am not a regular poster on this site, if you would like to contact me (or get involved), please go to the curezone site, or contact us through the petition site. (I am going to put this on as many forums for Mirena as I can find, so I probably won’t be checking back.)

    In a nutshell….. (Tag line for the petition)

    “Mirena birth control users are not provided necessary side effect information.”

    Click on the link below to sign:


    We have designed it to be signed by everyone. This device did not just affect us, but also those around us (husbands, children, family, friends, etc), and their voices should be heard as well. For all of you outside the U.S., please sign as well-if the U.S. labeling can be changed, other countries should follow suit- please feel free to copy the petition text for use in petitions to your own governing bodies.

    The more signatures we have, the greater impact the petition will have-EVERYONE COUNTS! Please remember, at one point most of us were out there, not knowing what was happening to us. There are so many women right now who are suffering, and we can help! Let’s make this happen!

  18. Hi! I’m glad I found this site. I was at my Gyn today trying to decide what I need done to prevent extremely heavy periods. I do not want to go on a birth control pill because I have hypothyroid and I’m on synthroid. I had 1/2 my thyroid taken out about 30 months ago and I still struggle everyday. I was thinking about an Endometial Ablation but was put off by having a procedure. Now I think I might ask for it. My doctor said I should probably try Mierna first. After reading the side effects I was horrified. I already have these horrible side effects and do not want to make them any worse then they are. I also agree that hormones are getting in the blood stream. Has anyone had the Endometial Ablation??

  19. When I first went to the Gyn about this problem she did a biopsy and also an internal sonogram. The sonogram showed that I have a 3cm. fibroid in my uterus and a ovarian cyst.

  20. I just had the Mirena removed today. I started out on it and was feeling OK but felt something off. I began to get acne that I never had a problem with before and my sex drive was nonexistent.
    I was fatigue and felt bloated all the time. Recently I have been trying to loose weight and have had a hard time getting rid of it. I don’t recommend using this type of BC. I am hoping for the side effects to leave shortly.

  21. I had the Mirena inserted February 2, 2009. Since then, I have had very severe cramps. I’ve never had cramps before. Also, I have vaginal discharge where I had no vaginal discharge before. I want this thing removed. Unfortunately, I moved to a new city after having my Mirena inserted. Can a new gyno remove this damn thing?

  22. I just had my Mirena inserted on July 2nd. I was under the impression that the spotting and bleeding would be what I hadto get through in the beginning. Since insertion I have had horrible heartburn and nausea, headaches, extreme fatigue, a back ache that will not quit. I am out growing my clothing by the day and the bloating is awful! My appetite is totally off as well. My moods go up and down all over the place. (not cool when I have my two toddlers to deal with!) I feel like my ovaries are twisting in my sides all the time and I get these sharp cramps as well. Now I am having trouble with sleeping and my hair is falling out!!!! I went into my OBGYN to talk to her about it and she did her best to convince me to stick with it because it had only been 3-4 weeks at the time……needless to say I changed my six week check up to a REMOVAL appointment! The more I read about experiences with Mirena the more I want it out! People are getting pregnant on it as well!

  23. I got Mirena september 2008, so its been almost a year and a half. It was painful to get put it (which they neglected to say until I was there, getting it placed…. I guess I should have figured it would hurt, but they should have said something.) That’s my only complaint. I’ve had pretty much no period after some spotting for a few weeks after. I’ve had no hormonal problems, no lack of sex drive, nada. I love Mirena, its easy and I don’t have all the uncomfortable problems or hormone swings I did with Depo. My only fear is that I just recieved an abnormal pap result, not an STD, but abnormal cells… So Tuesday I have to go have a minor surgery to biopsy my cervix and check for cancer or other problems. I’m not sure if the Mirena is the cause or if its just inflamattion or whatever. I guess I will find out. Other than this scare, I’ve loved and had zero problems with Mirena. I think that different people just respond differently to different methods. If one thing worked for all of us we wouldn’t need so many options!! Its just a matter of finding what works for you.

  24. Hi Ladies, I’ve had the Mirena for about 21/2 years. I initially had it placed to reduce the cyst formation on my ovaries and the severity of my periods each month. The first year it was a GOD send, but progressivley started becoming an irritation. Long story short, I started having cramps more frequently, painful cyles, spotting more conisistent, and I REMOVED the MIRENA because of a FOUL smell. I mean, the odor was like a metal object was lodged in my cervix for months an tried to dispel when I had my last cycle. UNACCEPTABLE and UNBEARABLE!!! I have never had such an odor in my whole life, and I definitely don’t want to start now!!! ANY way, this site and the videos online helped me to successfully be Mirena free. I read a number of posts, but I removed mine in the tub. One, to save MYSELF from the smell, and two, to help the strings drop. I sat in the warm water for 5 min, reached inside, gently pulled the string and it was out in NO TIME!!!! Thank you for giving me the courage to save a couple of hundred bucks and a trip to the OB. I felt a slight pressure when it slid out and that was it. Small price to pay for a lifetime of FRESHNESS!!!!! Hope this helps ladies…

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